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Etude Secteur Japon

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Plaquette salon PLAYTIME TOKYO Fevrier 2015. JAPAN YELLOW PAGES - Toys-Exporters & Importers. Sort by:Business Name (

JAPAN YELLOW PAGES - Toys-Exporters & Importers

Japonapproche. Japonapproche. Vendre vers le Japon. En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l’utilisation de cookies pour vous proposer des contenus adaptés à vos centres d'intérêts et pour réaliser des statistiques de visites.

Vendre vers le Japon

En savoir plusX Casablanca . Londres . Le régime des importations au Japon. Le Japon est membre de l’APEC (Coopération Economique de l’Asie-Pacifique) depuis 1989, de l’OMC (Organisation Mondiale du Commerce) depuis la création de cette organisation en 1995, et est signataire d’un accord de libre-échange avec quatre pays : Singapour (2002), Mexique (2005) Malaisie (2006) et Philippines (2006).

Le régime des importations au Japon

En matière douanière, le Japon est également membre depuis 1964 de l’Organisation Mondiale des Douanes, et est signataire de l’Accord d’assistance mutuelle entre les directions douanières des Etats-Unis et du Japon entré en vigueur en juin 1997. Trois principaux organismes réglementent les importations au Japon :

日本玩具協会 ST契約企業向けページ. Japan Toy Association Publishes New Toy Safety Standard ST 2016. Home › News Center › Japan Toy Association Publishes New Toy Safety Standard ST 2016 SAFEGUARDS | Toys & Juvenile ProductsNO. 042/16 The new toy safety standard ST 2016 contains a substantial amount of new elements for mechanical and physical properties.

Japan Toy Association Publishes New Toy Safety Standard ST 2016

It will be effective starting 1 April, 2016. In 1971, the Japan Toy Association (JTA), a public interest entity approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, established the Japan Safety Toy Mark Program (ST Mark) [1] to ensure the safety of toys for children 14 years of age and under. The ST Mark is based on three toy safety standards: ST Part 1 - Mechanical and physical properties ST Part 2 - Flammability ST Part 3 – Chemical properties In 2012, each of ST Parts 1 to 3 was combined to create the new Toy Safety Standard ST 2012.

Part 2 of this new standard is identical to ISO 8124-2:2014 whereas Part 3 remains identical to ST 2012. Table1. America's #1 B2B Trade Protal. Trade Pages. Regional Trade Analysis. 2005 05 r. Books from Japan. WAVE Publishers was founded 26 years ago as a one-man operation by the company’s current president under the credo, “A single book can change a life.”

Books from Japan

It has since grown into a unique publishing house that handles a wide spectrum of titles spanning literature, the humanities, the social sciences, business, practical guides, and juvenile titles. The company strives always to place itself at the eye level of the average citizen, and to publish books that offer a broad range of “life support” for enriching readers’ lives. Its motto is “Good things, together, enjoyably”—i.e., doing things that are good for the individual or society; working together with authors, readers, distributors, retailers, editorial team members, printers, advertisers, and anybody else who is connected with creating, publicizing, and circulating books; and making those books available to the world for all to enjoy. 1491. 1199. 1491. CAST Japan - distributor - Paul & Paula. Greetings from Japan!

CAST Japan - distributor - Paul & Paula

I am happy to start my monthly column reporting from Tokyo (Japan) by introducing you to CAST Japan, an importer and distributor of cool toys that emphasize the handmade/ natural/ fair trade/ organic/ educational/ sustainable/ DIY. Their playful showroom is nested in the neighborhood of Ikebukuro, northern Tokyo, in a quaint little house covered in green – in Spring-Summer anyway… CAST Japan is the exclusive distributor in Japan of brands such as Make History, Stocs, Shusha, Gigamic, Les Jouets Libres, Flatout Frankie, Pebble… and more! I interviewed Keiko Asada, sales director at CAST Japan, whom I had first met at Playtime Tokyo. As well as showing me around, Keiko shared a few insights about the local industry, trade fairs they are regularly attending and the type of items they are looking to distribute next… CAST Japan brings their focus to lifestyle conscious parents who pay great attention to design, concept as well as quality.

Parents need to be educated too! Import Export Database. 7 Keys Japanese Market. Trade Map - Bilateral trade between China and Japan. Trade Map - List of exporters for the selected product (Cotton) Bonnes adresses - Jouets - Le Blog des Mamans Francophones au Japon. クレヨンハウス-|あかちゃんギフト、絵本・木のおもちゃ・オーガニックのクレヨンハウス. 3-8-15 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 03-3406-6308 (a message will play) 【Closed】 Open year-round, except year-end and New Year holidays 【Accepted Cards】 American Express, DC, Diners Club, JCB, UFJ, MasterCard, VISA 【Access】 5-minute walk from Omotesando Station (subway, A1 exit) No parking lot for cars and bicycles.


Les habitudes de consommation des Japonais âgés. Quelle est la situation exacte des Japonais âgés ?

Les habitudes de consommation des Japonais âgés

Sont-ils riches ou bien pauvres ? À l’heure où le vieillissement de la population de l’Archipel est tel que l’insolvabilité à un âge avancé devient un phénomène préoccupant, Kumano Hideo tente d’apporter des réponses à ces questions à travers une étude fondée sur des statistiques. Big game hunting. Sur le front du marché du jouet japonais.

Toys and Games in Japan. Another challenging year for toys and games in Japan Toys and games in Japan continued to struggle in 2014 due to a mixture of demographic and market conditions.

Toys and Games in Japan

While traditional toys and games increased in 2014, video games declined. The breakthrough of Yo-kai Watch despite demographic changes and adultification of children lifted the traditional toys and games category. World of Toys: The Japanese toy market. The Japanese prefer to buy toys in toyshops, in shopping centres and in suburban stores.

World of Toys: The Japanese toy market

Internet mail order is also popular. Toys are bought mostly by mothers and grandmothers in Japan. The father’s role decreases the older the child becomes. Grandfathers also tend to rarely buy toys for their grandchildren. More than 80 per cent of customers focus on product safety when buying a toy. Toys from international manufacturers are popular in Japan. The toy industry in Japan is heavily dependent on TV. The Japanese consumer market has suffered considerably since the natural catastrophe in 2011. Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin.

La distribution nippone Prêt-à-porter féminin Le marché japonais du prêt-à-porter féminin se divise en 4 canaux de distribution: Fiche japon. Les supermarchés japonais : des produits de haute qualité à prix abordables. C’est avec l’ouverture du magasin Kinokuniya en 1953 à Omotesandô dans Tokyo que s’établit au Japon le tout premier supermarché en libre-service, tel qu’il y en a partout aujourd’hui. Kinokuniya débuta en 1910 comme petit marchand de fruits et légumes. Les habitudes de consommation des Japonais âgés. Jeux et Jouets : L'étude complète du secteur ! Les chiffres clés à connaître sur le secteur des jeux et jouets -La taille du marché du secteur des jeux et jouets est de plus de 3 milliards d'euros (3,3 milliards d'euros en 2011) -la croissance moyenne du secteur est comprise entre +2% et +5% par an -le secteur est dominé par Hasbro et Mattel qui sont des acteurs américains. EE 03.