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Stress tests

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JMeter tips. JMeter is a popular open source tool for load testing, with many useful modeling features such as thread group, timer, and HTTP sampler elements.

JMeter tips

This article complements the JMeter User's Manual and provides guidelines for using some of the JMeter modeling elements to develop a quality test script. This article also addresses an important issue in a larger context: specifying precise response-time requirements and validating test results. Specifically, a rigorous statistical method, the confidence interval analysis, is applied.

Using JMeter and Firefox to load test « Chip's Half Baked Ideas. I spent some time recently building an application using AJAX technology – which simply means a collection of client side JavaScript and XML that asynchronously retrieves data from the server in the background only when needed so as to minimize the impact on the user experience. Once the basic application was up and running, I wanted to run some performance test and thanks to the abundant availability of cloud based compute resources, it was easy to quickly and inexpensively put together a performance testing environment.

The trouble is that it isn’t so easy to automate a load test on a dynamic AJAX based application, especially if there are no static DOM identifiers to include in the scripts. So, I came up with a quick hack to push AJAX actions through Firefox’s proxy configuration to record a JMeter script. Here are some simple steps for recording an AJAX session using Apache’s JMeter. JMeter - Apache JMeter.

Better JMeter Graphs.