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Carlos Castaneda

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Acid Heroes: the Legends of LSD. Many women were involved with Carlos Castaneda, and their ultimate fates are discussed on another page.

Acid Heroes: the Legends of LSD

How did he collect a group of females so eager to be seduced and exploited? Three who reached the rank of “witch” had supposedly been with Castaneda during parts of his shaman training. Carol Tiggs, known as the Nagual Woman, was scary. A workshop participant named Peter Szasz reports looking her in the eye and being “struck speechless, inner and outer.” Tensegrity - The Vibration Of Intent #5. Tensegrity - The Butterfly #4. Tensegrity - Energetically Crossing #3. Tensegrity - Redistributing Dispersed Energy #2. Tensegrity - Twelve Basic Movements #1. Erchek Sargo. Bridging Heaven & Earth Show # 4 with the Chocmools of Carlos Castaneda.

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