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The Backbone® is a highly-effective forklift rear post & guard that offers optimum protection to forklift operators from potential under-ride accidents. Call Lakeport Metalcraft Inc. at 1-855-272-1445 for product inquiry or direct factory orders in Toronto or anywhere in North America.

5 Forklift Safety Tips for Winter - Lakeport Metalcraft Inc. The winter season is quite a busy time for forklift operators.

5 Forklift Safety Tips for Winter - Lakeport Metalcraft Inc.

Warehouses are abuzz with activity as items are continuously being loaded and unloaded onto delivery trucks and storage racks to fulfil orders in time for the Black Friday, the Christmas shopping rush and post-Christmas sales. However, it is also a fact that working during winter can be quite hazardous. Frigid temperatures have debilitating effects on forklift drivers’ health, making them prone to losing focus on the job. Furthermore, the cold can also negatively affect a lift truck’s components, causing it to malfunction. Counterbalance Lift Trucks. 5 Ways to Safely Handle, Store, and Dispose of Wood Pallets. Pallets are useful additions to have around the workplace, especially for businesses that see plenty of storage and transportation.

5 Ways to Safely Handle, Store, and Dispose of Wood Pallets

However, like any other tool, it’s crucial you have the right safety measures in place to protect your workers and goods. Having a safety program is a step in the right direction; here are a few ideas you can use to help craft your safety program and keep your workplace a safe one. Always wear protective gear Protective gear is always a must in the workplace, especially when dealing with heavy items like pallets. Ensure your workforce is equipped with basic protective gear like gloves and heavy shoes to keep workers safe as they use the pallets. Other safety gear may be necessary if you do specialized work with pallets. How Clutter Impacts Warehouse Safety. As a warehouse owner or manager, you understand how a clean and organized workspace can affect the productivity and efficiency of your operation, as well as the motivation of your workers.

How Clutter Impacts Warehouse Safety

This can ultimately result in several negative effects on your day-to-day overall production and operation, leading to loss of revenue and an increased risk of accidents and injuries. For this reason, warehouse safety standards should be followed at all costs to reduce workplace hazards. The Benefits and Uses of Different Types of Forklifts. Forklifts are one of the most useful and powerful vehicles on any job site.

The Benefits and Uses of Different Types of Forklifts

They are used to handle materials, carry heavy loads, as well as load and unload goods from delivery vehicles and safely secure goods in hard to reach areas. The versatility of forklifts makes them indispensable, and it is no wonder forklifts can be found in most warehouses, factories, construction sites and anywhere heavy materials need to be transported and carried. When it comes to different types of forklifts, there are as many options to choose from as there are uses for them. Here we break down the different types of forklifts and explain the benefits of each type to help you find the best forklift for your needs.

It is important that all operators are properly trained on each type of forklift they operate. Stand Up Forklift Underride: Factors, Causes, and Risks. “Underride” refers to forklift accidents that happen as a result of a standing operator backing too far into a horizontal shelf.

Stand Up Forklift Underride: Factors, Causes, and Risks

The accident becomes fatal when shelving causes the forklift to slide below the shelf and crush the driver. In many workplaces, underride accidents are more likely to happen than overturning. Studying 3,000 forklift accidents during a 2008 hazard analysis, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) discovered that over 58% (1,693 incidents) were caused by collisions between a stand up forklift (or reach truck) vs. a stationary object, leading to 700 injuries and 22 deaths.

Accidents like this can be avoided through employee education, increased awareness of your surroundings, and upholding safety measures at all times. How to Avoid Winter Workplace Accidents. The winter poses dozens of problems for warehouse and industrial workplaces.

How to Avoid Winter Workplace Accidents

Not only does the temperature drop making it more expensive to heat your building, but there’s a higher risk of slips and falls. When one employee gets injured, there’s a slight delay in your production. When lots of employees get injuries due to winter-related hazards, you’re in trouble. To keep your business running efficiently all winter and to keep your workers safe, you need to actively avoid hazards. Why Forklift Operator Training Is A Must.

Working as a certified forklift operator comes with a lot of great advantages.

Why Forklift Operator Training Is A Must

The pay is good and you can work wherever you want in the country or even anywhere in the world. The demand for forklift operators is simply high! Forklift operator jobs are offered in different industries such as construction, manufacturing, airports, seaports, and haulage depots. However, operating a forklift machine is a relatively dangerous job. The Benefits of Buying A Reach Truck. Hazards of Standup Forklift Underride Collisions. Forklift underride collisions are among the most severe accidents in warehouses or any facility where reach trucks, and/or standup forklifts or counterbalance trucks are used.

Hazards of Standup Forklift Underride Collisions

Causes of Underride Accidents Standup forklift and reach truck underride occurs during a collision where a horizontal rack beam intrudes into the operator cabin. If there are no barriers or objects that act as buffers on the floor (like pallets or stock) or at the level of the overhead guard, the forklift may back up further than intended resulting in a rear-ward collision. This may lead to the rack beam striking the operator or pinning them to the front of the compartment. Potential Injuries in an Underride Accident A rear-ward collision with a stationary object can result in the following injuries: Injuries such as these will also have repercussions on the business itself. By the Numbers. Lakeport Metalcraft Inc.

Most of these accidents occurred during rearward collisions with racking.

Lakeport Metalcraft Inc.

If the operator’s compartment can roll freely under a racking cross – beam, the operator can be crushed between the cross – beam and the front of the reach truck. Reach Truck Hazard Backbone® Solution. Lakeport Metalcraft Inc. Lakeport Metalcraft Inc.