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Marketing to Women » Speaking, Workshops, Articles. MarketingVox - Practical news for interactive marketing practitioners. SEO, SEM, social, mobile, analytics and other online tactics, tools and strategies. Seth's Blog. Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing. Ypulse: Youth Marketing, Youth Media, Youth Research, Youth Insights - teens, tweens & Generation Y (Gen Y) 16 free online business classes that are actually worth your time.

Platform: Coursera Length/start date: Runs ten weeks, and started September 15 Time commitment/prerequisites: Six to eight hours a week, and no background in the area required.

16 free online business classes that are actually worth your time

Why you should take it: Learning the basics of accounting and how to read a balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow is incredibly useful for just about anybody. The course is also designed for students with no background in the subject, and the only math requirement is knowing how to add and subtract. As the professor puts it, accounting is “the language of business.” The Danger of Financial Jargon - The New Yorker. The most important mystery of ancient Egypt concerned the annual inundation of the Nile floodplain.

The Danger of Financial Jargon - The New Yorker

The calendar was divided into three seasons linked to the river and the agricultural cycle it determined: akhet, or the inundation; peret, the growing season; and shemu, the harvest. The size of the harvest depended on the size of the flood: too little water, and there would be famine; too much, and there would be catastrophe; just the right amount, and the whole country would bloom and prosper. Businessweek. Financial Investment News - Stock Investing News - Investment News -

Canadian Business News, Investing and Commentary. Welcome to Forbes. Stock Investment Research & Education - Business & Financial News - IBD - The Wall Street Journal & Breaking News, Business, Financial and Economic News, World News and Video.