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Looking for the best medical detox center in Florida? Lakeview Health provides detox treatment centers for your specific needs in Florida. To know more, call us at (866) 704-7692.

4 Early Signs of Relapse: Medical Press Releases. Florida – September, 2019 – No matter how committed you are to your recovery from substance use, the risk of relapse is real.

4 Early Signs of Relapse: Medical Press Releases

Even those, who have been sober for years, are not immune to the dangers of relapse. Anyone in recovery, especially during the early stages, may fall prey to the misguided notion — It’s okay to have “just one beer”. The first important step in preventing substance relapse is to have a realistic attitude about the power of addiction and the danger of relapse. Whether one is new to sobriety or has been sober for decades, it is always important to know the stealthy signs of a relapse. Knowing the warning signs allows you to protect yourself and take effective measures to ward off a substance relapse. Early Warning Signs of relapse Early warning signs of a relapse include – · Becoming careless Most people who have just completed a treatment program are highly motivated to maintain sobriety. . · Excessive stress · Social withdrawal · Disturbing life events. Alcohol Addiction and Treatment - Lakeviewhealth - Medium. Alcohol addiction often goes unnoticed because of its wide availability and social acceptance.

Alcohol Addiction and Treatment - Lakeviewhealth - Medium

Anxiety and depression disorders are also driving factors for alcohol abuse, with a large percentage of mental illness sufferers also abusing alcohol. Factors include high levels of stress, peer pressure and self-medication. Long term alcohol abuse makes the brain dependent on the main ingredient in alcohol — ethanol. This happens due to – · Increased dopamine · Burned out receptor sites and dopamine transporters · Increased endorphins · Increased GABA (a neurotransmitter) Two kinds of neurotransmitters control what the body does – 5 Commonly Abused Substances among College Students. Florida – August, 2019 – For many students, college life offers the opportunity to try new things.

5 Commonly Abused Substances among College Students

Unfortunately, this may encourage risky behavior, like drug abuse. A big percentage of students who never drank in high school will taste their first drink in college, and many will experiment with study drugs and party drugs, risking dependence and addiction. Here are the 5 commonly abused substances on college campuses. Alcohol Alcohol’s wide acceptance makes it the number one abused substance on campus.

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Are ‘Study Drugs’ Dangerous? - Lakeviewhealth - Medium

Many are using them to overachieve and excel. High school and college students are faced with immense pressures to succeed, and many turn to “study drugs” to focus and do well. Unfortunately, these drugs can be dangerous, addictive, illegal, and even fatal. Moodle. Jacksonville, United States, July 19,2019/ -- Florida – July, 2019 – If you or a loved one is in recovery, it is extremely important to identify common triggers so that you can prevent them from affecting you.


Here are 7 common triggers and how you can keep them in check. HALT (Hungry.Angry.Lonely.Tired) Moodle. What to DO and what NOT TO Do if a Loved One is Addicted? Realizing that a loved one is struggling with addiction can be heartbreaking.

What to DO and what NOT TO Do if a Loved One is Addicted?

Moodle. Jacksonville, United States, June 18,2019/ -- Florida – June, 2019 – A co-occurring disorder refers to the co-occurrence of mental illness and substance abuse.


It means that an individual has been diagnosed with substance abuse along with a mental illness. While some instances of specific conditions and substance abuse may be more common than others, any combination of mental illness and addiction is considered to be a co-occurring disorder. 8 Incredible Travel Tips for Women. Codependency can harm your Addicted Family Member – Lakeviewhealth. Addiction is a family disease.

Codependency can harm your Addicted Family Member – Lakeviewhealth

It adversely impacts the entire family when one family member is a victim of substance abuse. In fact, family members may themselves become dysfunctional without realizing it while trying to help the addicted person. Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms and Detox. Alcohol Withdrawal and Delirium Tremens – Lakeviewhealth. Alcohol withdrawal occurs when an alcohol addict stops consuming alcohol.

Alcohol Withdrawal and Delirium Tremens – Lakeviewhealth

It produces a variety of symptoms that range in severity. The most dangerous of alcohol withdrawal symptoms is delirium tremens. This is the result of prolonged heavy drinking. This is why when an addict wants to stop drinking alcohol, s/he should seek help at a rehab instead of going cold turkey at home. Recovering from alcohol addiction should be managed professionally to avoid the risk factors. What is Inpatient Rehab and who needs it? Jacksonville, United States, April 08,2019/ -- Florida – April, 2019 – Do you know what options you have if you or someone you know needs treatment for substance abuse? Addiction can be disempowering, to say the least, both to the person living with an addiction as well as for their loved ones.

What is Medical Drug Detox? – Lakeviewhealth. Detox, or detoxification, is the process to rid the body of toxins or toxic substances (such as drugs or alcohol). Medical detox refers to the detoxification process being medically supervised. Why is Detox Necessary? If you’ve been addicted to drugs or alcohol, over time, your body has developed a tolerance to that substance. So, now you need more of the same thing to feel the same effects compared to when you first started. In addition, your body has developed a physical and psychological dependence on the drug or alcohol leading to physical and chemical changes in your brain.

The above phenomenon means that the cravings you feel for the drug or alcohol can’t simply be ‘willed away’. Medical or medically supervised detox focuses on reducing the intensity of the extreme symptoms and the pain of withdrawal as well as to minimize the chances for relapse. Medical Drug Detox is the First Step. Inpatient Rehab - Lakeview Health. At the inpatient level of care, you live in a homelike environment – men in The Star and women in The Rose – and receive at least six hours of structured therapy per day. Treatment includes one-on-one therapy, daily 12-step meetings, medical and psychiatric care, family sessions (via phone), and an individualized combination of group sessions and integrative therapies including but not limited to: Process groupPsychoeducation groupExpressive therapy groupsSpecialty groupsTrauma groupSpirituality groupLife trauma groupRelapse prevention therapy groupSelf-awareness therapy groupTeam building and resilience groupMindfulness-Based Stress Reduction groupPain Recovery group.