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Ancient Medicines

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Mémoire _complet_.rtf - P_Grégoire_Entre alimentation.pdf. Tacuinum Sanitatis. Illuminations and Text from Medieval Health Handbooks The Physician Speaks: "The Tacuinum Sanitatis is about the six things that are necessary for every man in the daily preservation of his health, about their correct uses and their effects.

Tacuinum Sanitatis

The first is the treatment of air, which concerns the heart. The medical Mirror, or Treatise on the Impregnation of the Human Female, Shewing the Origin of Diseases, and the Principles of Life and Death : Illustrated by elegant Copper-Plates - Google Play. The Medical Mirror - Google Play. Thériaque. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.


S'inspirant du contrepoison de Mithridate, Andromaque va rajouter en vers élégiaques un mélange de plus de cinquante drogues, plantes et autres ingrédients dont le castoréum, l'opium, la vipère et la scille. Au IIe siècle, le médecin grec Galien inventa la thériade, qui fut au contraire, le premier antidote contre les poisons à base de jus de pavot. Theriaque d'Andromachus - Moyse Charas. MI_April_06_Vol6No2_highwire.indd - ServeContent. Remedessecrets.pdf. "Victor Rocine and the Inherent Constitutions." "Avicenna" "Avicenna's Canon of Medicine." Introduction.Avicenna begins The Canon with a definition of the science of medicine: Medicine (tibb) is the science by which we learn the various states of the human body in health and when not in health, and the means by which health is likely to be lost, and when lost, is likely to be restored.

"Avicenna's Canon of Medicine."

In other words, medicine is the art whereby health is conserved and the art whereby it is restored after being lost. Avicenna insists that the human body cannot be restored to health unless the causes of both health and disease are determined. In categorising the causes, he states that a complete knowledge may be, and should be obtained of the causes and antecedents of a disease, provided, of course, such causes exist. "UNDERSTANDING THE THEORY BEHIND GRAECO-ARABIC MEDICINE."

"DICTIONARY OF GRAECO-ARABIC MEDICAL TERMS." Corpus de textes. La base de textes se constitue progressivement au fil de la collecte de documents libres de droits.

Corpus de textes

Chacun, découpé en lignes selon l'original, offre les versions hiéroglyphique, codée (selon le MdC), translitérée et traduite. Pour rechercher parmi tous les textes disponibles, utilisez le filtre MET en choisissant d'abord une rubrique (localisation actuelle, catégorie, datation, ...) puis une sous-rubrique dans celle proposée dans la liste déroulante.Toute participation à cette collecte de textes est la bienvenue.

Contactez-nous par e-mail à Rosette. Ancient Egypt: Medicine. If one had to be ill in ancient times, the best place to do so would probably have been Egypt.

Ancient Egypt: Medicine

Not that an Egyptian's chances of survival would have been significantly better than those of his foreign contemporaries, but at least he he had the satisfaction of being treated by physicians whose art was renowned all over the ancient world. Unlike the injuries caused by accidents or fighting, which were dealt with by the zwn.w (sunu),[37] or scorpion stings and snake bites for which the xrp srqt (kherep serqet) [37], the exorcist of Serqet, knew the appropriate spells and remedies, illnesses and their causes were mysterious.

The Egyptians explained them as the work of the gods, caused by the presence of evil spirits or their poisons, and cleansing the body was the way to rid the body of their influence. I bow down to your (i.e. Amen's) name May it be my physician, May it drive pain away from me. Ancient Egyptian Medicine - Aboelsoud.pdf. Médecins célèbres… depuis l'Egypte des pharaons… jusqu'au noyau de la création. Découvrir: Hippocrate Hippocrate la plus grande figure de la médecine antique ne créa pas la médecine ; il était en fait le descendant d'une longue lignée de médecins enrichis par les observations médicales de plusieurs siècles.

Médecins célèbres… depuis l'Egypte des pharaons… jusqu'au noyau de la création

La légende a jeté Hippocrate dans le monde des grands hommes ; certains font remonter sa généalogie aux dieux de l'Antiquité : à Hercule par sa mère et à Esculape par son père. Il aura pour maîtres les plus grands hommes de son époque, le plus illustre est Démocrite qu'il traitera plus tard de fou. Il est en correspondance avec les puissances de la terre, les rois et les philosophes : Platon et Aristote sont parmi ceux-ci. "J'exercerai mon art dans l'innocence et la pureté" En savoir plus... THE HISTORY OF MEDICINE. La_Science_antique.pdf - La_Science_antique.pdf. Red Dead Redemption - The Dangers of Doctors & Patent Medicine. Discours fait en une célèbre assemblée touchant la guérison des playes et la ... - Kenelm Digby. Société d'Histoire de la Pharmacie. Edgar Cayce Health Database. Edgar Cayce Health Resource Database©All rights reserved.

Edgar Cayce Health Database

The Edgar Cayce health database is a wonderful encyclopedia of health information. As an indication of Cayce's interest in providing help to persons suffering physical ailments, over 8,000 of Cayce's 14,306 readings were given for individuals suffering from various ailments. The information contained in Edgar Cayce Health database should not be regarded as a guide to self- diagnosis or self-treatment.

The co-operation of a qualified health care professional is essential if one wishes to apply the principles and techniques described in this database. All rights reserved. Using this site means you agree to the terms above. Health: Therapeutic Regimens Common Health Problems Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self. (Warner Books) Summary by Rachel Creager Chapter 1 What Is Channeling?

Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self

In this way, any person can channel the higher self, and, at the same time, access your own individual creativity, and heightened experience of connection with the universe, while remaining an individual. In its broadest sense, channeling includes any act of transmission, whether of love (as in giving someone a hug); an idea (as in sharing it with someone); creative effort; and many other forms. ‎ UM-Dearborn College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters. Native American Indian Plants: Medicine, Meaning and Symbolism from the Legends of Many Tribes. Native American and Other Ancient Herbal Remedies. Secrets of Native American Herbal Remedies: A Comprehensive Guide to the ... - Anthony J. Cichoke - Google Books. Cherokee Messenger - Native American Herbal Remedies. Native American Herbal Remedies Asthma Skunk Cabbage.

Cherokee Messenger - Native American Herbal Remedies

Used by the Winnebago and Dakota tribes to stimulate the removal of phlegm in asthma. The rootstock was official in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia from 1820 to 1882 when it was used in respiratory and nervous disorders and in rheumatism and dropsy.

Médecines d'ailleurs - ARTE