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Feng Shui

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현성. The Zangshu, or Book of Burial, translated by Stephen L Field, Phd. IX.

The Zangshu, or Book of Burial, translated by Stephen L Field, Phd.

Reading Terrain A. Contour Shapes 1. On the art of divining mountains, the reading of contours is the most difficult; features are next in difficulty; and direction is the least difficult. 2. 3. 4. Feng Shui Tips for Career - Career Success and Growth. Feng Shui Job Search and Secure Your Position Looking for a job and securing a job both require not only the effort from your side but also a chance and certain level of recognition that are given by another person/party.

Feng Shui Tips for Career - Career Success and Growth

As a result, you need to activate both of the feng shui career corner and benefactor corner. Represented by the most positive energy of the trigram Qian, the northwest corner of a house/ working place is generally recognized as the career corner. Governed by future lucky star #1, the north region possesses the potential improve your networking and highlight your social image. Feng Shui Tips for Feng Shui Family Harmony. Feng Shui family harmony - Children's Behaviors and Parental Authority Speaking of parental authority, we are not talking about spanking a kid or making a child be submissive to his/her elder.

Feng Shui Tips for Feng Shui Family Harmony

NO. We are talking about something more substantial—the way that good parent can discipline and cultivate their children through positive, inspiring communication with mutual respect. Feng Shui. Feng Shui | Flying Star | Geomantic Chart | Facing Palace | Facing Stars | Mountain Stars | Earth Base | 24 Mountains | Aquarium | Substitute Star | Xuan Kong Da Gua | Bazi & YiChing | Compass Location | 64 Hexagrams | River Map | 10-Combo | 1-Gua Introduction[edit] Feng Shui is a study of the physical environment to determine the auspicious and inauspicious elements that may have an impact on people.

Feng Shui

This includes the study of both the internal environment of a house or building, as well as location and land forms. Theory of Purple White Flying Stars. House, Room, Bed and Pillow The Purple White Flying Stars is a Chinese Feng Shui method to find people's lucky living environment.

Theory of Purple White Flying Stars

If the Purple White Flying Stars is new to you, please read the basic background page first. The traditional Flying Star diagram makes the south on the top, the north on the bottom, the west on the right and the east on the left. There are nine different type of Flying Star diagrams. HowToBuildYourFlyingStarChart.pdf. Wealth - Feng Shui Master. Everybody would love to have more money in their pockets to improve the quality of life for their family.

Wealth - Feng Shui Master

Through bazi reading and feng shui audit you are able to rediscover your latent potential for wealth. You do not need feng shui products to activate Wealth for your Home BUT You will need to work very hard, smart, determined, and stayed focus in what you are doing. You also need luck which to me is about “timing” of your 10 years luck period. Feng shui 2015 - Feng Shui Master. On 04 Feb 2015 11:58 hour we usher in the Year of Goat 乙未 年 which is the day of Spring commencement 立春.

feng shui 2015 - Feng Shui Master

Year 2015 stem 天干 is 乙木 (阴 Yin Wood) and root 地支 未土 Goat itself is “dry earth” element which comprises sub-root elements of wood, earth and fire. Day Master is Xin Metal, see chart. So those born on or after 04 Feb 2015 11:58 hour belongs to the Zodiac sign of the Goat and before are Horse babies. From this Birth Configuration you will notice that the wood, fire and earth elements are pretty strong; metal and water elements are weak. Feng Shui - Tips and Advice from Rodika Tchi. Welcome to - Online Feng Shui Magazine. Online Personal Directions Calculator. Online Personal Directions Calculator If your Ming Gua and Palaces didn't appear after computing the chart please enable Java Script in your browser and try again Ming Gua and Palaces Now look up the meanings in the table below Comments Where possible, facing your good directions will help you obtain greater benefit than facing your bad directions, but please remember that this is only one small part of the overall horoscope and feng shui that influences you daily.

Online Personal Directions Calculator

For other scripts and accurate PC programs visit © & Flying Star Calculator - Main. Welcome to the world's first Flying Star Feng Shui calculator!

Flying Star Calculator - Main

The calculator draws the flying stars and compass directions over your own home's layout. For centuries the Chinese have used the Lo Pan (shown in the background image of this web site) to calculate the flying stars. This calculation can now be done on the web. Flying Stars. FLYING STAR FENG SHUI -Lau Chi- Feng Shui is the art and science of living in harmony with one's environment.

Flying Stars

It consists of principles and methods from Chinese philosophy, metaphysics, divination, science and experimentation. These natural principles are used to evaluate how nature influences health, marriage, emotions, finances, career, wealth, creativity, fertility and happiness. CALCULATE YOUR GUA - FENG SHUI VILLAGE. How do you calculate your Gua? In the Latter Ba Gua, every trigram governs a direction, a moment of the year like a season, a colour as well as a number. This number is called a Gua and is determined by your year of birth. Enter your own year of birth and you will get your Gua. (For the children born from year 2000 onward, boys replace number 10 by number 9 and girls replace number 5 by number 6. If you are born between January 1st and February 3rd, you are from the previous year.) 이상체질 건강법. Korea Fengshui. 동양역술특강 제9주차1강(풍수의 과학과 실사구시) 동양역술특강 제 9주차 2강(물은 물이 아니고 산은 산이 아니다)

동양역술특강 제9주차 3강(풍수의 좌향의 거시양자개념과 실학응용) 동양역술특강 제9주차 4강( 풍수의 운기 현공풍수-간운엔 왜 서남방향인가?) 110715 도시풍수 1. 110715 도시풍수 2. 110715 도시풍수 3. 110715 도시풍수 4. [덕연]재테크 풍수. 풍수의 현대적 이해-강사:설영상(2003년 美TV) 풍수특강 글로벌사이버대학교 풍수지리 조태운교수 특강 부동산. Vidéos que vous aimez. 임창열 Vastu - Vastu Shastra,Vastu Consultant,Indian Vastu,Indian Vaastu Shastra. Le carré Lo Shu - Utilisé dans la méthode de la Forme, le carré Lo Shu (ou carré magique) est un tableau très ancien qui reproduit les neuf premiers nombres. Signe particulier : toutes ses lignes, qu'elles soient horizontales, verticales ou diagonales, font une somme de 15, un nombre correspondant au total des valeurs symboliques du yin (8 + 7) et du yang (9 + 6). Les nombres ont ici plus qu'une signification, on leur attribue de réels pouvoirs, presque occultes. Utilisation du carré Lo Shu Concrètement, il vous suffit de vous munir d'une grande feuille de papier, d'un crayon et d'une boussole.

Dessinez un plan sommaire de votre logement, divisez-le en 3 lignes et 3 colonnes, soit 9 carrés. Puis vous indiquez par une flèche l'entrée de votre logement, c'est à dire l'emplacement de la porte principale (bouche du chi) : elle doit se situer sur la zone Connaissance, Carrière ou Aide extérieure. Et vous, vous en pensez quoi ? Vous aussi, donnez votre avis ! Année 2013 du Serpent: conseils d'aménagement Feng Shui pour une année bercée de douceur, de réussite et d'harmonie! - Plantes, Paysage et Feng Shui. La nouvelle année chinoise 2013 a débuté le 10 février 2013. Nous y avons laissé l'influence mouvementée et déterminée du Dragon pour entrer dans l'année à la double influence d'introspection et expansion de l' amour que représente le signe du Serpent.

Année 2013 du Serpent: conseils d'aménagement Feng Shui pour une année bercée de douceur, de réussite et d'harmonie! - Plantes, Paysage et Feng Shui. Heureux en amour. Améliorer votre prospérité. Fengshui. Le Feng-Shui sud-ouest, calculez votre chiffre kua ou chiffre de vie selon votre date de naissance. Feng Shui Zone - Calculs en ligne gratuit: 4 Piliers, Etoiles Volantes, Kua, signe astrologique.