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Business. Health. 13 Strategies for Breaking Bad Habits and Cultivating Good Ones. Most of life is habitual. You do the same things you did yesterday, the day before and every day for the last month. It’s estimated that out of every 11,000 signals we receive from our senses, our brain only consciously processes 40. Habits, good or bad, make you who you are. Your personal online coach to help you gain control. My War on Clutter: Never “organize” what you can discard. One of the most basic concepts Peter Walsh talks about in _It’s All Too Much_ brought a total breakthrough for me.

My War on Clutter: Never “organize” what you can discard

If the stuff that you accumulate doesn't help get you closer to the life you want to have, it's simply not worth keeping. Period. Obviously (and unavoidably), this goes for a family room that's turned into a junk drawer for DVDs and books, and you can clearly see it evidenced in a kitchen where no flat surface is free of junk mail, bills, and newspapers. How to Make a GTD System for About $20 · The Cranking Widgets Bl. I’ve had several requests come my way for some tips on how to implement GTD on the super cheap. After all, not everybody can afford a super-fancy PDA or even a spiffy Moleskine notebook – especially college students. So, after doing a little research, I’ve figured out a way to make your very own GTD setup for around $20 (USD). Remember – my goal here was to find the absolute cheapest items (and even some DIY solutions), so I’ll be cutting a few corners. First, there are a few things I’m going to assume you already have (or have access to).

If you don’t have these things, well, you may have to adjust the bottom line a skosh: