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Sons & Negro Music

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XVème. Musiques de la Réformation. Humanisme de la Renaissance

Negro Melodies - 1837 - (New-York, 1867) Légendes du Blues. Bronx Rap — Black Belt Rap. Jimi Hendrix. David Bowie. Janis Joplin. The Cure. Bob Dylan. Cotton Blues. Dennis Crumpton & Robert Summers - Everybody Ought to Pray Sometime. Fisk Jubilee Singers, Liberal arts education - 1866. Sins of our Fathers. The birth of a nation. Statesboro Blues - Blind Willie McTell (Bob Dylan) Kid Bailey - Rowdy Blues. Punk Rock and the Protestant Reformation - Christ and Pop Culture. Movements come and go.

Punk Rock and the Protestant Reformation - Christ and Pop Culture

But some movements change the cultural landscape so much that they continue living on. Punk rock, which burst into the popular consciousness seemingly out of nowhere in the mid-to-late ‘70s, is one such movement.

Pasteur Gary Davis

Pasteur Dan Smith. Le Blues électrique. Lou Reed - Dig my grave with a silver spade. Two white horses stay in the night. Lightnin' Hopkins "in the land". Barton Creek Baptist Church. Jackie Wilson. Blind Boys of Alabama. Pasteur Dr. James Edward Cleveland. Death is coming back after you - Pasteur Rassie Moore. Otis Spann.

Mike Farris. Ebony Hillbillies. Bo Diddley, le rectangle guitare.

Buddy Guy

Brother John Sellers. Led Zeppelin. 1872. Blues des noyées. La femme et les quatre filles noyées d'Horatio Spafford - It is well with my soul. 1920. Hallelujah Blues - Johhny Dunn. 1924. Negro song - All God's chillun got wings (injustice sociale) Gospel 1962 (1872). It is well with my soul. Marion Wiliams. Utrecht. Masked Marvel - Mississippi Boweavil (Boll Weevil) Blues. Wade in the water - Ella Jenkins. 1924 - Ida Red - racine de Maybellene de Chuck Berry (1955) - Fiddlin Powers Family. 1927. Run away. Slave Song of Alabama. (Chubby Parker) Selah Jubilee Singers - Brooklyn Gospel 1927-1953.

Rockin’ in the same old boat - Delta song 1930. 1963 (1931). He carried a Bible in a canvas sack and folks just called him The Reverend Mr. Black. He was poor as a beggar, but he rode like a king. Daniel 3. Les trois enfants qui dansent du rockabilly dans la fournaise de Babylone (Bell Jubilee, Texas). Rockin' in the same old boat - Bobby Blue Bland - Delta song des années 30 non identifiée. Take my hand, precious Lord - Blind Connie Williams. 1939 - The Bones. 1934 - Lord, I want to die easy - Josh White. 1942 - I heard the preaching of the Elders. Léo Fender 1950.

Blues & Rock'n Roll - 1945 & suiv.

Song for someone - You've got a face not spoiled by beauty - I have some scars from where I've been - U2. 50 Cent - My life makes me wanna run away. Algiers. Erlkönig - Franz Schubert. 1969. Communication Breakdown – Led Zeppelin. 1969. Medley Rock’n Roll presque a capella au Pleyel – Jerry Lee Lewis & Tom Jones. Lou Reed & John Cale - Forever Changed. Songs for Drella - Lou Reed & John Cale. John Cale - Hallelujah (Brussels, 1992) John Cale - Heartbreak Hotel (Brussels, 1992) Lou Reed & John Cale - Work. In the night I hear them talk the coldest story ever told. Paradis Perdus. See that my grave is clean – Lou Reed. The Animals. The Smiths - Asleep. TheSmithsAsleep. "Asleep" (Live) - Morrissey - San Jose Civic - May 7, 2014.

Asleep (Very Rare Morrissey Performance) Dance of the wolf, dance of the fire. Mendiant du métro de Joliette - Un virtuose au violon. Lamentations. Arvo Pärt.

Biélorusse - ethnique

Hommage rock à une suicidée à cause de la morale de la bonne société étouffante. Brève histoire du Rock’n Roll. Solos can build a guitarist’s reputation, but it’s the riff that burns into our subconscious. Rock guitar solos?

Brève histoire du Rock’n Roll. Solos can build a guitarist’s reputation, but it’s the riff that burns into our subconscious.

Often they’re overblown, overrated and a waste of precious notes. To those who worship them, I say listen to more jazz – because that’s where the greatest soloists make their living. But the guitar riff? Histoire du Rock 'n Roll. Rock des jambes. Lève-toi & marche comme ça. Aerosmith - Walk this way.