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Author of BIG LONG BOOKS; epic Arthurian saga, The Silurian. Iconoclast. Maverick. Born British, grew up in Australia; still in Australia, you cannot drag me away. Does things the hard way so it ends up as the good way, without any soft bits. Critical thinking sounds cold, but it isn't: it's a great skill that opens doors on new ways of looking at all kinds of things; makes me a better writer. Have been writing The Silurian series now for 14 years.

The Silurian, Book 1: The Fox and the Bear. Hundreds of years ago in a land ravaged by fierce clans, where only the strongest survive, a Legend of the People was born. From the historic tales of King Arthur comes a raw, riveting and passionate series of novels by author L.A. Wilson, who breathes fresh new life into this spell-binding story. Told in first-person by Prince Bedwyr, called the Fox, the warrior closest to Arthur's heart, this story is an amazing journey into the past, where social order was kept by the sword, loyalty and the desire to be free.

Free to survive, free to live, and free to love without restraint. ​​​​​​​ From the first book 'The Silurian: The Fox and the Bear," to the tenth installment, "Last Man to Avalon," this work is destined to become a literary classic, defining a new age of reading and establishing a new genre. The Silurian, Book 2: The King of Battles. The Silurian, Book 3: Longhand, White-tooth and the Fox. The Silurian, Book Three, Longhand, White-tooth, and the Fox: The Fox is taken prisoner by the Dynasty of Cadwallon Llawhir, the Longhand, and his cruel and ambitious brother, Owen White-tooth, both of the powerful clan of the Gwynedd Gododdin, who seek to keep Arthur from rising to take absolute rule of Britain as Imperator, and they do this by seizing Prince Bedwyr for themselves. Taken from the Clan Bear, the Fox is forced into the army of Cadwallon Llawhir to fight for the Men of Gwynedd, and used in the hope of thwarting any further rise of Arthur's power, for only Bedwyr knows how Arthur fights and wins, only Bedwyr knows the Silurian's heart and way, and for it, Longhand imprisons the Fox in his stronghold of Rhos: here Bedwyr is forced to marry into the Dynasty of Longhand and White-tooth, here he is abused and beaten, yet he rises above the savage manipulations of his own kinsmen to survive long enough to join with Arthur again.

The Silurian, Book 4: The One-Armed Warrior. The Silurian, Book 5: Facing the Bear. The Silurian, Book 6: The Fox on the Water. The Silurian, Book 7: The Wounded Bear. The Silurian, Book 8: Last Man to Avalon.


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My Random Dictionary and Other Books and Ideas. The Wounded Bear and Last Man to Avalon. The Silurian series summarized: it is a good read. TwoRiders Productions (thesilurian) on Pinterest. FREE photos to download; all photos are by me, L.A. Wilson. Interesting Websites.

Animals, better than People

WW2 Spitfire pilot Mary Ellis dies. Media playback is unsupported on your device One of the last living female World War Two pilots, Mary Ellis, has died aged 101 at her home on the Isle of Wight. Mrs Ellis was a member of the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) and delivered Spitfires and bombers to the front line during the conflict. She said she had flown "about 1,000 aeroplanes" during the war, before moving to the Isle of Wight in 1950 to take charge of Sandown Airport. ATA secretary John Webster described Mrs Ellis as an "amazing" person. While she was commonly known as the last-surviving female pilot from the war, in fact there are three others.

Mr Webster said that one, Eleanor Wadsworth, lives in Bury St Edmunds, another, Nancy Stratford, lives in the US and the other, Jaye Edwards, lives in Canada. Mary Ellis, then Mary Wilkins, joined the ATA in 1941 after hearing an advertisement for women pilots on BBC radio. She said at the time they were known as the "Glamour Girls", adding: "There were plenty of escorts around. "