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Face Mask Etiquette: Disposables and Reusables. Face masks have become the new trend due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Face Mask Etiquette: Disposables and Reusables

However, despite its popularity, not everyone knows how to properly use their face masks. Lakeside Pharmacy is here to talk about the face mask etiquette for both reusable and disposable masks. The use of disposable face masks you get from our retail pharmacy is straightforward. Both the surgical masks and the N95 masks have to properly be disposed of and replaced regularly. This means that after a trip outdoors, reusing the same face mask the next day is a “no-no”. If you have been sneezing the whole morning or your face mask somehow got wet/damp, replace it immediately.

The Dangers of Self-Medication. Some people tend to self-medicate instead of going to a doctor when they are feeling unwell.

The Dangers of Self-Medication

It is because they find it cheaper compared to consulting with a professional. However, it is a misconception and can cause further problems for us. Here are some negative effects of self-medicating: Misdiagnosis of disease. Some diseases have similar symptoms. Terms to Know in Your Prescription Insurance. Insurance policies can contain numerous jargons that can confuse you.

Terms to Know in Your Prescription Insurance

Especially if this is your first time getting commercial prescription insurance, it’s better to learn what these insurance terms are before making your purchase at the nearby pharmacy in North Carolina. Here are some of the common terms to pay attention to before you get that prescription insurance to cover your purchase for your next pharmacy visit: Deductible The term deductible is an insurance-related term that refers to the portion of the prescription costs they have to pay before their insurer pays. Premium Premium is another insurance-related term that refers to the fees the policyholder has to pay. This payment will ensure that the policyholder is covered by the insurer. Signs and Symptoms of Dry Eyes. If you work in front of computer screens every day, you will be familiar with the uncomfortable sensation that dry eyes bring.

Signs and Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Luckily, you can buy eye-drops from our retail pharmacy to help soothe the discomfort. Dry eyes are the result of your tear film getting disrupted. Vital Questions to Ask Your Pharmacists. To improve the quality of life is the main reason why you take your medications.

Vital Questions to Ask Your Pharmacists

However, sticking to your routine of taking the right dose at the right time, in the right way and frequency, takes a lot of discipline. Maybe you are wondering what’s wrong with taking initiative through personal research? Keep in mind that if medications are not taken properly, this can cause further health complications, hospitalization, or even death. Avoid Medication Errors or Mix-ups. Sometimes, things can get confusing if you have multiple prescriptions.

Avoid Medication Errors or Mix-ups

However, there are ways you can do to reduce the risk of medication errors or mix-ups. Try first to make a detailed list of your medications, from their names and descriptions to their drug indications and prescribed dosages. You may then leave a copy at home. You can also put one inside your bag in case you need to make medical visits. Even if you think that the prescribed drugs you bought in a retail pharmacy haven’t taken effect yet, you must avoid taking more than what is prescribed. Medicare Insurance Plan: What Does It Offer. Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people 65 years and above, people with permanent disabilities, and those who have permanent kidney failure who undergo dialysis sessions.

Medicare Insurance Plan: What Does It Offer

One must be living around the service area of the Medicare health plan he wants to join. Medicare has different coverage plans under these categories: Medicare Part A or Hospital Insurance includes hospitalization coverage as well as nursing facility, hospice, and home care services.Medicare Part B or Medical Insurance caters to check-ups, outpatient services, medical supplies, and preventive services.Medicare Part D or Prescription Drug Coverage gives monthly premiums for covered prescription drugs and generic medicines. Is Wearing a Mask Necessary When Doing Exercise Outdoors? The answer to this question is more about policy and politeness than it is about the viral spread.

Is Wearing a Mask Necessary When Doing Exercise Outdoors?

Generally speaking, outdoor exercise – with or without a mask – seems to be safe, according to most experts. Benjamin Cowling, a professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of Hong Kong, says, “I think relatively, little Covid-19 transmission would occur outdoors, except perhaps in large crowds.”

According to him, transmission risks should be minimal for both the runner and those he may pass by. Despite what Cowling suggests, most of us should cover our faces while we exercise outside. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that people now wear a mask when they leave home. Lakeside Pharmacy is your friend and ally in fighting the spread of sickness. Hence, all products that are sold in our Independent Pharmacy in Huntersville, North Carolina, are tried, tested, and recommended by professionals in the health industry.

Protecting Yourself From Coronavirus. As a pharmacy in North Carolina we have witnessed firsthand how the sudden rise of the new COVID-19 into a pandemic has brought the whole world into a panic.

Protecting Yourself From Coronavirus

With not enough information about the virus, it may be hard to protect yourself from it. Here are some safety measures from the World Health Organization indicating how you can protect yourself: Wash your hands frequently.Wash your hands with soap and water if possible.