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Mon problème avec le féminisme « trans-critique » Ms Dreydful est une Afro féministe qui a beaucoup écrit sur le sexisme et le racisme du point de vue des femmes noires sur son blog.

Mon problème avec le féminisme « trans-critique »

On est très heureux ici de recevoir une de ses contributions. Taylor Swift's Tweets To Nicki Minaj Are Peak 'White Feminism' A.j Dirtystein. PHD ceremony, by Jif, 2015.

A.j Dirtystein

Lou Doillon outrée par le féminisme "en string" de Nicki Minaj: un "slut-shaming" désolant. When You Oppose Trigger Warnings, You're Really Saying These 8 Things. Editor’s Note: Like this phenomenal article, Everyday Feminism definitely believes in giving people a heads up about material that might provoke our reader’s trauma.

When You Oppose Trigger Warnings, You're Really Saying These 8 Things

However, we use the phrase “content warning” instead of “trigger warning,” as the word “trigger” relies on and evokes violent weaponry imagery. This could be re-traumatizing for folks who have suffered military, police, and other forms of violence. So, while warnings are so necessary and the points in this article are right on, we strongly encourage the term “content warning” instead of “trigger warning.” (Content Warnings: Suicide, PTSD) I’ve heard a lot of debate around content warnings (popularly but problematically referred to as trigger warnings) – and I’ve got to say, I’m stunned.

If you’re not familiar, a content warning is a very simple statement at the beginning of an article, film, or comic that lets the audience know that something potentially distressing will appear in the content they’re about to consume. 1. 2. This Comic Nails What It's Like to Live With Mental Illness – And It's Not Like Most People Think. Panel 1 (A picture of a person wearing eyeglasses looking to the side with a wide eyed, sad expression on the face.

This Comic Nails What It's Like to Live With Mental Illness – And It's Not Like Most People Think

Both hands are raised up. The head and one side to the level of just below the shoulder are surrounded by the word AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! In an arc. Caricature of something wafting up from both arms is seen.) Text: Last week, I had a panic attack because my hands smelled like onions. Le bon féminisme. Suite à l’affaire Jean-François Mercier, nous avons eu droit à quelques conseils bien avisés de la part de nombreux messieurs.

Le bon féminisme

Nous ignorons encore si c’est leur plus gros cerveau ou leur poil sul’ chest qui leur confère cette clairvoyance, mais nous avons cru bon de vous faire part de leurs avis éclairés et bien renseignés sur la marche à suivre quant aux discours et tactiques féministes. Afin d’ajouter aux commentaires des derniers jours, nous avons joint quelques conseils d’hommes cueillis ici et là, au fil de débats sur l’actualité dans les derniers mois. Le bon féminisme en est un d’égalité ; en opposition au mauvais féminisme, qui en est un de supériorité des femmes et de matriarcat. Au Québec, nous avons longtemps vécu dans un système matriarcal, où les femmes régnaient telles des tyrans sur le reste de la famille en décidant des menus de la semaine et de l’heure du coucher des enfants.

Le bon féminisme n’exige pas le changement social, il demande poliment des réformes. First Tampon For Transgendered Women To Hit Shelves Next Month. A small southern California company which produces “earth-friendly” feminine hygiene products has released the first tampon for post-op transgendered women.

First Tampon For Transgendered Women To Hit Shelves Next Month

The Sappho-Luxe company has released a product dubbed “Fem-Flo” earlier this week amid media attention surrounding Caitlin Jenner’s coming out as a trans-woman. Company founder, Cheryl Goldsmith, said about the product’s timing, “It certainly was a interesting coincidence, but not intentional. The additional exposure does not hurt, and regardless of the timing, we feel as if our product will be well received amongst the trans community.

We are hoping to bring each trans-woman closer to the full female experience and diminish body dysmorphia triggers altogether.” The product comes in 3 designs. Des selfies pour montrer le pouvoir du maquillage - BuzzFeed News. What Is the Belly Button Challenge? Something Bad? Yes. New data shows that students whose parents make less money pursue more “useful” subjects, such as math or physics.

What Is the Belly Button Challenge? Something Bad? Yes

In 1780, John Adams wrote a letter to his wife, Abigail, in which he laid out his plans for what his children and grandchildren would devote their lives to. Having himself taken the time to master “Politicks and War,” two revolutionary necessities, Adams hoped his children would go into disciplines that promoted nation-building, such as “mathematicks,” “navigation,” and “commerce.”

His plan was that in turn, those practical subjects would give his children’s children room “to study painting, poetry, musick, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelaine.” Two-hundred and thirty-five years later, this progression—“from warriors to dilettantes,” in the words of the literary scholar Geoffrey Galt Harpham—plays out much as Adams hoped it would: Once financial concerns have been covered by their parents, children have more latitude to study less pragmatic things in school. I Submitted Myself To Be Featured On Total Frat Move Girls And (Duh) It Was Awful - xoJane. Sometimes I get bored.

I Submitted Myself To Be Featured On Total Frat Move Girls And (Duh) It Was Awful - xoJane

I stumble onto whatever form of social media calls for my attention. Occasionally it’s Facebook, other times Snapchat, and rarely Twitter, but most of the time it’s Instagram. Instagram has rapidly become one of the top social media outlets within the past few years. I myself use it mostly to post pictures of sunsets (creative, I know), selfies, and the occasional bikini pic when I’m not feeling too shitty about myself.

Boobs Over Belly Buttons Brilliantly Shuts Down Body Shaming. Freaked out by the "Belly Button Challenge" that took over social media last week?

Boobs Over Belly Buttons Brilliantly Shuts Down Body Shaming

It may be time to hop on the "Boobs Over Belly Buttons" bandwagon. For those who aren't familiar with it, the Belly Button Challenge started on Weibo -- also known as Chinese Twitter -- and involved people rotating their shoulder and wrapping their arm around their torsos to see if they could touch their belly buttons. They posted their "successes" and "failures" on social media with the hashtag #bellybuttonchallenge. Here Are the Cultural Appropriating Outfits It's Time to Retire For Good. Summer is here, and it's already brought music festivals like Coachella, Governors Ball and Bonnaroo.

Here Are the Cultural Appropriating Outfits It's Time to Retire For Good

And with those festivals comes the inevitable onslaught of cringe-inducing outfits with the faint taste of cultural appropriation, a la the notorious "hipster headdresses" of Coachella. Native American headdresses are one of several "fashions" that have been picked up by non-native wearers who were either inspired or simply unaware of the item's heritage. Not everything inspired by another culture is cultural appropriation, of course. Susan Scafidi, the director of the Fashion Law Institute at Fordham University, described it as "taking intellectual property, traditional knowledge, cultural expressions or artifacts from someone else's culture without permission. " The problem is the sampling of cultures is often a one-way street, with dominant groups taking from marginalized groups, tinged with leftover power dynamics from colonialism. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Bonus: Saris "The fact that Mrs.


Nonviolence is Racist, How Nonviolence... - Anti-Racism Media. How Can You Tell if You're Being Sexually Empowered or Objectified? Ask Yourself This Simple Question. Panel 1 Narrator: You’ve probably heard the argument before. See, what you need to understand is that “Not all... Colère. Appropriation. - Le journal d'une grande énervée. Attention, texte très blanc et cis-normé. Je veux tout brûler. Brûler les liens d'appartenance qui me lient aux hommes. Je veux récupérer mon corps. Je ne veux plus être une chose. Je ne veux plus être un corps dont les hommes disposent librement parce que je suis une femme. Je suis en colère contre ces regards masculins pernicieux et insidieux, qui se faufilent même sous la chair. What They Really Mean When They Say They're Not a Feminist. Title: What They Mean When They Say They’re Not a Feminist (Two columns, one labeled “what they say” and “what they mean”) Panel 1 Black Woman: I’m more of a womanist than a feminist.

Panel 2 BW: I identify more with a movement of Black women asserting our right to be who we are in entirety than a movement with a history of putting Black women, literally, at the back of the marching line.