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Chaumery & Bélizal

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Essai de radiesthésie vibratoire - Chaumery & Bélizal. Belizal Et Morel - Physique Micro-Vibratoire Et Forces Invisibles. Visible et invisible, depuis les plus longues : l’infra-noir jusqu'aux plus courtes : l'ultra- blanc.Le Vert négatif (V-) représente, lui, le point 0 – 400, c'est une vibration mystérieuse,véritable trait d'union entre la vie et lu mort.

Belizal Et Morel - Physique Micro-Vibratoire Et Forces Invisibles

Elle a puissance sur la matière, brûle,détruit,.,, mais peut aussi conserver la Vie en puissance hors t'espace et le temps.Cette vibration servait aux Egyptiens pour déshydrater leurs morts et soustraire ainsiles corps à la décomposition. Nous l’avons redécouverte et fait breveter en avril 1936,certes elle peut être contestée par certains, mais ceci ne saurait en aucune façon mettre endoute son authenticité.Elle est à la base de notre " décomposition du spectre dans la Sphère ". Ondes_de vie_Ondes_de_mort_final2. You're reading a free preview.

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Ibrahim Karim & Co. The "Cone Fictive" Virtual Cone Pendulum This very accurate and simple scientific pendulum was designed and calibrated by the French researchers Chaumery and Belizal in the late 1940's to be used for detection and measurements in Physical Radiesthesia, or Microvibrational Physics, as they called their science to differentiate it from the widely popularized Mental Radiesthesia, which was a form of Dowsing based on the operators interaction with his subconscious, in a form of psychic activity, which was prone to autosuggestion, and was therefore not very accurate for scientific work.

They lay the basis for what they called "Ondes de Forme" which means "Energy of Shape". This school included other equally important researchers like: Turrenne, Voillaume, and others. The need for a new type science There is a growing trend among scientific philosophers professing the need for a new type of science. Using the "Cone Fictive" Virtual Cone Pendulum. Colours as gold and ultraviolet for spirituality. For the human eye are infrared (heat) and ultraviolet (UV) invisible.

colours as gold and ultraviolet for spirituality

There is another invisible radiation called 'negative green' by Chaumery and de Belizal because its position is opposite to green in the spectrum they used. The black, negative green and white do not fit in the "normal" electromagnetic spectrum. Below you find more information about the negative green, the ultra violet and the gold. (Much on this page is the same as on the page about "What is BioGeometry? ") Negative green Popular among spiritually significant shapes are pyramids and hemispheres (e.g. the domes, that are the basis of religious buildings, be it a mosque, a church or a synagogue).

Note: we use here the words "horizontal" and "vertical" as in electromagnetic waves. In the book "Essai de Radiesthésie", Chaumerie and de Belizal mention that the statues on the Easter Islands emanates the negative green. They conclude that the function of the statues was probably to protect them against enemies. Ultra violet.