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Composite & Synastry

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When will you meet your soul mates? When will you marry? No matter where you Venus is, what house your ruler is in; you can still discover much about your personal love karma by following some simple astrological rules.

When will you meet your soul mates? When will you marry?

For instance; the more planets you have in the 7th house of marriage or 5th house of romance; the more opportunies you’ll have. If Venus is aspected by Mars; you’ll also find plenty of opportunities. Astrology and Compatibility: between celebrities or between you and them. Get an assessment of your astrological compatibility with 47,945 celebrities, or measure it among them.

Astrology and Compatibility: between celebrities or between you and them

Click on Your Profile, Star1 or Star2, lateral thumbnails or the random generator to select a celebrity. This entertaining application uses our full astrological compatibility software, with all the birth data available. The figure between square brackets indicates the celebrity's real time popularity. You can also use the fast Celestar if you need to check the astrological affinity with a lot of celebrities. Calculate your interactive composite chart.

Calculate your interactive composite chart and display it with your favourite options along with the detailed listing of positions and aspects!

calculate your interactive composite chart

The composite chart is a quite recent synastry technique which emerged in the early '70s. Ronald Davison and Robert Hand are among the astrologers who contributed to broaden its use for the assessment of the level of compatibility between two charts. Astrology Topics: Interpreting Venus Return Charts. Although the most common Return charts are Solar and Lunar Returns, the Venus Return is a surprisingly revealing forecasting tool.

Astrology Topics: Interpreting Venus Return Charts

A chart is drawn for the moment that Venus returns (each year) to its position at birth, and this Venus Return chart is then interpreted. With the Venus Return chart, we are able to forecast the upcoming year in terms of social events and contacts, the love life, and to some extent, financial matters. Although the Venus Return happens approximately once a year, it does not occur as predictably as a Solar Return chart. If you were born mid-September, for example, your Venus Return chart may occur in September one year, October the next, July the next year, and so forth. Keywords for the Venus Return are leisure, pleasure, happiness, popularity, social contacts, romance, gifts, the love nature.

On this Page: Predicting Love. Some of the most common questions asked of an astrologer are "When will I find love?

Predicting Love

" and "When will I marry? " The answer, as is the case with any kind of prediction, is not clear-cut. In fact, it can be downright complicated. This article attempts to put together some of the theories as to the timing of romantic periods in a person's life. Signs of Infidelity In The Natal Chart of Men. Below you can find the results of our astrological research regarding signs of infidelity in the male natal chart.

Signs of Infidelity In The Natal Chart of Men

People love to attract and even seduce other people; it's just so fun and flatters the own (big) ego. Wow..., how a flirt lets grow our egos! We almost forget that seduction is part of human behavior and the subconscious urge to manipulate other people for the sake of our own ego. However, sometimes a flirt follows unanticipated paths ending in and becoming more than just a playful game. Karmic and Soulmate Connection. One of the classic marks of a strong relationship is a close conjunction between one person's Sun and the other person's Moon.

Karmic and Soulmate Connection

Squares and oppositions are also strong, but the soft angles of trines and sextiles are not strong indicators in and of themselves. However, if there are other indicators, then the trines and sextiles certainly add to the strength of the relationship. Close contacts between one person's Sun and another person's Ascendant are also strong indicators of Soulmate possibilities. Conjunctions are strongest with squares and oppositions also strong. Marriage Synastry Research. MatchMkr - Relationship Astrology Calculation and Research Program. Saturn in love and relationship: an astrological look at Saturn's importance in enduring relationships. The graphics on this site were created exclusively for Through Night's Fire Astrology by Ginnie EL Fenton.

Saturn in love and relationship: an astrological look at Saturn's importance in enduring relationships

All text and content is the original, copyrighted work of Dena L Moore. Through Night's Fire Astrology was established in July, 2001 All rights reserved This page was last updated on January 30, 2012. Saturn and Neptune Connections in Karmic Love Relationships - Through Night's Fire Astrology. Magi Astrology - Financial Astrology - Astrology Software Programs. Synastry: Leopold III and Astrid picture by bonita300_album - Photobucket. Romantic Compatibility Synastry Analysis in Astrology. Romantic compatibility analysis: Synastry & Relationship Astrology Back to Synastry Main Page On our main Synastry page, we offered an overview of considerations for compatibility.

Romantic Compatibility Synastry Analysis in Astrology

On our House Overlays page, we examine person A's planets in person B's houses, and vice versa. On our More on Synastry page, we explore more Synastry details and compatibility factors. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when we attempt to compare two natal charts of people involved in a romantic relationship or of a potential relationship. Some astrologers have put together score sheets that help students of astrology organize their findings and come to an overall "judgment". The Composite Chart: Aspects. Love Asteroids - Astrology - Iv been reading the latest 2008 astrolog, & found the article Love Astroids particularly interesting.

Love Asteroids - Astrology -

The writer Pemo Theodore, writes that 'Comparing Mars in one's astro chart & how it relates to certain asteroids or mini planetsgives greater definition as to how Hot & exy you are, in the mating & relating game. Also if any of these asteroids are in high profile in your chart by house/sign or aspect to venus or mars, this will contribute to relating also.This also works for composite charts. CERES: Very sensual & passionate in lovemaking, with a strong desire to satisfy both desire for oneself & the other. The heat is high & many aids may be important ie, food, oils & luxurious settings. Attachment to one partner is commen, for security & safety, yet extras could be optional. VESTA: mild force of sexual expression, tends toi be focused on the inner & more mental spiritual experience of relating, rather than physical. EROS: Intense sexual heat & vitality. CHIRON: Good & comforting sex.