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Et si les princesses Disney étaient indépendantes ? Et si les princesses Disney étaient indépendantes ?

Et si les princesses Disney étaient indépendantes ?

Saint Hoax « s’attaque » à nouveau à l’iconographie Disney, cette fois, pour transmettre un message à caractère féministe. Saint Hoax est un graphiste anonyme qui s’est fait remarquer à plusieurs reprises pour ses réalisations osées et critiques. Le revoilà avec une série axée sur l’indépendance de la femme. Il introduit la chose comme suit : « J’ai attendu trop longtemps pour être sauvée. Comme un livre laissé sur l’étagère. Il ne faut évidemment pas voir une simple critique de Disney dans ces réalisations, mais de l’assujettissement de la femme à l’homme de manière générale. Mais Disney semble, contre toute attente, évoluer avec son temps. Quelques mois après, même scénario avec Maléfique qui explore dans la nuance le rapport du bien et du mal, de la folie des Hommes et du respect de la Nature, tout en affirmant que la première histoire de la belle au bois dormant est un mensonge.

Source : / Regardez un extrait de “Love”, de Gaspar Noé, le film qui a affolé la croisette - En bref - Festival de Cannes 2015. «Love» de Gaspar Noé pour les nuls. Pardonnez notre susceptibilité… La phrase paraît anodine et, quand on y pense, ce n’est pas totalement faux : «S’habiller sexy et se déhancher de manière suggestive dans une discothèque pour ensuite se plaindre des regards insistants des hommes, c’est un peu comme manger de la crème glacée dans un village éthiopien et de dire: « Coudonc ca**ce, pas moyen de manger un cornet icitte sans se faire regarder!

Pardonnez notre susceptibilité…

»». Les deux images employées par l’humoriste Jean-François Mercier, l’une raciste et l’autre, au pire, hétérosexiste, semblent bêtement illustrer le dicton selon lequel il ne faut pas tenter le diable par la queue. On serait tentés, à première vue, de dire : «C’est ben vrai ça l’gros!» C’est, j’imagine, ce que se sont dit les 22 500 personnes qui ont «aimé» le statut de Jean-François Mercier.

Et pourtant. Femmes, soyez des chaudasses (mais pas trop quand même) Grèce : au soir de la victoire du non, la déception... des journalistes. Autrichiens, belges ou français... les reporters européens à Athènes faisaient triste mine dimanche soir, après le résultat du référendum.

Grèce : au soir de la victoire du non, la déception... des journalistes

Référendum grec : «Rien ne sera plus jamais comme avant» FIGAROVOX/GRAND ENTRETIEN - Avant le référendum grec, Coralie Delaume a accordé un long entretien à FigaroVox.

Référendum grec : «Rien ne sera plus jamais comme avant»

Selon elle, quel que soit le résultat du scrutin, ce vote devrait bouleverser en profondeur une Europe en panne de démocratie. Non, d'après le gendarme britannique de la publicité, cette affiche pour la marque Protein World n'est pas sexiste. Actualités > À Chaud > Non , d'après le gendarme britannique de la public...

Non, d'après le gendarme britannique de la publicité, cette affiche pour la marque Protein World n'est pas sexiste

Men: a list of shit I am tired of because of you — MofoNation. Here's the reason you don't enjoy blockbusters like you used to. Did Jurassic World not deliver the T-Rex sized thrills the 1993 original once did?

Here's the reason you don't enjoy blockbusters like you used to

Still mulling over what to make of Marvel’s latest Avengers romp? Generally a bit underwhelmed by blockbusters being awash with CGI effects? Well you’re not alone, and according to YouTube ciniphiles StoryBrain, it’s not just down to nostalgia either – there's actually something far deeper than that at play. Twenty years ago, filmmakers would superimpose a CGI on a real scene, albeit with limited scope over what they could do. This effect lasted up until around 2004 when software passed the point where production teams could amalgamate individual CGI objects with fully rendered computer-generated backgrounds.

Men Strip, "Finger" and Molest Bikini-Clad Girls at Water Park after Being Given Free Entry. GLX: On 19/4, a water park in Hanoi, Vietnam called ‘Ho Tay’ opened for free admission from 8AM-10AM (GMT+7).

Men Strip, "Finger" and Molest Bikini-Clad Girls at Water Park after Being Given Free Entry

The chaos was terrifying, when the staff decided to close the gate due to overcrowded. Many people tried to climb over the fences to get in. However, that was the least of the problem. Inside, at the lazy river area, around 70 to 80 guys (even men who already had wives and kids) went together in groups. Whenever they saw girls, they started attack them by splashing water and WORST part was, they pushed her head down, DROWNING her and at the same time, RIPPED OFF HER BIKINI and started MOLESTED her. 10 Things Tattoo Artists Hate, So You Can Avoid Doing Them The Next Time You Go In For Fresh Ink. Whenever I go into a situation outside my house, I am very conscious of how I can NOT be a douche bag.

10 Things Tattoo Artists Hate, So You Can Avoid Doing Them The Next Time You Go In For Fresh Ink

This includes going to bars and not being “that guy” that asks how much their tab is after every drink, and of course, it includes being aware of things tattoo artists hate. Sure, for most of us, it seems pretty easy to not piss off someone who is going to be giving us a service, but if you have no idea what the code of etiquette is, then you run the risk of pissing someone off who is giving you a drink or permanent piece of art on your body. Don’t be fooled by the fact that this expert has full sleeves of tats, plenty of piercings, or the fact that they aren’t sitting behind a desk all day. Tattoo artists are not servants; they are skilled professionals that deserve your respect, your money, and your gratitude. I Post Pictures Of Myself In My Underwear, Or Is There Something Inherently Wrong With Seeking Sexual Attention? - xoJane.

I am not a self-Googler.

I Post Pictures Of Myself In My Underwear, Or Is There Something Inherently Wrong With Seeking Sexual Attention? - xoJane

Not because I'm not vain as hell, but because I'm simply too sensitive and take things I read about myself way, way too personally. I pretty much learned my lesson after the time I interviewed an MMA fighter and consequently found a lengthy thread on an MMA forum dedicated to the myriad ways in which I was unacceptably unattractive. I will never forget exactly how many months at the gym and how many Crest whitestrips they speculated it would take for me to be halfway bangable. IT HAPPENED TO ME: Finding Out I Have Herpes Helped Me Become a Better Person - xoJane. Sitting in my gynecologist’s office, waiting for the Physician’s Assistant to deliver my test results, I had a massive wave of anxiety flood my soul like never before.

IT HAPPENED TO ME: Finding Out I Have Herpes Helped Me Become a Better Person - xoJane

I was praying that the small, cluster-like bumps that were biopsied were just the Shingles… but deep down, I knew I wasn’t getting off the hook that easily. She walked in; without looking up at me, she gloriously announced that my results came back as the Herpes Simplex Virus, type one. I could sense that she was almost excited. 7 UNBELIEVABLE Makeup Transformations!

What Your Makeup Reveals About Your Sex Life. The problem is the media, not false rape allegations. When I was in journalism school I was told, not just to find the story, but a compelling narrator to tell that story. We were to personalize issues so that, I suppose, the audience could or would relate. This bothered me, not just from a political perspective, because individualizing systemic issues is not always helpful in terms of addressing the larger systems, contexts, and issues at play, but because I generally find that kind of reporting to be kind of, well, cheesy. Just another day at the beach for volleyballer Gabrielle Reece and surfer Laird Hamilton - ESPN The Magazine Body Issue. «Nous, femmes journalistes politiques et victimes de sexisme...» Nous ne sommes pas la Génération Giroud. My Cupcake Addiction - Elise Strachan. 4 Ways to Find Out If Your Partner Is Using Their Depression as an Excuse for Controlling Behavior.

At first it was only little comments. Your partner would shake their head disapprovingly after you dyed your hair. They’d scoff at your taste in music. After a while, though, you couldn’t just laugh it off, pretending it didn’t bother you. 6 Scientifically Proven Features Men Find Attractive In Women.. But.. It’s funny, just the other day I wrote about how we should pay less attention to our physical appearance and work towards letting go of being enslaved by how we look. Then I come across this interesting video about how science has found some interesting links between certain female characteristics and male attraction.

It made me think for a second that perhaps there’s no hope; maybe we are just programmed to like certain things. 6 Ways To Read Someone’s Mind Easily. Many of us think of reading somebody else’s mind as a sort of control mechanism. If you can figure out their next move, you can manipulate them or anticipate their future actions. In reality, it can be far more practical and personal. Reading someone else’s mind allows you to be there for them, understand their point of view, and relate to them on a deeper level. A Time Comes In Your Life When You Finally Get it. This is Your Awakening. A time comes in your life when you finally get it. When, in the midst of all your fears and insanity, you stop dead in your tracks and somewhere the voice inside your head cries out… ENOUGH! Enough fighting and crying and blaming and struggling to hold on.

Then, like a child quieting down after a tantrum, you blink back your tears and begin to look at the world through new eyes. This is your awakening. Paul B. Preciado, par-delà le bien et le mâle. Le philosophe, écrivain et activiste transgenre s’appelait Beatriz jusqu’il y a quelques mois. Rencontre «Vous ne savez rien de ma joie.» Il est 11 heures sur la plaça del Pi, en plein cœur du quartier gothique de Barcelone. Le rendez-vous a été fixé là, «à côté de la cathédrale», avec le philosophe transgenre et professeur à la New York University Paul B.

I Was a Hollywood Personal Assistant. One longtime personal assistant's story of her time working for a Hollywood household name, as told to Jennifer Vineyard. She’d said I would be working on her production side, and I thought, Perfect, I'll be doing personal-assistant work, production work; I might even be working on her films. How to Win Like UFC Champ Ronda Rousey. How Do You Know You’re a Woman? A few years ago, a colleague of mine asked me, “How do you know you’re a woman?” I had no idea how to answer her. I was enough of a feminist to know I couldn’t just list things like, “I’ve been called a girl since birth. I get a period. I like wearing lipstick.” Inside the World of Femme Coaching. On a recent Friday afternoon, Stacey Johnson found herself in need of a wig. It’s not that she hadn’t brought a couple with her to New York from Los Angeles, where she lives. It’s just that the ones she brought weren’t doing her any favors.

"They’re like hair hats,” said Monica Prata, Stacey’s feminine image consultant. Misty Upham: the tragic death and unscripted life of Hollywood's rising star. When Misty Upham was 12, she announced herself to a Seattle classroom of aspiring performers. “My name is Misty Upham, and someday you will know that name as the best living Native American actress.” Years later and against all odds, her prophecy became true. She acted alongside some of Hollywood’s best: Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Benicio Del Toro. Un ouvrier de Volkswagen tué par un robot. Les propriétaires de chats n'acceptent pas la véritable nature de leur félin - Environnement. On sait déjà que les chats sont néfastes pour la population de souris et d'oiseaux.

Les chats domestiques ont en effet la réputation de tuer pour le plaisir. Aubervilliers: Les bouches incendie reconverties en jeux d’eau créent la polémique. Afin d'être publiée, votre note : Here Are the Real Reasons Why We White People Struggle to Admit That Racism Still Exists. When I was 18 years old, I listened to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill on repeat. My girlfriend and I would just sit in silence, listening to Lauryn unpack her brilliance, taking away something new each time.

Le BGV - Editorial du BGV n°172. Calling Grown Women 'Girls' Is Sexist As Hell – Here Are 4 Reasons Why. Annie Sprinkle. How has SG changed my life ? - **Plants de Patates** Pro sexe pro rien. Un documentaire de propagande féministe malhonnête de plus. The Hunting Ground: A closer look at the influential documentary reveals the filmmakers put advocacy ahead of accuracy.

Marilyn Monroe Wasn't Even Close to a Size 12. GynePunk, les sorcières cyborg de la gynécologie DiY. 12 Emotional Stages of Shaving Your Vulva. Vidéo : Qu’est-ce que les hommes (cis) connaissent aux règles ? Too Much Pussy feminist sluts in the queer x show. Wendy et moi. "How has Suicide Girls changed my life?" Marvel Reveals Its “All-New, All-Different” Universe … and It’s Kinda Bonkers.

Why Restricting Your Eating Time Period To 8 Hours Will Transform Your Health & Fitness. 5 Ways to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland Regardless Of Your Age. The Tragically Heartbreaking And Uplifting Life Of Keanu Reeves Revealed. 16 Moving Quotes Teaching You How To Let Go. How We Create Reality: The Infinite Power Behind Ideas. Signs of Domestic Abuse - EndAbuse4Good. 1 in 4 NO MORE - EndAbuse4Good. EndAbuse4Good. ENDABUSE4GOOD.ORG. What is Narcissistic Abuse? Real life examples. Mohammad Hossain cleared of 50 Shades of Grey sexual assault charged over photos. The Wage Gap Isn't a Myth (Really, It Isn't) – Here Are 4 Reasons Why. 5-year-old boys are given the same restrictions girls face around the world. They're not pleased. These Jokes Are For Intellectuals Only. The 5th One Had Me Confused! Découvrir des séries sans renier ses valeurs féministes. Feminist Frequency.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Rosetta Tharpe. Glasmond (Raphaelle Roux) - DeviantArt. My Heart Palace. 100 Years of Beauty Pt I & II Side by Side Comparison. Dudelsack — Wiktionnaire. J'ai quelque chose à vous dire, les femmes ont pris le pouvoir à l'E3 2015. Thomas Vergara parle de l'affaire Nabilla dans le bain de Jeremstar - INTERVIEW. Complexes, confiance en soi & regards des autres ? Mon expérience / conseils ♥ What If We Treated All Consent Like Society Treats Sexual Consent? Guy Wears High Heels For A Day, Says He 'Wants Death'

Pour une approche matérialiste de la question raciale. "Ceci opprime les femmes" : des stickers pour customiser les pubs sexistes du métro. Nous sommes tous bisexuels. Mon parcours d’homo dans la classe ouvrière. Femmes-libres-et-sans-couches.pdf. Du FFI dans les règles. Ni tampon ni serviette: je vis sans protection pendant mes règles. Vive le flux instinctif. 25 Quotes From Buddha That Will Change Your Life. “I Can't Believe It's Not Buddha!” Are You Holding Yourself Back From Orgasm?  Les femmes ont très peu de voitures de société. How I Overcame My Body Image Issues and Found a Wedding Dress for My Plus-Sized Figure - xoJane. Deepak Chopra Is Asked If Life After Death Is Possible. This Is His Response.

Menopause is actually a woman's body going through withdrawal. It's super interesting. Sur le tournage du nouveau porno féministe d'Ovidie : du sexe jusqu'à pudeur. Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain and the Gendering of Martyrdom. Winehouse et Cobain: quand les femmes sont des junkies, les hommes sont des génies perturbés. Photographs of the Islamic Tuareg tribe where women embrace sexual freedoms. The four-month hell of being turned into a Victoria's Secret angel. The Media Is Lying to You About Men's Emotions, And It's Really F*cked Up – Here's a Healthier View. Rose McGowan Speaking Up About the “Bullshit in Hollywood” Got Her Fired by Her Acting Agent.

Rose McGowan virée par son agent après avoir parlé d'Adam Sandler et du sexisme. Rose Mcgowan : Marre Du Sexisme À Hollywood, Elle Tacle Adam Sandler !