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How to Befriend a Tree. Quête inachevée par Antoine Alvarado. Tabouret de Crapaud: La conscience des arbres. L'un des enseignements les plus essentiels de la spiritualité, c'est que le monde naturel est vivant et sensible.

Tabouret de Crapaud: La conscience des arbres

Apprendre à percevoir les arbres comme des membres conscients, vivants de notre communauté planétaire est le premier pas dans cet enseignement. Aller à la rencontre d'un arbre, c'est aller à la rencontre d'un être venu d'une civilisation plus ancienne que l'humanité... Les arbres - fleurdevie57s jimdo page! Il y a beaucoup à découvrir et à dire sur ces êtres vivants que sont les arbres car, au-delà de leur apparence, il y a toute une dimension que la plupart des humains ignorent et qui mène à communiquer et à dialoguer avec eux afin d’établir une véritable amitié, à mieux comprendre le monde végétal et à le protéger au lieu de l’exploiter et l’agresser.

Les arbres - fleurdevie57s jimdo page!

C’est pourquoi, il me semble important de donner quelques informations, éléments et découvertes susceptibles de faire prendre conscience au lecteur qu’il est possible et souhaitable d’entrer dans l’intimité des arbres. The Digital Dr. Stone - The Transcribed Texts of Dr. Randolph Stone. Index of Transcribed Charts.

The Digital Dr. Stone - The Transcribed Texts of Dr. Randolph Stone

The Heart Has Its Own ‘Brain’ and Consciousness. By Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., Raymond Trevor Bradley, Ph.D. and Dana Tomasino, BA Many believe that conscious awareness originates in the brain alone.

The Heart Has Its Own ‘Brain’ and Consciousness

Recent scientific research suggests that consciousness actually emerges from the brain and body acting together. A growing body of evidence suggests that the heart plays a particularly significant role in this process. Far more than a simple pump, as was once believed, the heart is now recognized by scientists as a highly complex system with its own functional “brain.” Research in the new discipline of neurocardiology shows that the heart is a sensory organ and a sophisticated center for receiving and processing information. In addition to the extensive neural communication network linking the heart with the brain and body, the heart also communicates information to the brain and throughout the body via electromagnetic field interactions. DNA Phantom Effect. INTRODUCTIONIn this contribution I am going to describe some observations and interpretations of a recently discovered anomalous phenomenon which we are calling the DNA Phantom Effect in Vitro or the DNA Phantom for short.

DNA Phantom Effect

We believe this discovery has tremendous significance for the explanation and deeper understandings of the mechanisms underlying subtle energy phenomena including many of the observed alternative healing phenomena [1,2]. MagnEffectsLivingSystem. Vibration-Oscillation Diagnosing and Healing Therapy. "If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration" Nikola Tesla Introduction During the last several decades the achievements of physics completely have confirmed the ancient hermetic maxima that all things existing in nature are vibrations of different types.

Vibration-Oscillation Diagnosing and Healing Therapy

According to the latest development of quantum physics, all particles may be represented as vibrating with certain frequencies of converging in- and diverging out-going spherical resonant waves.[1, 2] Atoms and molecules are considered by quantum mechanics as patterns of vibrations governed by the wave equations. Although these particles may be unified in a living organism by means of vital forces, they are otherwise identical in their characteristics with all the other particles in the Universe. The journal of bioelectromagnetic medicine. Call For PapersA call for papers to be published via these webpages as content for the the journal is extended to all interested parties.

the journal of bioelectromagnetic medicine

Interested parties may contact Dr. E. F. Block for editorial and any other matters. Address:Dr. That there are fields and energies attendant to the physical body, no-one will refute. Bioelectromagnetic Healing - Integrity Research Institute. Bioelectromagnetic Healing, its History and a Rationale for its Use Thomas F.

Bioelectromagnetic Healing - Integrity Research Institute

Valone Integrity Research Institute, 1220 L Street NW, Suite 100-232 Washington DC 20005 Presented at Whole Person Healing Conference & Tesla Energy Science Conference, 2003. Manumissio - The Human Biofield. Stéphane Cardinaux – Synthèse – Géométries Sacrées, tome 1 (2004) tome 2 (2006), Bioénergie (2009), Science et Conscience de l’Invisible (2012) Le domaine des énergies subtiles est un vaste champ d’étude, mais peut-être le plus essentiel de nos jours.

Stéphane Cardinaux – Synthèse – Géométries Sacrées, tome 1 (2004) tome 2 (2006), Bioénergie (2009), Science et Conscience de l’Invisible (2012)

L’art, la science et la religion buttent sur la compréhension de cette nature « fluide » de la réalité. Nous sommes sur le point de comprendre que la réalité est le fruit d’une interaction permanente avec la conscience. 9782841975976. Le champ vital (biochamp), aspect de la bioénergie. Biochamp outil de base : Géobiologie et esprits de la nature. Le biochamp une définition Tout le vivant est en interaction avec les énergies cosmotelluriques.

biochamp outil de base : Géobiologie et esprits de la nature

Notre corps est lui même un émetteur, c'est ce que certains appellent "l'aura", l'énergie vitale, voir le corps éthérique, pour moi la notion de biochamp me convient bien. Electric Universe - The Human Story - James Oschman. Exploring Realm Dynamics. An ancient hermetic axiom states that everything is mind, everything vibrates. Since each living thing is uniquely conscious, each living thing carries a unique vibratory signature. The soul broadcasts a rich spectrum of vibrations, which through the principle of resonance attracts a corresponding spectrum of experiences. Souls of a common frequency share common realms of experience and tend to cross paths in life. This is the study of realm dynamics, how vibrations influence experience, and how experience influences vibration. Ether vibrations.

Chapter 6 Aether vibrations Quantum physics that has been around for some hundred odd years now is still mainstream physics most accepted physics. Although quantum science has revealed the presence of the zero point field with all its virtual subatomic particles and photons that jump into existence from apparently nowhere to return to oblivion nanoseconds later, there is still is no reasonable explanation as to how and why particles and photons can appear and disappear just like that. Also the quantum probability wave is still hard to grasp and visualize. Quantum physics may have proven to be a mathematically correct science; for lay people the wave-particle duality of quantum science it is still very hard to understand.

Resonance Phenomena. Oscillation and Radiation of the Living System The Vibrations of Life. L’énergie vibratoire de la cellule par Étienne Guillé. (Revue 3e Millénaire. Collège des Sciences Energétiques. Biophotonics - light emitting humans (auras) - acupuncture. "The human body literally glimmers. The intensity of the light emitted by the body is 1000 times lower than the sensitivity of our naked eyes. Ultraweak photon emission is known as the energy released as light through the changes in energy metabolism. "Tohoku Institute of Technology - human photon emission experiment Did the experiment carried out to measure the light emitted by humans confirm that humans do have an aura? Biophotons: The Human Body Emits, Communicates with, and is Made from Light. Increasingly science agrees with the poetry of direct human experience: we are more than the atoms and molecules that make up our bodies, but beings of light as well.

Biophotons are emitted by the human body, can be released through mental intention, and may modulate fundamental processes within cell-to-cell communication and DNA. Nothing is more amazing than the highly improbable fact that we exist. We often ignore this fact, oblivious to the reality that instead of something there could be nothing at all, i.e. why is there a universe (poignantly aware of itself through us) and not some void completely unconscious of itself? Consider that from light, air, water, basic minerals within the crust of the earth, and the at least 3 billion year old information contained within the nucleus of one diploid zygote cell, the human body is formed, and within that body a soul capable of at least trying to comprehend its bodily and spiritual origins.