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Wäschebeutel / Laundry Bag Tutorial « ellis & higgs. Wie man einen Wäschebeutel näht… How to sew a laundry bag… Schnittmuster hier herunterladen 1 x 36×80 cm Baumwollstoff 5 verschiedene Stoffreste 18 x 18 cm Vliesofix 90 cm Band, 1 cm breit 20 cm Satinband, 3 mm breit Kleine Sicherheitsnadel, Bleistift Templates download here 1 14″ × 31 1/2″ piece of cotton fabric 5 different fabric scraps1 7″x 7″ piece of bondaweb / vliesofix 35″ ribbon, 3/8 inch wide8″ ribbon, 1/8 inch wideSafety pin, pencil 1.

Wäschebeutel / Laundry Bag Tutorial « ellis & higgs

Schnittmuster herunterladen, ausdrucken und ausschneiden. Ich empfehle Karton zu verwenden, dann lassen sich die Muster besser nachziehen.Download the templates, print and cut them out. 2. Lovely Little Knot Necklace Tutorial. Guest Post: Rose Rimmed Pot. Ohhh isn’t this pretty??

Guest Post: Rose Rimmed Pot

I’m excited to introduce you to Vivienne from The V Spot, today’s guest poster. Mireia's World: TUTORIAL Como hacer un bonito dobladillo en un tejido elástico / DIY How to make a pretty hem in a elastic or knit fabric. Huooolasss a todas!!

Mireia's World: TUTORIAL Como hacer un bonito dobladillo en un tejido elástico / DIY How to make a pretty hem in a elastic or knit fabric

Estoy muy contenta porque por fin encontré la manera de hacer un dobladillo en una prenda hecha con tejido de punto, ya sea un punto liso de algodón, o con lycra (estos son los peores). No se si os ha pasado a vosotras, pero cada vez que intentaba hacer los dobladillos en los bajos o bajo mangas de las camisetas, y veía que me quedaban todos arrugados o con el punto muy pequeño, me entraba una "mala leche"... y claro, si es que a veces pretendemos hacer cosas a nivel de las grandes industrias y nuestras máquinas caseras son un poco limitadillas... y las pobres no dan a más, y sinceramente, no me voy a gastar ni loca 500€ en una maquina de hacer dobladillos!!

Así que, chafardeando por la red... tachannn!!!! Si es que internet es un pozo de sabiduría!! Pues eso, encontré una chica que utilizaba este método. La otra cinta doble para dobladillos es esta de abajo.


Abigail Brown: creature textile designer extraordinaire - news. Last week I had a little photo shoot at my friend's house.

Abigail Brown: creature textile designer extraordinaire - news

Kate and Adam are the people behind Dead Dolls Club andTinker Tailor. As well as upcycling old bits and bobs into beautiful items for the home they run pop-up drinking and feasting events... they are a team to watch out for! With £500 they turned an empty building into a home and the results are delightful. It was the perfect location for photographing some of my British Birds collection... although a few more tropical species sneaked in too.

Here are a few of the shots. Papirstjerne -slik lagar du den. Då har eg prøvd meg på ein forklaring på korleis ein brettar desse stjernene.

papirstjerne -slik lagar du den

Video er nok det rette mediet når ein skal formidle slike forklaringar, men eg og bildene mine gjer eit forsøk. Dersom noko er vanskeleg forklart, sei i frå, så skal eg prøve på ny :) Lykke til! Stjerna er designa av Paolo Bascetta. 1. Isosceles Picnic Quilt. Paper Piecing Monday presents Zeppelin. Well the end is definitely in sight with my latest sampler quilt… with this week’s block I have enough blocks for my quilt top layout.

Paper Piecing Monday presents Zeppelin

So here is the last of my bright and grey blocks – The Zeppelin. All of the blocks in this quilt have come from the free Block Rockn’ paper pieced series by Julie at 627Handworks. You can find the Zeppelin and the other great patterns here. Julie has just released the last pattern in this series so there are 12 free patterns in total. You should check them out – they range from easy (like this one at just 20 pieces) to complex (her last block, Floyd, is fabulous but much more intricate with 80 pieces). Because of the size of this pattern you had to stick two pieces of paper together to make the foundation, but that was about as complex as this gets. Creative ideas for you: Free PDF Pattern for Soft Baby Shoes.

"Exploding Box" Class... Exploding Box Class - "An Exploding Year" - by Anso Please feel free to use these instructions to make your own boxes.

"Exploding Box" Class...

You are free to link to this page from any forum etc if you wish. Please do NOT copy this information and/or photos to use for your own classes/forums/webpages without permission. {Glitter Adventure}: "Exploding Box" Class... The DIY Origami Heart Invitations are in the mail! I first introduced you to my origami heart engagement party invitations in this article here.

The DIY Origami Heart Invitations are in the mail!

Well, after a working weekend of printing, cutting, folding, sewing, stuffing, addressing and stamping... phew... my fiancé and I have finally mailed out the little cuties! Hand-stitching the edges of the translucent pocket was the most time-consuming part of the project. To ensure accuracy and quicken the hand-stitching process, we first measured and marked out (with needle pricks) the intended placement of the stitches. To save time, we only did 5 stitches on each side. The actual origami folding, thankfully, went a lot quicker than expected! Special thanks to my hard-working fiancé, who whole-heartedly supported this crazy little project of mine. You can read more about these origami heart invitations here. Sew Gifts! When the holidays come around, it can be hard to make time for ourselves (and for our sewing machines).

Sew Gifts!

That’s what makes sewing gifts for others so appealing. We get to stitch love and friendship into fun, practical gifts that recipients can use and cherish—and that we can thoroughly enjoy making. Here’s how Mary Green describes the rewards of handmade gifting: "Something wonderful happens when you sew gifts for people. You begin by thinking about what they might like, how they might use it, what colors or styles would be most appreciated. Sewing, gift-giving…they’re equally satisfying pursuits. To make your stitched giving even easier, download this nifty Handmade Holiday Gift List to track who’s getting what and when you’re going to make it. Memorable Gifts for Mother's Day. By poppytalk | I’ve been loving photo-inspired products lately from big wall murals, images on pillows to a dresser IKEA hack I just posted yesterday; the mediums are endless and inspiring.

Memorable Gifts for Mother's Day

Coincidentally I’ve come across a few really good photo project ideas that would be perfect for Mother’s Day recently and thought I’d share some of my finds with you to make your mom something memorable this year. These are perfect to customize using your own photos and transferring on anything from ceramics to fabric. Above: A ceramic vase DIY idea using Lazertran paper and a photo from Check out the slideshow below for nine more ideas.

Vintage Photo Pillows. I've been trying to figure out what to make some of our family members for Christmas. Last week I saw this pic in my December Country Living Magazine (my FAVOURITE magazine) and thought they looked pretty cute. I think photos on fabric can very easily look tacky or cheesy but being that these were old photos, black and white... I thought they were kind of classy. It inspired me to make this. Y'a Matières Mercerie. DIY Project – CD Wallet Scrapbook. I’ve always thought that the sign of a healthy relationship is a couple that’s stronger when they’re together than they are individually. There’s something about being with Mr. Eggplant that brings out the best in me and challenges me to grow. I like to think that the theme of our relationship can be wrapped up in two words (and coincidentally one song by Jack Johnson): Better together.

Mr. Eggplant and I want to carry out the “better together” theme throughout our wedding, and to honor our this, I plan to display at our reception a scrapbook that I made Mr.