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Funny Misc.

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Weird Al Yankovic fixes a road sign. Two Brits do Walmart. Conan O’Brien - Cadbury Eggs getting smaller. College Baseball Rain Delay Jousting Video. Good husband. Video. Broadcast Yourself. Tom Mabe Pranks A Telemarketer - Video. Video. Video. Video. Video. Video. Harvard Sailing Team - Girls Will Be Boys. Harvard Sailing Team - Boys Will Be Girls. Whose Line is it Anyway? Picking cotton on a racist fieldtrip. Axisofawesome's Channel. Sharpen up. DUI test Perfect Score. Front Fell Off. The Top 11 Naughtiest Moments in Animaniacs. Dailymotion - How Men Screw Up Romance - a Funny video. Wasted guy at Coachella 2010 - FRIDAY. Inverse Phase - F___ed 6502 (8-bit Cee Lo - F**k You parody) Berlitz German Coast Guard. Whos Going to Hell? on Vimeo. Young Chinese girl freaking the hell out of people walking into a building. Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere.

That Doesnt Make You A Model on Vimeo. "I like hores" / Funny Exam Answers - Graham Norton Show preview -... Extended Car Warranty on Vimeo.