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The Tropical and Sidereal Zodiaks& The Cycle of Earth's Precessional Cross by Nick Anthony Fiorenza Copyright © 2001-2012 Nick Anthony Fiorenza, All Rights Reserved Introduction Sidereal Astrology & Earth's Precessional Cross Sidereal Astrology & Earth's Precessional Cross
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SAVol8June2010WesternColorPart1 SAVol8June2010WesternColorPart1 Special Thanks (In Alphabetical Order) Anand Patil A.V.Sundaram Anuj BahlBal Krishna PatelBhaskar RaoChandra ShettyDr. Vaish (Banaras)Dr.
Plus Libro - Donna Cunningham - Healing Pluto Problems - webster.itHealing Pluto Problems, Donna Cunningham, - Weiser A Sampler of Thoughts and ObservationsHealing Pluto Problems; Red Wheel/Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1986. Art Credits: Graphics used in this booklet are the copyrighted property of and its The Outer Planets and Inner Life, Volume 1 by Donna CunninghamCassandra Press, 1988 Healing Pluto Problems. Healing Pluto Problems - Donna Cunningham - Google Books Healing Pluto Problems - Donna Cunningham - Google Books
Note: For semi-sextile, read the sextile. For semi-square, read the square. The same traits and characteristics apply, but they will not be as prominent, as pronounced or as influential as they are with either the sextile or square. Pluto Conjunct Ascendant: Mercury and Saturn must be strong and well aspected to provide the mental capacity and self-discipline needed to constructively use the available power of this aspect. Pluto Aspects to Ascendant Pluto Aspects to Ascendant
Waiting for the World to End in 2013? « Siderealview's Blog Waiting for the World to End in 2013? « Siderealview's Blog After the Apocalypse, courtesy Mimenta Digital Arts Apocalypse (Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apocálypsis, from ἀπό also καλύπτω meaning ‘un-covering’), translated from Greek, disclosure of knowledge, hidden from humanity in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e. lifting of the veil or revelation As most of us already know, the Long Count Calendar of the Maya ended on December 21st, 2012. It signals the End of the Cycle of the Fifth Sun which began on 13 August 3114 BC.
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Interprétation astrologique Interprétation astrologique Signes Les signes représentent les rôles et traits de caractère interprétés par les acteurs sur la scène. Exemples de significations :
Astrological Blurbs – My Notebook for Astrology Neptune in the 7th – you idolize your mate and/or you always meet by Fate. Saturn and Venus in opposition cools the affectionate nature, bringing common sense into affairs of the heart. It also denotes rejection of the native by someone of importance, usually a parent because these two planets are secondary significators of the father and mother. Death comes late to someone who is born with natal Saturn in the 8th house. Astrological Blurbs – My Notebook for Astrology
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Psychic Intuitive Indicators | Rosemary Harrington, M.A. Psychic Intuitive Indicators | Rosemary Harrington, M.A. · Disclaimer: My research has proven, to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is an endless number of psychic, intuitive indicators in anyone’s chart, and I could not find them all. Every time I tried, Spirit showed me another from a respected, (and published) astrological source, so I “drew a line in the sand, and concluded that it could not be done with analysis alone. These Lists are NOT complete, and cannot be relied upon alone to tell you that you are or are not…psychic, using your intuition, etc.
Chiron: rainbow bridge between the inner and outer planets - Barbara Hand Clow - Google Books Discover the inner secrets of Chiron, the most recently discovered planet, and see how it is interpreted in astrological charts with Chiron by renowned astrologer Barbara Hand Clow. Chiron is alchemist and healer, initiator and visionary, teacher of integrity and of bravery. This groundbreaking guide, in print since 1987, explores Chiron’s mythology and history and analyzes its meaning in each sign and house in the natal chart. Chiron explores this planet's mythological background and history as well as its effect on astrology. Chiron: rainbow bridge between the inner and outer planets - Barbara Hand Clow - Google Books
Psychic Indicators By Category | Rosemary Harrington, M.A. 21: Mercury Sextile Uranus: Denotes the advanced soul. Has the potential to develop an inward feeling of what is right for him to do. His intuitions make his decisions for him, and he is not afraid to trust them. 22: Mercury Trine Uranus: Denotes the advanced soul. Has an inward feeling of what is right for him to do. Psychic Indicators By Category | Rosemary Harrington, M.A.
Ophiuchus, or Serpentarius, the Serpent-holder, the Serpent Bearer, the Serpent Wrestler, or the Snake Charmer, is depicted holding a snake, the snake is represented by the constellation Serpens. The constellation is located around the celestial equator with the two legs of Ophiuchus protruding right into the zodiac and south of the ecliptic. Ophiuchus is identified with Aesculapius (Asklepios, Asclepius), an ancient physician who grew so skilled in the craft of healing that he was able to restore the dead to life. However, because this was a crime against the natural order, Zeus destroyed him with a thunderbolt. According to one version (Pindar's) he offended Zeus by accepting a fee in exchange for raising the dead. Ophiuchus is identified with the Euphratean Sagimu (Sa-gi-mu), the God of Invocation. Ophiuchus
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SS: whats happened to mars atmosphere ?? well we know what happened to it. mars was destroyed when our protostar nova ignited and went into it’s t-tauri flaring state .. a star can nova ignite and not be destroyed. a nova does not destroy the star, it instead passes the star into another phase. i think that maybe a star that goes into a t-tauri state will be preceded by a nova and then massive flaring which that t-tauri star might eject plasma mass . Polestar Sciences | Silver Star Academy Blogroll
SS: the above skymaps show two connecting regions in the sky. they show the ‘Mayan Hunab Ku’ region which is the direction of the core of the Milky Wat galaxy where at least one black hole resides. It is from this direction that interstellar winds push space dust into the inner solar system. The ‘Mayan Hunab Ku’ is made up of several constellations. Astronomy | Silver Star Academy Blogroll
Astrophysics | Silver Star Academy Blogroll SS: this is an update to a previous blog about the astral light being discovered and proven by scientific instruments .. it might get several updates before it is finally completed .. we found that the astral light is the building block of galaxies and solar systems, and now we are discovering the details of it’s workings . Herschel links star formation to sonic booms 13 April 2011 ESA’s Herschel space observatory has revealed that nearby interstellar clouds contain networks of tangled gaseous filaments. Intriguingly, each filament is approximately the same width, hinting that they may result from interstellar sonic booms throughout our Galaxy. Herschel unravels the thread of star formation in the Gould Belt 13 Apr 2011 An intricate network of filamentary structure, exposed in extraordinary detail by the Herschel Space Observatory, has provided new evidence for how stars form from the diffuse interstellar medium.
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