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Kundalini Overview. Yoga Siddhis and the Chakras. In general, the siddha has the realization of non-duality. Thought and objective are no different. What stands between energy and matter is the illusion of time. The wisdom of the relationship between energy matter and time can lead to freedom. In the ancient sense, Enlightenment is described merely as liberation from suffering.

If you consider that suffering arises from ignorance-that it is in the perception of the fact rather than the fact itself, it is easy to see the connection. Spirit Guides and Entities. Krishnamurti's Notebook. Save as favorite When Krishnamurti’s Notebook was first published in 1976 the manuscript from which the typescript was prepared consisted of 323 pages handwritten and numbered by Krishnamurti.

Krishnamurti's Notebook

It was thought at the time that this was the complete collection of the pages written by Krishnamurti in that series in his notebooks. However, in 2000, thirty-two additional pages, in Krishnamurti’s original handwriting, were found in archival material that had been recovered by the Krishnamurti Foundation of America in Ojai in the 1980s. Biology of Kundalini. Les 3 Kundalinis du corps: Le nouveau devenir humain Les Chroniques d'Arcturius. Anahata Chakra Le nouveau devenir humain Extrait d’un article de François Favre, publié dans la revue 3ème millénaire – 2003 Depuis un siècle et demi environ, des chercheurs venus de tous les horizons s’intéressent au phénomène de la Kundalini et à son rôle dans l’évolution humaine.

Les 3 Kundalinis du corps: Le nouveau devenir humain Les Chroniques d'Arcturius

Son étude, tant sur le plan ésotérique que scientifique à suscité nombre d’opinions contradictoires et divergentes… Les opinions divergentes sur la kundalini Mme Blavatsky, qui a introduit le concept en Occident vers 1875, la nomme « puissance électrique » et la décrit comme la véritable source des états de conscience supérieurs ; Jung voit dans cette force primordiale et universelle, associée traditionnellement à la sexualité, lefondement d’une « énergétique de l’âme » conduisant à la réalisation du Soi, au moyen de l’individuation ; S. K. Gurdjieff, à l’inverse des théosophes, nie son caractère « libérateur » (tout comme J.

Un océan d'énergie - Jean-Michel Jutge. Une autre expérience vécue par Jean-Michel Jutge a été relaté sur son site internet qui a hélas fermé : Je me suis retrouvé le 22 août 1979 au cœur d'un événement qui devait bouleverser ma vie radicalement et de manière irréversible.

Un océan d'énergie - Jean-Michel Jutge

J'ai tenu dans ce récit à présenter simplement les faits, tels que je les ai vécus, aussi bien dans le développement de l'expérience que dans mes propres réactions émotionnelles ou psychologiques. AWESOME APPROACHES to OPENING the CENTRAL CHANNEL! - NO WAY Neo-Duddhism .ORG! Ida-nadi-flows-through-left-nostril-pingala-nadi-flows-through-right-nostril.jpg 546×619 pixels. Jiddu Krishnamurti on Kundalini & Illumination.

Mystics, Sages, Saints and Gurus « Superconsciousness. The Psychophysiological Principle states: Any experience that you have, you have only while you are having a specific brain wave pattern.

Mystics, Sages, Saints and Gurus « Superconsciousness

If your brain wave patterns change then your experience will change. Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson, D.C., B.F.A did a preliminary study in these “Ecstatic” States of Consciousness, Epsilon, Gamma, HyperGamma, Lambda Brainwave Activity, following the previous premises this might be of interest: Brain mapping research studies into different brainwave patterns associated with different states of consciousness has been carried out in major centers throughout the country. In non-sleeping states, these brainwave patterns are associated with various states of “waking” consciousness. Studies here at the Center for Neuroacoustic Research have shown clear and repeated evidence, in patients, of brainwave frequency patterns below the traditionally accepted lowest Delta rhythms of 0.5 Hz. Zen Master Dennis Genpo Merzel Roshi. This is truly valuable. Pandit Gopi Krishna. Reflections on Kundalini Shakti. Satanism and the Kundalini Serpent. New Brain - New World. Kundalini Yoga - Popular Mantras.

HeartMind Yoga Related Links. HeartMind Yoga Indigenous Links This page contains related LINKS to websites.

HeartMind Yoga Related Links

Click on the following to be taken to their TEN separate headings: The Caraypadas -- the Yoga Songs and Poetry of the Maha Siddhas from Medieval India. Kundalini Misunderstandings. UFO, OBE, Alien Abduction, and Channeling Phenomena as Kundalini Aberrations Kundalini, when blocked or misunderstood can lead to self limiting assumptions and conclusions that are misleading. SImilarly, obstructed or repressed Kundalini leads to aberrations and misconceptions such as beliefs in chronic Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO), Out of the Body Experiences (OBE), spiritual self alienation, alien abduction, and dis-ease.

Regarding Out of the Body (OBE), alien abduction, flying saucers (UFO), and channeling "phenomena", there are pointed similarities between them. When someone, who is into external authority, materialism, or external phenomena; i.e., has become disconnected from their inner reality or fragmented, and in addition if the kundalini is aroused spontaneously, chakras activated (especially the crown chakra), the experiencer is likely to externalize the "phenomena" in externalized terms in an attempt to conceptually understand it. Kinds of Kundalini Risings. According to Traditional Kundalini Science, Kundalini Shakti constantly strives to attain a lasting Oneness experience by elevating to Bindu, the pinnacle where she can reside in union with Pure Consciousness.

Kinds of Kundalini Risings

Les 3 kundalinis. ‎ Why Kundalini Awakening is Safe in Reiki? Some of you who have read or known about Kundalini may have heard about the problems that Kundalini can cause.

Why Kundalini Awakening is Safe in Reiki?

These problems are often referred to as the Kundalini Syndrome. First, it is important to know why Kundalini awakening may be dangerous. This is because the Kundalini is a huge and unlimited power. While it lies dormant, there is a shell holding all of this power within. The conventional way of awakening the Kundalini is by stimulating the Kundalini so that the shell can be broken. None of these problems will happen to a Reiki practitioner. Opening your whole sushumna from the crown chakra (the top chakra) to the base chakra (the lowest chakra).Opening all of the chakra knots along your sushumna.Connecting you to the divine energy which automatically regulates the Kundalini energy within your body.

The Mysteries of the Fire - Samael Aun Weor. MARMA SHASTRA Ayurveda Bio-Energetics - Michael James Hamilton. Kundalini:The Secret Of Life 拙火:生命的秘密.