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Stephen Brayda Illustration & Design. Stephen Brayda. 25 Scientifically Proven Ways To Write Better Headlines For Your Blog. Your headlines aren’t good enough.

25 Scientifically Proven Ways To Write Better Headlines For Your Blog

You need to write better headlines, because it’s the only way you are ever going to get more traffic to your blog. Who would click on something that doesn’t get their attention? And, let’s face it, there are a lot of folks out there that you are competing against. You have to stand out, and there is nothing more disappointing than a great post that doesn’t get any attention just because of a poor headline. Let’s start with 25 brand new ways to write better headlines for you blog. Tip#1-25 = Write More Headlines Yep, that’s the whole list. Write better headlines. is probably a site that you’ve heard of before. In their slide presentation The Sweet Science Of Virality they outline their approach. Find Amazing Content – A hero, a villain, or an epic story arc–this is the first step to finding something that will inspire people to share.Frame It – A great headline and a killer story arc make for a good reason to click.

Not so bad right? How Planning Your Blog Content Can Help You Get More Done. “I don’t like planning out my blog content,” she said.

How Planning Your Blog Content Can Help You Get More Done

My friend and I were talking about editorial calendars and I, of course, was singing the praises of them. I’d been using CoSchedule to plan my own blog’s content and seeing great results. “Why?” I asked. “I think content is better when it is spontaneous. Writing a synopsis for your screenplay. You’re going to need a short synopsis for your script.

Writing a synopsis for your screenplay

It should be a little less than 1 page long and clearly show your characters and story. You’re going to use it when you send out query letters or when someone you meet wants to learn more about your script but isn’t quite ready to read the entire screenplay. A couple of things to remember – there’s different types of synopses for different purposes. How to Write a Screenplay Synopsis: 8 Steps. Edit Article Two Methods:Synopsis Template and Sample SynopsisWriting a Screenplay SynopsisQuestions and Answers A screenplay synopsis summarizes a screenplay for a reader such as an agent, director or producer.

How to Write a Screenplay Synopsis: 8 Steps

If the reader likes the synopsis, he or she may ask to see the screenplay itself. Unlike a treatment, which is a narrative of everything that happens in a screenplay, a synopsis includes only the most important or interesting parts of the story. However, a synopsis must clearly show the necessary elements of the screenplay so the reader will know that you understand how to structure a script for a movie. Ad Steps. Cursing Without Cursing. A Massive List of Spring 2016 Grants All Filmmakers Should Know About. The No Film School list of Spring grants is back for 2016, with new deadlines, program changes, and more opportunities than ever.

A Massive List of Spring 2016 Grants All Filmmakers Should Know About

Spring is a great time to dust the cobwebs off unfinished scripts, log that documentary footage, and get some of those green dollar bills for your next film. The following opportunities are organized by Documentary, Narrative, or Screenwriting, and are in order of deadline from March to May. An asterisk next to the grant title means there is an equivalent grant for both doc and narrative. To find out more specifics on a grant, click on the title and get started. Documentary IFP Independent Documentary Lab* If you have a rough cut, apply to be a part of the illustrious IFP lab for a year-long mentorship program that supports first-time filmmakers, this year brought to you by the Time Warner Foundation.

Deadline: March 1 Vision Maker Media - Public Media Content Fund A grant that funds part of the budget for Native American stories that appeal to broad audiences. Withoutabox. Withoutabox. Withoutabox. Screenwriting Contests. Screenwriting Fellowship. Short Story Contest. Family-Friendly Script Contest.

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HABITS and Lifestyle. Contests. Structure and How To. To Read. Thought-Provoking. PHILINSTER. Does Ikea Hold The Secret To The Future Of College? If you want to study computer programming at a sub-Saharan African university, bring a pencil.

Does Ikea Hold The Secret To The Future Of College?

"We used to write programs on paper," says Ahmed Maawy of Mombasa, Kenya. "Say, write a program that calculates the area of a square. And you write that whole piece of code on paper. That's the test. It’s so crazy! " The private technical institute that Maawy attended in 2002-2003 closed the doors to its computer labs outside class hours, giving students little chance to practice executing actual code. Incredibly, Maawy is among the lucky—as well as exceptionally smart, determined, and hardworking—aspiring African scholars. He put himself through school by working two jobs and doing other students' programming projects for them, while photocopying his classmates' lecture notes, showing up in class only for exams.

In the last year the hype around online education, and particularly free Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs, reached a fever pitch and met a sharp backlash. The Next Steve Jobs? Beyond Cinephilia & Beyond : Photo.