Maxscript 101 - Free Online Training Maxscript 101 - Free Online Training The creator of Maxscript (John Wainwright) has made his previously commercial training DVD available for free on Vimeo! It's broken up into easy to watch chunks and even though it's a bit dated it remains one of the best introductions to MAXScript available. A sincere thanks from the ScriptSpot community to John Wainwright for releasing his incredibly valuable training series for free and to our very own "Garp" for putting in the time to get the video split into sections & uploaded.
Create Volume Lights in 3DS Max Create Volume Lights in 3DS Max This tutorial will help you create great-looking, volumetric lights in 3DS Max. In the real world, this effect is visible when there’s a lot of dust in an enclosed space. The tutorial also skims through basic interior lighting techniques, without going into too much detail. Education Powered by ..::3ds max resources::.. free video tutorials All video tutorials I've contributed to can be found on My YouTube Channel, along with a few samples from the DTE v3 book which I've added as freebies. Education Powered by
Character Rigging Character Rigging 25 Oct 2010 This is the fourth tutorial in my four part series dealing with character animation. These tutorials are targeted for beginners wanting to learn the basics of modeling, uvw mapping, texturing, rigging, and creating a cute 3d monster.
Tony Jung Creating a Character

3dsmax Environment Modeling #1 Procedural Stone