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How to Decalcify and Detoxify the Pineal Gland. Anna Hunt, Staff WriterWaking Times The pineal gland, an endocrine gland located in the brain, is said to be the seat of the soul.

How to Decalcify and Detoxify the Pineal Gland

Everything you ever wanted to know about sensory deprivation chambers. Timeline Photos. How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland. Qu'est ce que l'Ego Spirituel ? - Laura Marie. The 6 Grand Illusions That Keep Us Enslaved to the Matrix. Mariana Caplan, Ph.D.: 10 Spiritually Transmitted Diseases. It is a jungle out there, and it is no less true about spiritual life than any other aspect of life.

Mariana Caplan, Ph.D.: 10 Spiritually Transmitted Diseases

Do we really think that just because someone has been meditating for five years, or doing 10 years of yoga practice, that they will be any less neurotic than the next person? At best, perhaps they will be a little bit more aware of it. A little bit. 5 Myths About Enlightenment. 1.

5 Myths About Enlightenment

Enlightenment is a long journey that takes many years, decades, or even lifetimes to achieve. Enlightenment is realizing that what you are, have always been, and in fact cannot help but be is pure Consciousness. That you are not the “self-image” you have of yourself, nor your thoughts or even your body. Rather, your original nature, your unconditioned essence, is timeless Awareness. Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker - Transcending Duality. No, I haven’t turned to the dark-side, but rather I am transcending sides.

Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker - Transcending Duality

This article is probably the most important piece I have written to date, and in order to convey the full message, a bit of back-story is necessary. The 15 ailments of the Vatican Curia, according to Pope Francis. A handout image provided by Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano of Pope Francis speaking during the audience of the Curia, the administrative apparatus of the Holy See, for Christmas greetings in the Sala Clementina of the Apostolic Palace at the Vatican.

The 15 ailments of the Vatican Curia, according to Pope Francis

(EPA/OSSERVATORE ROMANO) On Monday, Pope Francis addressed the Vatican’s governing leadership — better known as the Roman Curia — for his yearly Christmas greeting with a very noticeably un-festive tone. In his remarks, the Pope listed 15 spiritual “ailments” encountered in the Curia, and urged the bureaucratic leadership to renew its effort to heal itself as Christmas approaches. “The Curia is always required to better itself and to grow in communion, sanctity and wisdom to fully accomplish its mission,” Pope Francis said. “However, like any body, it is exposed to sickness, malfunction and infirmity. … I would like to mention some of these illnesses that we encounter most frequently in our life in the Curia.

Le-peintre-et-lempereur. Do You Believe in Life after Birth? The Egg. The Egg.

The Egg

‎ THE CYCLES OF CHAOS: DECONSTRUCTING INITIATION. By Kalkinath & Vishvanath There appears to be some misunderstanding over what exactly the term 'initiation' means.


Occasionally one bumps into people on the scene who term themselves as 'initiates' and seem to consider themselves somehow 'above' the rest of humanity. Art of the Feminine Akashic Insight November 2015. The Planet and all beings connected with Her are taking an Initiation in Love at this time.

Art of the Feminine Akashic Insight November 2015

We are being asked to integrate the outer Human Love with the Inner Divine Love. Most human beings have been so profoundly lost in the outer awareness, that they have no idea of the treasures they gave up when they fell from the Center of the Heart. Do-spiritual-master. Do Spiritual Masters Transcend Their Charts ?


By Varij The view is sometimes put that the more spiritually evolved we are the less influence astrology has over us. According to this view, spiritual masters transcend their charts. ABOUT. TIMEWHEEL is an audiovisual production studio and blog.


[Artistic Collective] // [TIMEWHEEL Studios] based in SATX // ATX [US] TIMEWHEEL COLLECTIVE Creative Director | Matt Humble Assistant Director | Scott Baumann Artist Relations | Christopher Davalos Resident Sound Engineers | Matt Humble, Christopher Davalos, Scott Baumann Associated Artists | something fiction, Trionre, DINOSAURDEVICE, Young Air, MAYAD, BEN ZEN, Skytree Production Artists | Raul Rodriguez, Scott Baumann, Robert Patton, Nick Greder, Jacob Greder, John Mayad. Le site français de la Vision Sans Tête. Introduction to spiritual root causes of difficulties in life. Abstract: The spiritual dimension influences up to 80% of our lives. On average, our deeds in the past, which include past lives, decide about 65% of events in our life in the form of destiny.

This destiny is played out by various elements, both in the physical plane and in the spiritual realm. The elements in the spiritual realm that mainly influence our destiny are ghosts and subtle-bodies (spirits) of our departed ancestors. By doing spiritual practice as per the six basic principles of spiritual practice, we harness spiritual energy that helps us overcome the influence of these spiritual factors.

To understand this article, it is recommended that you first read the following articles: 1. Astral 101: Breakdown of Everything & Using the Third Eye. The Ego and the Universe: Alan Watts on Becoming Who You Really Are. By Maria Popova The cause of and cure for the illusion of separateness that keeps us from embracing the richness of life. During the 1950s and 1960s, British philosopher and writer Alan Watts began popularizing Eastern philosophy in the West, offering a wholly different perspective on inner wholeness in the age of anxiety and what it really means to live a life of purpose.

Les Cristallisations de la Conscience – Le point central et le processus d’alignement, d’un point de vue individuel et social. (Par Jsf, 09/2012) Introduction I – L’état ordinaire de sommeil II – Le réveil III – L’attention IV – Naissance de l’âme V – Croissance de l’âme V – Alignement et polarisation VI – Maintenir la vibration dans la société Conclusion : Créer des réseaux. Steve Richards – Guérir dans le temps du rêve avec la cinétique holographique. Manly P. Hall – Les centres spirituels chez l’homme – Notes. P.14 : La véritable croissance occulte est si lente qu’elle est quasi imperceptible, les facultés se déploient de l’intérieur comme les pétales d’une fleur. Ilia Beliaev – Tosha. La vie et les enseignements d’un mystique russe contemporain.

Théodore Illion – Au Tibet Secret : Deux types de spiritualités s’opposent en ce monde. (Source : Theodore Illion, In Secret Tibet, en partie disponible sur google en anglais, trad. jsf 2007 – en cas d’erreurs ou coquilles, merci de me les signaler à la suite de cet article de manière à les corriger) Table des matières Sur les foules et leur influence pernicieuse Sur la réincarnation / la vie après la mort / les corps subtils L’ignorance des lamas et la transposition de leurs attitudes matérielles dans le domaine du spirituel Structure de pouvoir des lamas / consommation de viande séchée / types de chasteté Les mours des lamas / La dévotion des pèlerins / La crainte des mauvais esprits Système économique des lamas / Divinités pour la pluie et le beau temps / La vraie religion est amour Les pèlerins égoïstes / Les pèlerins craintifs / Le mélange de religion et de commerce des lamas.

Où est l’esprit du Bouddhisme de nos jours ? On m’a dit que vingt pour cent de la population du Tibet était composée de prêtres et moines. Les abbés ont des pouvoirs étendus. What is spiritual level? 16 Signs You're an Old Soul. Welcome to Sri Chinmoy Library. Samadhi: The Height of Divine Consciousness — Sri Chinmoy. Samadhi — Sri Chinmoy. Could you please describe the different levels of samadhi? There are various minor samadhis, and among the minor samadhis, savikalpa samadhi happens to be the highest.

Anthony de Mello. "Here & Now with Anthony de Mello" Anthony de Mello - Awareness pt.1 on waking up. AuditoryDrivingRitualTech. Parable Visions. Aurélien Pumayana Floret - Sacred Visual Alchemist. ૐ Awakening Our Truth ∞ Kavanah. Spiritual Reality Power Of Meditation.

Chakras & Kundalini

Mantras. Taoism. Meditation. Tantra.