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Florinda Donner-Grau

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RTT6 / RT-technics / tensegrity modification / womb series. Magical Passes: The Second Series - The Series for the Womb. Florinda Donner Chronology - Summary and Introduction. Florinda Donner (click on picture for full-size image) A Regine Thal/Florinda Donner-Grau Chronology "[U]nder the premises of the warrior’s path . . . loyalty is expressed only in terms of demanding the best of ourselves.

Florinda Donner Chronology - Summary and Introduction

That best, for us, entails total examination of whatever we do. Following don Juan’s teachings, I have applied the warrior’s premise of ruthless examination to Florinda Donner’s work. " (Carlos Castaneda, from his Foreword to Florinda Donner’s The Witches Dream.) Summary and Introduction As the following chronology establishes, Florinda Donner-Grau (originally Regine Margarita Thal) has told numerous contradictory--and, in many cases demonstrably false--stories about her supposed apprenticeship to "don Juan. " The fact is, Florinda did not hold herself out as a "disciple of don Juan" until late 1992. Meanwhile, Shabono, Florinda's 1982 account of living for a year (in 1976?

--Corey Donovan. You Only Live Twice - Details Magazine - Carlos Castaneda Interview. By Bruce Wagner : Details magazine With his vision of a separate reality, Carlos Castaneda transfixed a generation.

You Only Live Twice - Details Magazine - Carlos Castaneda Interview

In a rare interview, the legendary sorcerer talks to Bruce Wagner about don Juan, freedom, dreaming, and death-and the funny things that happen on the way to infinity. Carlos Castaneda doesn't live here anymore. After years of rigorous discipline---years of warriorism---he has escaped the ratty theater of everyday life. He is an empty man, a funnel, a teller of tales and stories; not really a man at all, but a being who no longer has attachments to the world as we know it. My name is Carlos Castaneda. That's what don Juan Matus called us: insane apes. The navigator has spoken before groups in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and his cohorts---Florinda Donner-Grau, Taisha Abelar, and Carol Tiggs--- have given lectures ("Toltec Dreaming---The Legacy of Don Juan") in Arizona, Maui, and at Esalen.

I do not lead a double life. They also saw the essence of the human form. Energy Trackers Interview. This interview is an encounter between female practitioners and female instructors of Tensegrity.

Energy Trackers Interview

The work is a synthesis of more than two hundred questions sent by women from several countries. One could say that every question differs from each other, but at the same time they are alike as if they had a common vein. In the same way, although every answer seems to be addressed to each one personally, it is an impersonal answer too.

This unprecedented event –we actually think it is so— means an opportunity to dream ourselves in another story –an intent that, after all, involves femininity and masculinity as a duality within ourselves, and in the male-female relationship as well. Why are you having this second women’s workshop? A navigator needs to know his or her equipment —what kind of information it can give, and how to use it. Can you please talk about the power of the womb? How do we awaken the secondary functions? If you give, Carol Tiggs said, you get everything. We simply do it. Top. Florinda Donner Interview - Dimensions Magazine. An Interview with Florinda Donner.

Kast94.txt_Ascii. Карлос Кастанеда. Разрозненые материалы за 1994 год  1. Carlos Castaneda Bibliography v1.3.3 2. ‎ Florinda Donner-Grau, Taisha Abelar and Carol Tiggs Interview. The Witch's Dream - Florinda Donner. Florinda Donner-Grau, Le rêve de la sorcière (1985), Résumé et extraits traduits. Quelques extraits significatifs traduits.

Florinda Donner-Grau, Le rêve de la sorcière (1985), Résumé et extraits traduits

Le contexte au début de l’ouvrage est le suivant : Florinda Donner-Grau rencontre un nagual qui la conduit à Florinda Matus. Cette personne du groupe du nagual est donc « en charge » de Florinda Donner-Grau et lui demande de s’aventurer quelque part pour savoir ce qu’il y a en elle : « Les femmes ont besoin de manœuvres spécifiques, afin d’atteindre le cœur d’elles-mêmes. » « Quelles manœuvres ? De quel cœur de nous-même parlez-vous, Florinda ? » « S’il y a quelque chose en nous que nous ne connaissons pas, comme des ressources cachées, un courage et une ruse insoupçonnée, ou une noblesse de l’esprit devant la tristesse et la douleur, elle ne ressortira que si nous sommes confrontés par l’inconnu tandis que nous sommes seuls, sans amis, sans limites familières, sans soutien. Florinda Donner-Grau se rend donc là où elle est née, le Vénézuela.

. « Elle s’est placée derrière le vieil homme et a placé ses deux mains sur sa tête. Being in Dreaming - Florinda Donner-Grau.