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Emryss - Frans Vermeulen. Épidémie virale Ebola. Homéopathie. A gauche l'image la plus trompeuse de l'homéopathie qui se puisse imaginer.


Une image certainement boironesque.... J'ai entrepris un "état des lieux" sur l'homéopathie en France du fait de la directive européenne en cours d'application, malheureusement je n'arrive pas à la finaliser pour 36 raisons. Voyons ces points en détail... Point 1 : il s'agit des laboratoires et des préparatoires. Soit le téléphone ne répond pas soit les responsables négligent de rappeler.

Bibliographie homéopathique.pdf. LMS vortex mixer - Vortex mixers - Equipment - Dominique DUTSCHER - Consommables et matériels de laboratoire. Interhomeopathy - Mille façons de souffrir l'Amour; à travers la psore de quelques remèdes en pédiatrie. Pour illustrer l'intérêt du sujet que nous comptons aborder, on pourrait dire que s'il existe une chose qui fait souffrir le plus l'homme sur la terre, c'est bien l'amour.

Interhomeopathy - Mille façons de souffrir l'Amour; à travers la psore de quelques remèdes en pédiatrie

En allant plus loin, on pourrait dire que beaucoup de maladies, et peut-être toutes sont des maladies d'amour, ou d'origine affective, comme disent les psychologues, d’amour de l’autre comme d’amour de soi. Autant l'amour est une des choses qui ennoblit le plus l'homme, autant, c'est une de celles qui peuvent le rendre le plus malade. Dans beaucoup de remèdes, on peut trouver une souffrance en rapport avec l'amour, l'affectivité. La preuve en est que dans la symptomatologie, dans les répertoires, existent beaucoup de symptômes "suites d'amour déçu" et d'étiologies semblables. How Homeopathic Remedies Are Made. Homeopathic medicines, which are called remedies by those practicing the stream of medicine, are made using several substances.

How Homeopathic Remedies Are Made

The primary processing required by all such substances to organize them for the energizing procedures of dilution as succession differs depending on each substance. Either the original materials from which homeopathic remedies are prepared need to be collected or they may also be made in the manner which is as close as possible to the method it was done while organizing the material for the purpose of proving. It is important that extreme caution is exercised to the minutest detail of the procedure to ensure that the remedial homeopathic attributes are reproduced most precisely.

In case you do not do this, it is necessary to perform another proving or test with a view to bring to light any variation in the consequences of preparing the remedy in a different way. Sources Homeopathic remedies are prepared using plants, minerals as well as animal sources. Tinctures. Homoeopathic Archives. Water has Memory. Sue Young Histories. Homeopathic doctors.

Hormesis. A very low dose of a chemical agent may trigger from an organism the opposite response to a very high dose.


Hormesis (from Greek hórmēsis "rapid motion, eagerness," from ancient Greek hormáein "to set in motion, impel, urge on") is the term for generally favorable biological responses to low exposures to toxins and other stressors. A pollutant or toxin showing hormesis thus has the opposite effect in small doses as in large doses. A related concept is Mithridatism, which refers to the willful exposure to toxins in an attempt to develop immunity against them. Hormetics is the term proposed for the study and science of hormesis. In toxicology, hormesis is a dose response phenomenon characterized by a low dose stimulation, high dose inhibition, resulting in either a J-shaped or an inverted U-shaped dose response. The hormesis model of dose response is vigorously debated.[1] The notion that hormesis is important for chemical risks regulations is not widely accepted.[2] History[edit]

Homeopathicelements. Birth and the carbon series. The Carbon series is the second row of the periodic system of Elements.

Birth and the carbon series

It consists of the elements Lithium, Beryllium, Boron, Carbon, Nitrogenium, Oxygenium, Fluor and Neon. These elements have as basic theme the development of the “I”, the ego or individual. Connected with this are the themes of worth and self-worth. Another theme is that of the body as carrier of the ego, with the protection and conservation of the body. These elements represent a process going from left to right in the periodic table. The birth process turns out to be a reflection of this whole process of development. One can also look at Hydrogen and Helium in this connection.

Literature: Scholten J., Homeopathy and the Elements, Utrecht, 1996, ISBN 9074817033. 1. 2. 3. 4. Theorie des hautes Dilutions. Teleconference Recordings with Master Homeopaths. WholeHealthNow began a series of free live "FreeCasts" with master homeopaths in January 2004.

Teleconference Recordings with Master Homeopaths

View our most recent FreeCasts below, or click one of the links (e.g. A-D) to browse by the presentor's surname. Most Recent WholeHealthNow also offers many at-home courses of study, both live and recorded.Please visit our Recorded Courses, Current Courses or Online Courses page. Share Dana Ullman (bio) Share Roger van Zandvoort (bio) Share Frans Vermeulen (bio) Share Rudi Verspoor (bio) Rudi Verspoor has studied and applied Hahnemann's complete system of medicine, which he termed Heilkunst, for more than two decades.