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Cosmetic Dentist Los Angeles. We are a uniquely thorough, gentle, and quality advanced dental office.

Cosmetic Dentist Los Angeles

Our dentists have decades of experience, yet we are still in touch with the latest technologies and techniques. Dentist in Los Angeles. LA Dental Clinic - Los Angeles Dentist. Home » United States » Los Angeles » Green Business » LA Dental Clinic.

LA Dental Clinic - Los Angeles Dentist

LA Dental Clinic - Dentist in Los Angeles, CA. LA Dental Clinic (1571878) - Los Angeles, United States. 2500 wilshire blvd, suite #1100, Los Angeles, California, 90057, United States About LA Dental Clinic Established January 2008 We are a uniquely thorough, gentle, and quality advanced dental office.

LA Dental Clinic (1571878) - Los Angeles, United States

Our dentists have decades of experience, yet we are still in touch with the latest technologies and techniques. Los Angeles Dentist - LA Dental Clinic - Dentist. LA Dental Clinic - Pitnit. Are Braces Right for Your Child? - LA Dental Clinic. Amy M No Comment August 20 2015 If your child’s teeth have certain imperfections, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that they need braces.

Are Braces Right for Your Child? - LA Dental Clinic

From crooked, to spaced, and misaligned teeth, braces can correct all of these imperfections over time and leave your child with a healthy beautiful smile. Yet, while you may have your mind set on braces, only the facts and your Dental Professional at LA Dental Clinic can decide what’s right for them. By learning more about braces and why your child’s dentist may decide they are a good match, you can feel comfortable in your decision of moving forward. Are braces the right choice? As the world of dentistry has advanced, as have the options available for dental corrective needs. Caring for Your Teeth with Invisalign - LA Dental Clinic. Amy M No Comment August 20 2015 Invisalign is considered by many, one of the greatest developments in dentistry over the past decade.

Caring for Your Teeth with Invisalign - LA Dental Clinic

The reason behind this is because adults and teens can finally fix their dental imperfections without the need for braces, which can often be embarrassing for those in the older generation. The basics Taking care of Invisalign clear aligners is very simple. Every time you brush your teeth you can brush your aligners as well. It is not advisable to remove your aligners at night. Porcelain Veneers. Dental veneers are the fastest way to dramatically change your smile.

Porcelain Veneers

When you think of porcelain veneers, you may think of them only as a cosmetic option for teeth that are poorly shaped, chipped or worn. In fact, porcelain veneers are also a practical solution to a host of different dental problems. Porcelain veneers are wafer-thin shells of porcelain that are bonded onto the front side of individual teeth. They are a popular option for teeth that are damaged, and are also often used as an orthodontic option to correct uneven spaces or to fill gaps between the upper front teeth. Veneers are an excellent whitening option for discolored teeth, including those that cannot be bleached effectively due to deep stains from years of using certain medications, or teeth that are darkened as a result of an injury. Los Angeles Dental. Inlays/ Onlays - Los Angeles Dental. We think that a perfect smile should go beyond your front teeth, all the way to the back of your mouth to allow you to smile broadly or laugh out loud without worrying about your unsightly metal fillings or crowns.

Inlays/ Onlays - Los Angeles Dental

If you agree, then let us show you how easy it is to replace your existing metal with porcelain inlays and onlays – natural-looking alternatives that are both strong and attractive. An inlay is similar to a filling in that it lies inside the cusp tips of a tooth. Los Angeles Dental. Deep Cleaning/ Root Planning - Los Angeles Dental. When plaque is left around the teeth, it creates the right condition for bacteria to grow.

Deep Cleaning/ Root Planning - Los Angeles Dental

These bacteria can irritate the gums and create gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). This makes the gums red and more likely to bleed easily. Gingivitis can easily be treated by a professional cleaning and polishing. Sometimes, I will recommend a medicated mouthwash and we will review how to brush and floss more effectively. Root Canal Treatment.

Root Canal Therapy is a sequenced treatment for the nerve of a tooth in order to eliminate infection and to protect the tooth from future bacterial attacks.

Root Canal Treatment

First – The nerve tissues, blood vessels and other cells are removed from within the roots of a tooth. Second – The roots of the tooth are cleaned and shaped with tiny files. They are also irrigated with disinfecting solutions. Third – The root canals are filled with an intert filling such as gutta percha and a cement to block out all future bacterial attacks. After the surgery the tooth will be “dead”, and if the infection is spread at apex, root end surgery is required. The root canal is painless if done properly and sometimes several appointments are needed to properly clean and seal the roots. After a root canal treatment, the tooth looses all of its natural hydration from the nerve and blood vessels and becomes very brittle.

Los Angeles Dental. Dental bonding is a procedure in which a tooth-colored resin material (a durable plastic material) is applied and hardened with a special light, which ultimately “bonds” the material to the tooth to restore or improve person’s smile.

Los Angeles Dental

For What Conditions Is Dental Bonding Considered? To repair cavitiesTo repair chipped or broken teethTo change the color of discolored teeth.To close gaps between front teeth.To make teeth look longerAs an alternative to silver fillings.To protect the roots of teeth when gums recede What’s the Procedure for Having a Tooth Bonded? Preparation.Usually anesthesia is applied to the area being bonded. The area is then carefully isolated using gauze, cotton rolls or a dental dam.The bonding process.The tooth surface is then roughened and any decay or discoloration is removed. Los Angeles Dental. This is one of the most common questions my patients ask me. Technically, we don’t “pull out” a tooth. We loosen it slowly by applying pressure in the areas surrounding the tooth.

This can be done with various instruments at the time of the extraction. Invisalign in Los Angeles.