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The Geek “Must Do Before You Die” Checklist. Top 10: Top 10 Ways to Put Your Remote Server to Good Use - Life. Laptop Converted to 2nd Monitor. The idea is to create more screen real estate in a small package at a low price.

Laptop Converted to 2nd Monitor

Here in 2007, the idea of purchasing a flat screen and plunking it down on my desk as a 2nd monitor was definitely appealing, but I am still unwilling to spend that much on a display device knowing full well that a "better" unit will soon be available within my El Cheapo price range. So I embarked on this project with these things in mind: - Low Cost (Under $50)- Simple Interface- Simple Construction- Readily Available Components (i.e. no ordering, all locally available)- Low Build Time ("weekend" or Saturday project)- Small Footprint- Low Weight- Maximum Performance (given the size & complexity restrictions) I currently run a Quadro FX3000 on my main rig, so a dual monitor setup would entail just that: a second monitor.

No extra card or splitter. See, I am a screen size junkie. So, when I begin to look at my "cluttered" 21-inch screen and think "gee, I need more". Poor man's 200 dollar plastic heat strip for pennies! : int. -Take the sheet metal (must be longer than the heating element, or series of heating elements if you wish to make the heat strip longer) and cut out tabs to be bent perpendicular to the rest of the sheet metal. - Drill holes on the tabs to thread the heating element through. - Wire one lead of the power cable to one lead of the dimmer switch, and the other lead of the dimmer switch to one lead of the heating element. - Wire the other lead of the power cable to the other lead of the heating element. - (Since the heating elements work on A/C current, you can disregard rectifying the current, and you can disregard which lead of the power cable goes to which lead of the dimmer or heating element.)

Poor man's 200 dollar plastic heat strip for pennies! : int

Optional: - Mount metal pipes (with nuts and bolts or cut tabs on the sheet metal and bend them in towards the pipe) parallel to the heating element, with an about 1 inch gap from the element. - Apply liquid electrical tape to seal any exposed wires (don't want to be electrocuted. I used tape) Arduino - HomePage. Declutter Your Desk. Home. Dick Cappels' Project PagesQuestions about projects on this site gladly answered.


(Address is an image -please type it in.) Microcontrollers, Analog, RF, and all three mixed. Most projects can be assembled from readily available parts without the need for specialized equipment. My hope is that you will these projects helpful, and at least be able to make use of some of the bits and pieces you will find among them Test and Measurement Voltage Recorder With Playback (ATMEGA48V) A Simple Attenuator And Preamp For DC Measurements (Analog Only) An Even Better LC Meter Based on Atmel AVR ATTINY861 A Pretty Good LC Meter Based on an AVR (ATtiny2313, AT90S2313) A Simple Manual Curve Tracer (analog only) A Photocell Amplifier for Comparative Light Measurements (analog only) A 10 Bit LED Digital Panel Meter With Auto Ranging Based on ATMEGA 8 ATMEGA8 An Isolated Variable AC Mains Transformer 1.000 kHz Sine Wave Generator ATTINY2313/AT902313/ATMEAG8515/AT908515, etc.

LED Wink Tester For 1.5 Volt Cells. Spark Fun Electronics.