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The Japanese word for Easter is "fukkatsusai (復活祭­)" or "iisutaa (イースター)". "Fukkatsusai" is written with a combination of three kanji characters "fuku", "katsu" and "sai". "Fukkatsu" means "revival" and "sai" means "festival". As the Japanese school year starts in April, it is a new start for many students. Learn Japanese - Japanese Language
David Hallgren's Japanese Page David Hallgren's Japanese Page As the title of this page implies, my name is David Hallgren and this is my page about the japanese language. I gained an interested in Japanese during January 2004 and bought the book げんき An integrated course in elementary japanese to study on my own. I soon found that the internet was a great source of more information and soon decided to make my own contribution to aid others learning this interesting language. This page is the result of that ambition and I hope that you will find the resources here useful and that you can get you questions answered in the forum. がんばってください (Good luck!) David Hallgren, Gothenburg, 2004