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Balat - Istanbul - Reviews of Balat. Mrauk. Forum Myanmar - Récit de mon voyage en Birmanie. Récit d’un circuit en Birmanie.

Forum Myanmar - Récit de mon voyage en Birmanie

Je n’oublierai jamais mon circuit en Birmanie pendant 2 semaines. Circuit classique à l’exception de Mandalay que j’ai choisi d’éviter pour privilégier s’autres régions. J’ai en effet préféré faire un trek entre Kalaw et le lac Inle. Ce trek constitue le point fort de mon voyage. George Town, the multicultural jewel of Penang - Vagabond Baker.

George Town, Penang My heart races as the ferry crosses the narrow channel from peninsula Malaysia to the island of Penang; I have dreamed of returning to this multicultural jewel for six years.

George Town, the multicultural jewel of Penang - Vagabond Baker

The ferry deposits us on the fringes of George Town, Penang’s capital, and we walk towards the UNESCO heart of the city: a short walk from the ferry terminal. Within a few strides we are suddenly transported to India: past shop after shop of vivid saris and fabrics, Bollywood favourites blaring from speakers over the doors and fragrant spices drifting up the street from restaurants and hawkers.

Flower sellers on street corners thread blooms into long garlands for puja. Great Read: Saving Old Bangkok. I’m floating through liquid air, without a plan, along Samsen Road in Bangkok’s old city, a neighborhood of wooden houses, temples, and royal retreats tucked along the banks of the Chao Phraya River.

Great Read: Saving Old Bangkok

It is April, the dog days just before rainy season, when Bangkok’s metropolitan area transforms into a sauna of ten million inhabitants. The heat is seeping up from the pavement, and trickles of sweat creep down the backs of my knees. Just now I’d kill for a blast of air-conditioning, but the shops here offer no refuge; they’re old-fashioned two- and three-story chophouses cooled, sort of, by whirring metal fans. Desperate for a breeze or at least a reasonable imitation of one, I turn toward the river, down a narrow lane called Samsen Soi 5. That’s when I spot the house. Then I notice the wood plaque next to the front door: Samsen 5 Lodge. Khao San Road, le ghetto backpacker de Bangkok.

C’est quoi Khao San Road ?

Khao San Road, le ghetto backpacker de Bangkok

Khao San Road (ou Khaosan/Kaosan) est une rue du district de Phra Nakhon à Bangkok, en Thaïlande. Elle se situe à l’Ouest de la ville, pas très loin de la rivière Chao Phraya, du Grand Palais et des temples Wat Pho et Wat Arun (‘Wat’ signifie temple). Yunnan: découvrir la plus belle province de Chine et ses ethnies. An Adventure on Two Wheels in Laos. Falling in love with motorcycle touring while exploring the Bolaven Plateau.

An Adventure on Two Wheels in Laos

Given that Laos is a country with some of the worst medical care in the world, the concept of heading into the remote Bolaven Plateau on a motorbike called a “Suzuki Smash” seemed comically stupid. I had gory visions of our faces being smeared along potholed roads in the middle of nowhere as our little 120cc Suzuki fulfilled its appellation. Off the Beaten Track in Northern Laos. We are back in South East Asia, settled in Chiang Mai for the moment, but we can’t help our thoughts turning to Laos, just six hours away and one of our favourite Asian countries.

Off the Beaten Track in Northern Laos

Laos isn’t undiscovered but it certainly receives far fewer visitors than its neighbour Thailand. The strange thing is that everyone who does visit sticks to the exact same route – Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng and Vientiane. While those places have their attractions, for us the highlights of Laos were found in less visited places further north, in quiet riverside villages overlooked by craggy green mountains.

While there are some exciting activities we mostly enjoyed soaking up the very chilled atmosphere and beautiful views. 7 Unique and Cheap Places to Stay in India. We fell in love with India during our three months there.

7 Unique and Cheap Places to Stay in India

Between the food, the chaos, the colours, the welcoming people and the constant challenge, the stunning scenery, tranquil temples and unexpected events – cows stopping traffic and the serenade on a canoe – it’s impossible to pinpoint a single reason why. One thing that does remain with us are the places we stayed, especially the homestays with Indian families. Chine. Je quitte Nanning et sa douceur de vivre sans regrets pour me diriger plus à l'ouest, en direction du Yunnan.


Le Yunnan, province du Sud-Ouest de la chine est une région très contrastée. Au nord, elle borde le Tibet, donc de hauts plateaux assez froids, et, au Sud, la foret tropicale et les frontières avec le Laos et Myanmar ( anciennement Birmanie). C'est là que j'ai envie d'aller. Pourquoi ? Simplement parce que je n'irai pas au Myanmar. Les ponts « vivants » de Cherrapunji - Inde, voyage - Voici la dernière des 7 sœurs, le Meghalaya.

Les ponts « vivants » de Cherrapunji - Inde, voyage -

Heureusement ici pas besoin de permis, donc pas de problème pour y pénétrer. Tout le long du chemin les Indiens nous avaient dit du bien de Shillong (capitale des lieux), « Oh allez à Shillong c’est super ! », « Shillong un rêve ! The independent travel guide for Southeast Asia.