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Standing waves

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PHQ421. NYC_XXI_Chap%201.12a. Scalar energy. If either of the major scalar weapon armed countries e.g.

Scalar energy

U.S. or Russia were to fire a nuclear missile to attack each other, this may possibly not even reach the target because the missile could be destroyed with scalar technology before it even left its place or origin. The knowledge via radio waves that it was about to be fired could be eavesdropped and the target could be destroyed in the bunker, fired at from space by satellite. Alternatively, invisible moving barriers and globes made of plasma (produced by crossed scalar beams) could destroy any nuclear missile easily while it moves towards the target and failing all these, it could be destroyed by entering the target's territory by passing through a Tesla shield which would explode anything entering its airspace. To begin with, defense using scalar technology could intercept it before it even landed.

Standing Waves. Standing wave. Two opposing waves combine to form a standing wave.

Standing wave

For waves of equal amplitude traveling in opposing directions, there is on average no net propagation of energy. Moving medium[edit] As an example of the first type, under certain meteorological conditions standing waves form in the atmosphere in the lee of mountain ranges. Jeune chercheur déçu. Bonjour Blazingstar, "Pour moi, plus aucun doutes, que depuis 1 siècles, les déouvertes de TESLA sont bien gardées" ---> la question est de savoir, si c'est pour un ambitieux secret égocentrique, ou pour nous proteger de mauvaises utilisations!

Jeune chercheur déçu

Rappelle toi la petite expérience de Tesla dans son labo qui a provoqué un tremblement de terre sur 15 km, et ce seulement en s'accordant a la fréquence de résonance de la terre! Néanmoins furent gardées, car on a accès a tout ses brevets. "La gravitation et directement liée à l'énergie du vide" ---> OUI! "Les Nazis avaient de très bonnes sources sur cette énergie du vide, il reste quelques traces de leur station d'essais, deplus la loi de déclassification met à jour certains témoignage assez concordant. " ---> outre les origines empiriques babyloniens et indiens, il serait interressant, de se renseigner sur l'origine de leurs connaissances théoriques, par exemple les travaux de l'allemand Hehm. ---> en effet.

Les ondes stationnaires d'Ivanov. Vous trouverez ci-dessous une expérience très intéressante.

Les ondes stationnaires d'Ivanov

Elle montre toutes les propriétés des "ondes d'Ivanov" en un seul jet. Puisque la matière est faite d'ondes stationnaires, une telle expérience s'imposait. J'ai pris soin de limiter les formules nécessaires au minimum et de les simplifier au maximum pour faire en sorte que cette expérience ne laisse place à aucune discussion possible. Ici, vous avez des faits. Rien que des faits. - [ Electromagnetic Field Theory for Engineers ] Written by Jose Santos MONTH NN, YYYY Introduction Now that we have gone over the boundary conditions of a mechanical wave, we can now move on to the subject of standing waves.

- [ Electromagnetic Field Theory for Engineers ]

In the previous article regarding our discussion of boundary conditions, we restricted our analysis to a single pulse, or single mechanical wave disturbance, and observed that given the two extreme cases (rope has a fixed end; or rope has a free end), the incident wave is reflected as-is, or inverted. STATIONARY WAVES, light & sound revision from A-level Physics Tutor, your free guide for effective physics revision. Introduction Stationary or Standing waves have become very important in physics in the last hundred years or so.

STATIONARY WAVES, light & sound revision from A-level Physics Tutor, your free guide for effective physics revision.

Understanding them has not only given insights into sound but many other important topics eg AC circuit theory, quantum mechanics, nanotechnology. Formation of stationary waves The conditions for standing waves are: Standing waves and resonance : Transmission Lines. Whenever there is a mismatch of impedance between transmission line and load, reflections will occur.

Standing waves and resonance : Transmission Lines

If the incident signal is a continuous AC waveform, these reflections will mix with more of the oncoming incident waveform to produce stationary waveforms called standing waves. The following illustration shows how a triangle-shaped incident waveform turns into a mirror-image reflection upon reaching the line's unterminated end. The transmission line in this illustrative sequence is shown as a single, thick line rather than a pair of wires, for simplicity's sake. The incident wave is shown traveling from left to right, while the reflected wave travels from right to left: (Figure below) Incident wave reflects off end of unterminated transmission line.

If we add the two waveforms together, we find that a third, stationary waveform is created along the line's length: (Figure below) Standing waves : Wave motion : Home : Physics Lecture Demo : The University of Melbourne. Wb-1 The Melde' Experiment.

Standing waves : Wave motion : Home : Physics Lecture Demo : The University of Melbourne

Physics, Mathematics. When energy is reflected inside some kind of container, two identical reflecting waves will interfere to form a stationary wave called a ‘standing wave.’

Physics, Mathematics

Such a wave is actually a pattern, then, of the two opposing wave currents, appearing to oscillate in amplitude while remaining stationary and in-phase. As the fundamental standing wave frequency stabilizes, additional standing waves called ‘harmonics’ or ‘wave partials’ form in harmonious coexistence creating the following pattern. Now, in the book I propose the Fibonacci series as a natural damping function in harmonic resonance. This can be proven to be a nominal solution for the second-order equation known as the ‘characteristic wave damping equation.’ When the first two pair of numbers are plugged into this equation and it is solved like a quadratic equation, the golden ratio becomes the eigenvector.

I call this “phi-damping” and it occurs strongest in two phi spaced “Landau damping wells” either side of every PI period node. Scalar Wave Technology - A Thorough Explaination. Scalar waves are also called 'electromagnetic longitudinal waves', 'Maxwellian waves', or 'Teslawellen' ('Tesla waves').

Scalar Wave Technology - A Thorough Explaination

Variants of the theory claim that Scalar electromagnetics (also known as scalar energy) is the background quantum mechanical fluctuations and associated zero-point energies. Article by Christi Verismo - Twelve Things You Should Know About Scalar Weapons Scalar wavelengths are considered to be finer than gamma rays or X rays and only one hundred millionth of a square centimeter in width.