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Sexualité épanouie et spiritualité. La sexualité est une manifestation naturelle, saine et joyeuse de notre force de vie Alain Boudet Dr en Sciences Physiques, Thérapeute psycho-corporel, Enseignant Résumé: La sexualité est une manifestation naturelle, saine et joyeuse de notre force de vie.

Sexualité épanouie et spiritualité

Or bien souvent son expression est entravée ou détournée par des sentiments ou des idées reçues tels que honte, culpabilité, interdiction du plaisir, vide affectif, ressentiments et préjugés vis-à-vis du sexe opposé. Nous pouvons évoluer vers une sexualité épanouie en prenant conscience que ces sentiments sont issus de notre passé et peuvent être remplacés par le lâcher-prise, l'humour, l'attention aux sensations présentes, la légèreté et la joie. La sexualité est omniprésente dans les médias et sur internet et une abondante documentation en livres, journaux et articles est disponible à son sujet. Je vous répondrai: Pourquoi êtes-vous en train de lire cet article sur la sexualité? Avant les années 60, la sexualité était tabou. Humour. Healing the Wounded Dragon.

Accessing the purity of primal power.

Healing the Wounded Dragon

I'd say we're all pretty conscious of the need for healing of the divine feminine. It's an energy that has been subjugated and mis-treated within society for eons. However, little seems to be said also about the need to heal the divine masculine. And by that, I don't mean to neuter him! I mean to go deeply into the primal male power, to explore the distortions of it, peel them away, to harness the sleeping dragon and unleash it within our lives.

A furnace in the danten In my earlier years, I've had no shortage of primal power. It is totally fearless. Why then have we suppressed him so much? Female Ejaculation - China's Three Waters. China has a 2,500 year old scientific and philosophical tradition called Taoism.

Female Ejaculation - China's Three Waters

The Taoist belief system generally focuses on the relationship between humanity and the cosmos with the objective of creating harmony with the universe. Contained within Taoist beliefs is a sophisticated set of instructions on how to bring harmony to sex and sexual relationships. Taoist sexology treats sex as a vital component of any successful relationship within moderate boundaries. La continence amoureuse, le sens de l'amour-une vidéo de

Tantra: The Doctrine of Vibration and its doctrines and practices. Tantra Cosmology. The Different Worlds There are fourteen worlds (lokas) which are spheres of existence: At the very 'bottom' is Vishnu in his form of Sesha or Ananta, carrying the entire creation in the form of a serpent.

Tantra Cosmology

The we have the seven lower worlds: Patala Atala Rasatala Mahatala Talatala Vitala Sutala. L'art de décapiter le Dragon Rouge: Alchimie interne taoïste pour les femmes - Jean-Pierre Krasensky - Google Books. Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot: Not Your Mother's Orgasm Book! - Deborah Sundahl - Google Books. The Role of Urethra in Female Orgasm. In order to further public awareness and knowledge regarding this controversy, we are posting a verbatim copy of the 1950 article.

The Role of Urethra in Female Orgasm

It is exactly as it appeared in the International Journal of Sexology except that we have bolded and italicized portions that are relevant to the debate. A rather high percentage of women do not reach the climax in sexual intercourse. The frigidity figures of different authors vary from 10-80 per cent and come closer to the statistics of older sexologists. Adler (Berlin) came to the conclusion that 80 per cent of women did not reach the sexual climax. Elkan guessed that 50 per cent suffered from frigidity, while Kinsey found it to be 75 per cent. Many of these statistics cannot be compared, since the various authors use different criteria. Lack of orgasm and frigidity are not identical. THE G SPOT AND FEMALE EJACULATION. Complete Confidence To Feel Supreme Sexual Ecstasy The question of the sexual phenomenon known as female ejaculation and whether there exists a female erogenous zone popularly known as the “G-Spot” have been major areas of continued controversy and debate among sex researchers, gynecologists and sex educators.


Perhaps no two sexual issues, including the question of clitoral vs. vaginal orgasms, have created so much public interest. Sacred Pleasure. Sexual Tantra - WHat No One Will Tell You. I’m getting tired about all the crazy ideas I read about tantra, and the left door Tao school practices, and the crazy porn you see on the Internet and on TV and the fact that people think this is "making love" or the correct way to have sex.

Sexual Tantra - WHat No One Will Tell You

So a few words on sexual tantra. There are tantric cultivation methods without sex, which are called "Tantra" as well, but I wish to speak specifically about sexual tantra, or sexual cultivation. It’s not that easy to practice sexual cultivation. Tantric sexual cultivation is only used to cultivate the body and its chi and channels, and NOT ANYTHING ELSE. It’s only used to help transform the body (flesh), namely the chi channels, by stimulating internal energy without losing it. In the past 100 years, including what is now propagated as teachings from Tibet, when people mention "Tantra" (sexual cultivation) it’s all virtually nonsense.