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Les astres et la morphologie. How to read your Birth Chart - A Key to the Symbols. The language of astrology is a symbolic one, and it has its own alphabet!

How to read your Birth Chart - A Key to the Symbols

This shorthand alphabet, or collection of symbols (also called glyphs, or sigils) is one that we need to learn if we are to be able to interpret a horoscope chart. Each symbolic glyph has a standard meaning, though, like a gem, it has many subtle facets which come to light when interpreted in a delineation of the chart. The symbols fall naturally into four main groups: Signs of the ZodiacPlanets and planet-like itemsAspects, both major and minorOther useful symbols Not every arcane symbol is represented here—there is an almost limitless number of sigils, especially in alchemy and in magical figures—but I have selected the most important ones, which are used on a daily basis in Western Tropical Astrology.

There are 12 equal signs of the zodiac, occupyizodiacdegrees each (there are 360 degrees in the whole zodiac, which is a symbolic circle inscribed along the ecliptic on the heavenly sphere surrounding the earth). Rectify.html. If you like the project you can donate bitcoins to: 1E8rQq9cmv95CrdrLmqaoD6TErUFKok3bF Rectification Graph - Transits In my opinion, one of the major problems with astrology is that too many astrologers blindly depend on the time given them by the client, instead of rectifying the time in order to gain some real accuracy.


Without this accuracy, transits and especially directions to the angles become next to worthless, or even misleading. If the birth time is out by 4 minutes of time, then the Ascendant is usually out by 1 degree, and a directed event to the Ascendant would be out by one full year. Rectification is based on the observation that one or more of the transiting planets on the day of an important event are in close aspect to a natal planet or angle. Events relating to the angles: Physical moves of residence or long trips.

Birth date: May 8, 1929 Place: Hamilton, Ontario Longitude: 79W51 Latitude: 43N15 Events: Father died: Oct 29, 1939 College Graduation: May 8 1951. Learn more about Magi Astrology. To learn the basics of Magi Astrology please select a lesson: One major difference between Magi Astrology and most other forms of astrology is that we use four charts.

learn more about Magi Astrology

Other astrologers only use one. Learning about these four charts is essential. The symbolisms of the planets are very important to all astrologers. Chartrules. Return to Home Page Rules for Reading.


Astrologie cours en ligne selon Jacques Lapierre, Zodiascopie. Main Page - Astrology in Depth. Black Moon Astrology. Sexlilith. Pour cette série d'aphorismes nous utilisons la position de Lilith dite corrigée.


Si vous ne savez pas la calculer, rendez-vous au tableau de calcul simplifié de cette position. N'oubliez pas que ces aphorismes ne sont que le point de départ d'une analyse plus complète. Une seule position astrale ne peut provoquer l'événement, à vous de trouver la confirmation dans l'ensemble du thème. Les aspects Lilith en conjonction avec le Soleil annonce des protections masculines souvent hauts placés sauf si le Soleil est dans son signe de chute ou d'exil. Lilith en mauvais aspect du Soleil indique que des hommes puissants nuiront au natif et cela pour les 2 sexes. Lilith en conjonction avec la Lune dans un thème féminin dénote une tendance à l'homosexualité sauf si cet aspect a lieu en Taureau. Lilith en Cancer au trigone de la Lune en Scorpion provoque souvent une homosexualité féminine assez débauchée. Lilith en conjonction avec Mars en Scorpion donne une tendance au sadisme.

Les signes. Main Page - Astrowiki-en. Astrology glyphs: Astrological symbols - Planetary symbols. Planetary Symbols. Although we can learn something about the astrological meaning of the planets from their physical position in the solar system, the planetary symbols themselves are also extremely revealing.

Planetary Symbols

It is important to get to know these symbols, since they are part of the language of astrology, and practising drawing them - when you are on the bus or on the telephone - will help you to make them yours. As we develop our own relationship to the planets, we also develop our own particular writing style for the symbols. The planetary symbols, or glyphs, are derived from a combination of the symbols for Spirit, Soul and Matter, from which all life is said to derive in varying proportions. Their essential meanings can be found by analysing their individual components: Symbols are complicated things since, as Jung observed, they can never be fully interpreted - they can only be experienced. Sun and Moon The symbol for the Sun is pure Spirit with the dot of consciousness in the centre. Earth Mercury Chiron. Pallas Athene - Unlocking Doors to Our Future. The Asteroid Pallas in the Natal Chart - Dena L Moore, Through Night's Fire Astrology.

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Pallas Athene - Unlocking Doors to Our Future. The Asteroid Pallas in the Natal Chart - Dena L Moore, Through Night's Fire Astrology

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