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Scent · Sound · Color Therapy

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Behance. 98.7% Proven Meditation Technique - Open Your Third Eye in 15 Minutes. Self-administered EMDR therapy. EMDR plus Bilateral Sound for racing thoughts. EMDR FRANCAIS. Welcome to Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages. Wonder Spices. Spice up for delicious flavor and health!

Wonder Spices

Spices are an intrinsic part of yoga cooking, and most are known to possess therapeutic and healing properties. These seven wonder spices will start you out and get you familiar with cooking yoga food with much ease…..What’s more, the exotic colors and heady aromas of spices will help you elevate any dish from the ordinary to a sublime feast for the senses of sight, smell, and taste. So spice your meals to enhance your food with better taste and medicinal and healing properties without adding a single calorie!

Medicinal Spices Exhibit - UCLA Biomedical Library: History & Special Collections. Bois de Jasmin : Perfume Blog and Fragrance Reviews. L'Artisan Parfumeur Luxury Fragrance. Fragrantica - Perfumes Search. Jovoy Paris - Parfums Rares - Jovoy Paris. Les encens correspondances et propriétés. Encens vient du latin incensum qui signifie : " chose brûlée " La fumigation à des fins thérapeutiques et magique remontent à la nuit des temps.

Les encens correspondances et propriétés

Lorsqu'ils se consument, les encens libèrent des substances odorantes dont les effets pharmacologiques ont été prouvés. Les fumigations sont utilisés à des fins médicinales pour traiter des maladies respiratoires, des tensions musculaires, des rhumatismes, faciliter les accouchements, remédier aux troubles du sommeil, soulager des douleurs et désinfecter. Les encens sont souvent utilisés pour"parfumer" nos intérieurs. Il faut savoir que l'encens ne sert pas seulement pour le plaisir de diffuser et respirer une odeur agréable. Le fait d'encenser le milieu ou l'on opère aide à la concentration, purifie le lieu.

En magie, tous les encens sont fabriqués selon des règles bien précises pour obtenir ce que l'on souhaite. LES ENCENS : La Forêt Enchantée. Acacia (gomme Arabique)Neutralise les ondes négatives, permet aux vibrations positives de se manifester dans un lieu, protection, purification, pouvoirs psychiques, stimule l'harmonie et l'habilité psychique, encens de bénédiction et de pouvoir, inspiration, évolution spirituelle, guérison, invocation à l'extérieur d'une maison pour les esprits élémentaux.

LES ENCENS : La Forêt Enchantée

Air (éléments)Développe les aptitudes du subconscient. Aloès du CapDésenvoutement, exorcisme. Librairie Spirituelle La Flamme Divine. Encens et fumigations. L'Oliban : Encens Solaire.

Encens et fumigations

Condensateur, fortifiant de toute vibration. Universelle Purification. Il stimule aussi les qualités masculines (logique, clarté de la pensée, volonté). Fortifie le système nerveux volontaire. Colour Therapy - In Depth Analysis. Colour therapy, also known as Chromatherapy, is a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) technique.

Colour Therapy - In Depth Analysis

A trained colour therapist is able to use colour and light to balance energy wherever the human physical body is lacking whether physical, feeling, mental or spiritual. Chromotherapists state that colours bring about expressive reactions in humans. Color Symbols. There is more to colors than just the visual appeal.

Color Symbols

In earlier times, the colors were associated with the "essential essences" of the heavens. The color you wore was heavily legislated by Sumptuary laws, the colors had specific meanings in ¿Heraldry as well as mystical meanings associated with the energies of the gods. This is the guide to deciphering the meanings of color. Colors: Art Color Theory classifies colors as warm: yellow, red, and browns or Cool: violet, blue, green, and grey. Colors. Colors Our eyes can distinguish a variety of wavelengths of light that appear to us as colors.


Color is important, we spend hours teaching children to name the various wavelengths and identify the differences. Goethe on the Psychology of Color and Emotion. Art Therapy - Inspiring Others to Create with Expressive Arts. Fédération Française des Art-thérapeutes - Annuaire. Art-&-thérapie / inecat, institut national d'expression, de création, art et transformation, formation en art-thérapie - art-&-thérapie / inecat, institut national d'expression, de création, art et transformation, formation en art-thérapie. Drawing The Self Out. History of Color Therapy. Aura Soma Boutique - L'énergie des couleurs. History and use of Surya Chikitsa. By R.K.Saksena Dr.R.

History and use of Surya Chikitsa

K. Meaning of Colors. Dinshah Ghadiali & SpectroChrome Therapy. September 18, 2013 @ DinshahHelathSociety and WRF and MuseumOfQuackery and BorderlandResearch Why does a brown cow eating green grass produce white milk, which when churned makes yellow butter?

Dinshah Ghadiali & SpectroChrome Therapy

Color Oracle. 1.

Color Oracle

Look at the 25 colors and select the one you find most pleasing right now. Pull this color into the first empty field at the left of the top row. 2.Now select the color that you find most unpleasing right now. Pull this color into the first field at the left end of the bottom empty row. Color and shape of pills affects how patients feel about their medication. According to recent research the color, shape, taste and even name of a tablet or pill can have an effect on how patients feel about their medication. Choose an appropriate combination and the placebo effect gives the pill a boost, improves outcomes and might even reduce side effects.

Now, researchers at the University of Bombay, New Mumbai, India, have surveyed users of over-the-counter (OTC) medication to find out just how much the color of a tablet influences patient choice. Writing in the International Journal of Biotechnology, R.K. Srivastava and colleagues report that red and pink tablets are preferred over other colors. Psychology-of-color.jpg (JPEG Image, 800 × 6443 pixels) - Scaled (15%) Frank Perry. Dr. A. A. Tomatis. Dr. ‎ 00120081000544. TOMATIS morceaux à écouter. Mozart concerto for flute and harp-2.Mvnt. Healing Sounds. “It is not sufficient merely to spiritualize our life, but what we need is to materialize our spirit.” Lama Anagarika. All frequencies co-exist in the same time-space. Om or Aum Symbol: The Primal Sound of Creation. Om or Aum is the primary mantra (pranava mantra) in Hinduism and the most sacred symbol in Hinduism. It represents the sound of the universe and the three deities in the Hindu trinity, the trimurti (“three images”), of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

The vibration of the three aspects of A-U-M represent the fullness of creation. Existence in the entire cosmos vibrates with an energy that is audible to a mystic as a humming vibration. The closest experience of this sound in ordinary experience would be the humming sound of an electric transformer. Yet this humming is produced by the atoms of the universe vibrating at different frequencies.

In Sanskrit this sound is called Anahada Nada (also called Anahad Shabd in Sikh scriptures). Healing Sounds. "The most beautiful Sound is found in Silence" said by Tai Situ Rinpoche About Sound 2 Page Contents (Click on the headings below or scroll down.) • Crop Circles Form by Sound • Cymatics – Geometry & Form Shaped by Sound • Yoga System of Primal Sound • Sufi Message of Abstract Sound • What Type of Musician are You?

Forgotten In Time: The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies. 432Hz Chakra vibrational Healing.