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PhotoProjector Interlacing software. Interlacing software is the most important software for lenticular technology because this software codes the frames and creates the file that you will print.

PhotoProjector Interlacing software

That means that interlacing software assumes the main care about the quality of your future lenticular picture. As you know all lenticular pictures consist of from two and up to 40 and even more frames. The frames could be prepared on computer or shot using digital camera. Lenticular technology lets us to make several types of effects.

There are Flip, Morphing, Animation and 3D. Flip lenticular effect Flip lenticular effect is an effect when one picture changes to another depending of viewing angle. Picture 1 Picture 2 You can shoot the frames using digital camera or generate the frames on computer. 3D Products - lenticulaire. Les réseaux lenticulaires permettent la séparation oeil gauche / oeil droit indispensable à la restitution d'une image en relief mais cette fois SANS LUNETTES !

3D Products - lenticulaire

En utilisant un réseau lenticulaire similaire aux images relief, il est possible de créer des images animées, soit en double image, soit en animation, en utilisant alors jusqu'à une vingtaine d’images différentes s'il le faut. Si ce type d’images n’est pas nouveau, les progrès de la technologie lui assurent un avenir prometteur. Les limites de la photographie classique sont repoussées par le recours à l’image de synthèse ou même à la vidéo. Lenticular Shareware. Lenticular Image Creator by Jameson Bennett. LIC Software Download Ensure you read, understand and agree with this license in order to download the software: You may use this software for personal, hobby and educational use.

Lenticular Image Creator by Jameson Bennett

Commercial use of this software is prohibited. The software may not be used to produce images or other derivatives of images for sale or for commission. This software is in a 'beta' state, shaking out the bugs and such. The number after the software name refers to the 'build number'. Control-click the link below and choose Save Link As. Clicking this download link implies you understand and agree to the above license agreement: OSX Installer--> Built: 2006/02/18 13:52 Windows: 2000, XP+ Right-click the link and choose: Save As. Jameson Bennett's Website. Home This is Jameson Bennett’s website.

Jameson Bennett's Website

I am a professional artist and software developer. New here? Besides using the navigational bars at top to browse around, here are a few interesting places to start: My portfolio, lenticular artworks, see some drawings of mine, read up on my skills, or maybe you just need to contact me. Otherwise, you and the search engines can just read on about me and this site a bit more, and figure out where I fit in the scheme of things. Lately… Photo Illusion : Store. Photo Illusion : Home. 3D 20 LPI UV-LF lenticular sheet - DPLenticularDPLenticular. Casting 3D - Photos lenticulaires en relief 3D.

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Category: Hobby - Thingiverse

Download HumanEyes Creative 3D Trial for Mac OS. 404 - Fichier ou répertoire introuvable. Logiciel HumanEyes. GRAPHTEC est le représentant en France de la société HUMANEYES CREATIVE PRODUCER (Mac OSX) est une solution complète pour la création et production de projets lenticulaires animés et en 3D, permettant d'imprimer rapidement et facilement de superbes images animées ou en relief 3D, avec un résultat quasi réaliste.

Logiciel HumanEyes

Tous les formats sont supportés : de la carte de visite à l'abribus. La technologie HumanEyes de conversion 2D-3D permet de transformer en un rien de temps des images 2D en surprenantes images 3D. Grâce à la puissance de la 3D ou d’autres effets comme le flip, zoom, rotation… HumanEyes permet d’AUGMENTER l’impact et l’efficacité des campagnes publicitaires! HumanEyes a développé une gamme complète de logiciels, répondant aux besoins de chaque intervenant de la chaine graphique: HumanEyes propose une solution pour les imprimeurs mais également pour les graphistes et les imprimeurs. GRAPHTEC est la seule société en France à former à la technologie lenticulaire. Images Lenticulaire, 3D Créations 2010 - Vidéo Dailymotion.

Lenticular Printing Software. Lenticular Tool Kit. Discover how YOU can profit widely and have Fun making 3D and FLIP Lenticular Pictures by yourself...

Lenticular Tool Kit

If you will loose this opportunity somebody else will earn the money that you could Dear Friend, The biggest dream of all entrepreneurs is a huge market for their products without competition. Do you think it is impossible at present time because modern level of industry covers all needs of people? No, it is really possible, especially at present time when scientific-and-technical development gives the opportunities to appear the new directions of old businesses. And it is not a prerogative of the Big Businesses only. I can prove this announcement. I am talking about a NEW possibility of making Three Dimensional and Flip Photos and Pictures. There is an unlimited market. Perhaps you have seen the 3D movies in the special cinema theatres or anaglyph stereo pictures, so you could think that this technology needs to have some special devices like 3D glasses, for example.