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Esoteric Texts

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The worlds most interesting literature by OccultUniversity. Introduction to the Esoteric - Esoteric Heritage study and Consciousness Development Center. We have two kinds of knowledge in the current historical moment - knowledge being received by modern science and knowledge being transferred through generations from the depths of centuries.

Introduction to the Esoteric - Esoteric Heritage study and Consciousness Development Center

While modern knowledge permanently changes in process of evolution of science, ancient knowledge remains constant and only attitude to it varies. People who owned ancient knowledge were formerly highly appreciated in society. They were followed for a healing, an advice, a help in very complex life situations. Then, in process of development of the materialistic concept of the world, the official science begun to interpret ancient knowledge as myths, primitive cults, vestige of the past... According to the momentary world outlook, the bearers of ancient knowledge were oppressed, and knowledge itself gone to the closed schools and secret societies. Esoteric knowledge carries the history of it’s origin from the ancient advanced civilizations in itself. ‎ Lorin Roche, Ph.D.

This is the Kashmir Series of Texts and Studies, No.

Lorin Roche, Ph.D.

IX, “The Vijnana-Bhairava” with a “Commentary Called Kaumadi by Ananda Bhatta.” Printed at the Tatva-Vivechaka Press, Bombay, India, 1918: Here is the version we are working with. It has been modified slightly from the archived text at the University of Goettingen. . ॥ Daniel Odier - Accueil. Vijnana-Bhairava-Tantra. Muktabodha On-line Digital Library Overview & login page. Return→

Muktabodha On-line Digital Library Overview & login page

LE TIBETAIN - Les Œuvres du Maître D.K. téléchargeables gratuitement. Détails Catégorie : LE TIBETAIN Affichages : 3235 Les Œuvres du Maître D.K. téléchargeables gratuitement Pour voir ou télécharger les Œuvres du Maitre Tibétain, il faut s'enregistrer cela est gratuits.

LE TIBETAIN - Les Œuvres du Maître D.K. téléchargeables gratuitement

Esoteric Archives. Search Gurbani : Gurbani Research Website. Le Tikun Haklali. The Ultimate Sikhism Library - Publishthis. The Initiate in The New World. Bhagavad gita As It Is 1972 Edition. Bhagavad Gita - Bhagavad Gita Online - Bhagavad Gita. Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar: Ancient Wisdom for a New World - Jeffrey Armstrong.

7CHAP. La prophétie de Saint-Jean de Jerusalem. Lorsque commencera l'An Mille qui vient après L'An Mille... 1 Lorsque commencera l'An Mille qui vient après l'An Mille L'Or sera dans le Sang Qui regardera les étoiles y comptera des deniers Qui entrera dans le Temple y rencontrera les marchands Les Souverains seront changeurs et usuriers Le Glaive défendra le Serpent Mais le feu couvera Chaque ville sera Sodome et Gomorrhe Et les enfants des enfants deviendront la nuée ardente Ils lèveront les vieux étendards.

La prophétie de Saint-Jean de Jerusalem

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars - The Lawful Path. Hindsight flow is known as habit or inertia.

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars - The Lawful Path

In electronics this phenomenon is the characteristic of an inductor (economic analog = a pure service industry) in which a current flow (economic analog = flow of money) creates a magnetic field (economic analog = active human population) which, if the current (money flow) begins to diminish, collapse (war) to maintain the current (flow of money - energy). Other large alternatives to war as economic inductors or economic flywheels are an open-ended social welfare program, or an enormous (but fruitful) open-ended space program.

The problem with stabilizing the economic system is that there is too much demand on account of (1) too much greed and (2) too much population. This creates excessive economic inductance which can only be balanced with economic capacitance (true resources or value - e.g., in goods or services). And Finally, inverting this matrix, i.e., solving for the Xk terms of the Yj, we get, say, [bkj] [Yj ] = [Xk] . The Kybalion. Livre d'Henoch. 2.

Livre d'Henoch

Que toutes les oeuvres de chaque année, que toutes ses créations suivent invariablement lesordres qu’il leur a donnés ; toutefois, quand Dieu a résolu ainsi, toutes choses doivents’évanouir.3. Ils voient comment les mers et les fleuves accomplissent chacun leur mission respective.4. Tandis que vous, vous ne supportez qu’avec peine, vous ne remplissez qu’imparfaitement lescommandements de votre Seigneur ; vous transgressez ses ordres, vous calomniez sagrandeur ; et votre bouche impie va prononcer des blasphèmes contre sa majesté ! 5. Pécheurs au coeur endurci, il n’y aura point de paix pour vous ! Le Conseil Des Neuf (Channeling terrestre. The Only Planet of Choice Le conseil des neufs a pour la première fois été impliqué sur terre il y a 34 000 ans.

Le Conseil Des Neuf (Channeling terrestre

Ils sont les Elohim des Hébreux,pas Dieu. Ils vivent dans une zone qu'ils appellent la "zone froide", qui correspond à un état particulier de la nature.Le conseil des neuf est à l'équilibre entre le "bien" et le "mal". Ils ne font pas de bien immodérément, ni de malimmodérément, parce que leur nature est de conserver le juste équilibre entre ces deux aspects. MAAT Texts. Welcome to in5d. The Gnosis of Kali Yuga. ‎ They Cracked This 250-Year-Old Code, and Found a Secret Society Inside.

For more than 200 years, this book concealed the arcane rituals of an ancient order.

They Cracked This 250-Year-Old Code, and Found a Secret Society Inside

But cracking the code only deepened the mystery.Image courtesy: Uppsala University The master wears an amulet with a blue eye in the center. Before him, a candidate kneels in the candlelit room, surrounded by microscopes and surgical implements. The year is roughly 1746. The initiation has begun. The master places a piece of paper in front of the candidate and orders him to put on a pair of eyeglasses. The candidate is told not to panic; there is hope for his vision to improve. The master starts plucking hairs from the candidate’s eyebrow. For more than 260 years, the contents of that page—and the details of this ritual—remained a secret. It was actually an accident that brought to light the symbolic “sight-restoring” ritual. In this case, as it happens, the cracking began in a restaurant in Germany. Pages: 1 2345678View All. Internet Sacred Text Archive Home.