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Virotherapy - A New Era in Cancer Treatment. You're Not What You Think You Are. Praxis - Thérapeutique. LES CANCERS DES VÉGÉTAUX ET LEURS ANALOGIES AVEC LES TUMEURS HUMAINES par Dominique Lacroix Les tumeurs parasitaires des végétaux ont de tout temps intriguées les pathologistes et très souvent on a cherché à les identifier aux tumeurs humaines et animales.

Praxis - Thérapeutique

Les tumeurs végétales se classent comme les tumeurs humaines bénignes ou malignes. Les tumeurs végétales bénignes peuvent être créés par certains produits chimiques, mais aussi par des piqûres d'insectes, des vers, des bactéries, des virus, des cham-pignons. On parle alors de zoocécidies, bactérocécidies,myco-cécidies. Ces for-mations, excroissances sont appelées : galles. Dans le cas de tumeurs malignes, une bactérie peut en être responsable : Bacillus Tumefaciens aussi appelée Agrobactérium Tuméfaciens.

Il y a quelques années en arrière, un petit laboratoire à Morges en Suisse commercialisait une anatoxine issue justement d'un extrait de tumeur préparée avec le Bacille Tumefaciens dans le traitement du cancer : la Syndrolysine. Nishi-Shiki, la métode de santé de Katsuzo Nishi. – La quête de kiaz. Certains sujets permettent des échanges et aboutissent parfois sur d’autres.

Nishi-Shiki, la métode de santé de Katsuzo Nishi. – La quête de kiaz

C’est le cas de celui sur la chi machine pour lequel les explications, démonstration et liens de Damien furent très instructifs. Merci à lui! Avant qu’il ne m’en fasse la démonstration, je croyais d’après notre échange que la chi machine avait quelques chose avoir avec une automatisation du golden fish issu du système de santé Nishi. Mais pas si facile que ça de trouver quelques éléments concret à ce sujet. Six laws of The Nishi Health System. Heisho2 Kochin When you sleep, Use the hardest possible bed and hard semicylindrical pillow.

Six laws of The Nishi Health System

Nishi. The Nishi System is a methodology for the maintenance and recovery of good health that was first introduced in 1927 by Katsuzo Nishi, who at the time was the chief technical engineer for Japan’s first subway project, the Tokyo subway.


From childhood Nishi was weak of constitution, and realizing that the medical science of the day could not cure his ailments, he independently undertook in his late teens the study and practice of what would amount to some 360 types of folk cures and health methods, both ancient and contemporary, Oriental and Occidental. Adding to these his own theories about the dynamics of the human body based on the mechanical science he studied in his own specialty, civil engineering, he established the Nishi-shiki Health Method. Phage treatment of human infections. Bacteriophage: Time to Re-Evaluate the Potential of Phage Therapy as a Promising Agent to Control Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria. Unproven methods of cancer treatment - 2008 - CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians. A_Introduction_04-fr - index_Biotherapeutique_fr_6372.pdf. Biotherapy.pdf. Autovaccine - Individuelle Schlüssel zum Immunsystem - SymbioVaccin GmbH. Welcome to the Arbeitskreis für Mikrobiologische Therapie e.V. [Microbiological Therapy Research Association.

Reference collection autogenous vaccines. 27-broschueremikrobiologikaneu01-10-2009-4.html. Enterosan - Stuhldiagnostik. Paren. Orali.pdf. Cancer : le remède oublié. Nous sommes en 1890 à New York.

Cancer : le remède oublié

Il fait nuit. Le Dr William Coley se tourne et se retourne dans son lit. La veille, ce jeune chirurgien de 28 ans a, pour la première fois, vu mourir une de ses patientes. Cette patiente, Elizabeth Dashiell, est morte d’un cancer des os. Et le Dr Coley est submergé par un sentiment de culpabilité et d’impuissance. Au petit matin, il sort de chez lui. C’est dans ce gisement prodigieux que le Dr Coley va rechercher des cas de « sarcome » semblables à celui qui a tué sa patiente. Plus de deux semaines durant, ses recherches sont vaines. Guérison mystérieuse Le Dr Coley a mis la main, sans le savoir, sur un cas qui va révolutionner le traitement du cancer. Aussitôt après avoir attrapé l’érysipèle, le sarcome de ce patient a donc brutalement disparu. Cure for cancer - the other truth: Immunotherapy to cure cancer; perhaps a missed opportunity called Coley’s Toxin? Why Coley's Toxin cure (Mixed Bacterial Vaccine) is not used in mainstream cancer care As mentioned in one of my previous blogs, this year 8 million people will die of cancer (see WHO World Cancer Report 2014).

Cure for cancer - the other truth: Immunotherapy to cure cancer; perhaps a missed opportunity called Coley’s Toxin?

What if, approximately 40% of these people could be saved with a little known immunotherapy that is relatively cheap? Unfortunately, for various plausible reasons of vested interests, it is unlikely that politicians and lawmakers will encourage the use of this low cost treatment, despite the reality that almost half of end stage cancer patients would be able to potentially achieve a durable remission (no detectable cancer in your body) with this form of immunotherapy. Unfortunately, this is only half the story. It would be shortsighted to simply lay the blame at the feet of pharmaceutical companies, politicians, or well-intended rules and regulations that govern quality control of pharmaceutical products. Nauts-1990-conshyp-coley.pdf. MBVax Bioscience. The Toxins of William B. Coley and the Treatment of Bone and Soft-Tissue Sarcomas. History of Coley's Toxins. How to Make Coley's Toxins, I have been asked several times how to make and use Coley's Toxins as they are no longer available.

How to Make Coley's Toxins,

Here is the method. Although everything here is direct from Wayne Martin, who has great experience, you use it at your own risk. THE BOWEL NOSODES - BY John Paterson. The Homeopathic Bowel Nosodes - The author discusses Bowel Nosodes – their history and the indications for their use.

The Homeopathic Bowel Nosodes -

“Inside our own bodies, we are outnumbered nine to one” The Bowel Nosodes are a series of homeopathic remedies made from human intestinal flora, developed first by Dr. Edward Bach and continued by John Patterson and his wife, Elizabeth from 1920 until 1960. These remedies were used chiefly in British Homeopathic practice but after some years of neglect they are gaining more favour, especially now with the issues of allergies and antibiotic damage prevalent in today’s patients. Bach discovered that certain non-lactose fermenting bacteria were more prevalent in the stool of sick people than in healthy people. At the time there was an exponential growth in the investigation of bacteria and their association with disease. John Paterson Initially, Bach created conventional vaccines from these cultures and administered them to patients. A Short Study on Julian's Repertory of Nosodes - A Glance at Nosodes Nosode is derived from NOSO (Gr.) that signifies the ‘disease products’.

A Short Study on Julian's Repertory of Nosodes -

It may also be compared with NOXA (L.), which means ‘noxious or damage’. ‘Nosodotherapy’ means the therapeutic use of organic reactional wastes or some ætiological factors which are the source of the ‘damage’ to the disease. The term ‘nosode’ has no legal existence in France & Germany and has been replaced by the term ‘biotherapy’. Dr. Pierre Schmidt explained nosodes as ‘an isopathic remedy‘. Bowel Nosode Matrix. The Homeopathic Bowel Nosodes. Mother Tincture Tincture means a... - Shivang Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital(S.H.M.C.H), Bhopal. Category:Bowel Nosodes - Homeopedia.