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MSNBC Democratic Debate FULL HD New Hampshire Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders Democratic Debate. A Self-Made Billionaire Uses This Easy Trick for Decisions. The first chapter in Seymour Schulich’s book, Get Smarter: Life and Business Lessons, offers a decision tool that adds to the simple pro-and-con list that many of us have used to make decisions.

Schulich, a self-made billionaire, is one of Canada’s richest and best-known businessmen. I learned this tool in a practical mathematics course more than fifty years ago and have used it for virtually every major decision of my adult life. It has never let me down and it will serve you well, too. You all know the simple pro-and-con list? The one where you divide the page in two and simply list out all the pros and cons. Well, the Decision-Maker adds a twist to that. On one sheet of paper, list all the positive things you can about the issue in question, then give each one a score from zero to ten—the higher the score, the more important it is to you.On another sheet, list the negative points, and score them from zero to ten—only this time, ten means it’s a major drawback.

Now add up the scores. Choose A Mandala And Discover What It Reveals About You. Okay, I want you to do a little exercise with me. Close your eyes, take a deep breath 3 times. Open your eyes and look over the graphic below. Choose which mandala speaks to you personally. Which one are you drawn to? Now scroll down and find out what it means... Related: Choose An Eye And See What It Reveals About You – This Personality Test Is Scarily Accurate Thanks to The Fifth Element Life Related: Choose A Shell And Discover What It Reveals About You. Motivation: How to Motivate Yourself in 10 Easy Steps. How You Can Learn the #1 Persuasion Technique of FBI Hostage Negotiators. FBI Hostage negotiators know how to listen and this is the secret to connecting with people.

We’ve all been told we could be better listeners and that listening is important. But what does that really mean and how do we do it? Let’s round up the research… Why It’s Important Nobody likes a conversational narcissist but we’ve all been one: Conversational narcissists always seek to turn the attention of others to themselves. What makes teams at the office smart isn’t combined IQ, it’s social skills, with the ability to listen being paramount: What do you hear about great groups? What two qualities make great salespeople?

…successful salesmen must have two qualities, empathy and ego drive: enough empathy to listen and understand what is in the customer’s head, and enough ego to close the sale. What made subjects in a research study be rated instantly more likable? Not listening ends relationships. Active Listening So what do you have to do? Keep in mind that good listening is “non-evaluative.” AU, DE, FR & EU - Genetic kit for ancestry | DNA Service. Instead of arguing about guns on Twitter, Neil deGrasse Tyson just laid out the numbers. As a world-famous scientist, Neil deGrasse Tyson is known for his dispassionate embrace of cold, hard facts... And the occasional beach ball game with a late-night comedian. Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images. ...which makes him the right person to address a controversial topic: the abnormally high number of Americans who die from gun violence.

Umpqua Community College in Oregon, the site of a mass shooting earlier this year. Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images. Yesterday afternoon, he composed three tweets where he laid out the numbers. And they're sobering. According to PolitiFact, this actually slightly understates the case (American war deaths were closer to 1.2 million as of 2013). This, sadly, is also true. Tyson's tweets are a stark reminder that we have a problem. The father of a Sandy Hook shooting victim holds his son's picture. The uncomfortable statistics don't end there. This magical button delivers Upworthy stories to you on Facebook: A gun safe. It's true: We have a problem. Cool Shield No Allergy Waterproof Mattress Protector - Breathable Terry Cover Protects Against Dust Mites, Allergens, Bacteria, Mold and Fluids - See Reviews - Machine Washable Mattress Protector - Best 10-yr Guarantee - Size: Queen (60 in x 80 in): Home.

16 Practical Uses for Petroleum Jelly - What is Petroleum Jelly. 1. Remove eye makeup. Coat your lids, then gently swab with a tissue. 2. Highlight cheekbones. Fake a model's bone structure by patting and blending a tiny amount across cheekbones. The shine attracts light and creates a contoured effect. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

Uses for Coffee. 10 Houseplants That Ease Stress, Purify Your Home, And Are Impossible To Kill. Houseplants are a truly delightful addition to any home. They’re a great decoration, but they also have profound impacts besides just looking good. They create a relaxed ambiance in pretty any room of your home. According to a 2008 study, researchers found that hospital patients who had plants in their rooms reported much less stress than those who didn’t. That’s why we’ve compiled for you this useful guide to the 10 easiest houseplants to grow. Enjoy! 1. Image: Tom Parnell Aloe vera is one of my favorite plants to grow. 2. Image: Aaron Gustafson NASA found that the English Ivy is one of the most purifying houseplants you can have, but be warned! 3. Image: Jnzl’s Public Domain Photo Rubber trees are fast growing and easy to please. 4. Image: Oliver Quinlan The peace lily is a wonderful, easy to grow and impossible to kill houseplant that periodically sends up the gorgeous white flowers you see above. 5.

Image: woodleywonderworks 6. Image: lukestehr 7. Image: amanda tipton 8. Image: Kirrus 9. How to Never Get Angry: 3 New Secrets From Neuroscience. They’re one inch from your face, boiling with rage, screaming and yelling at you. And all you want to do is scream and yell back. But you know that’s not going to be good for anyone… I’ve talked before about how to deal with others who are angry and irrational, but how can you control those emotions in yourself?

Looking at the neuroscience, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. So let’s dig into the research on how to get rid of anger, what you’re doing wrong, how to do it right and how it can make you and those around you much happier… Suppressing Anger Is Rarely A Good Idea You grit your teeth and hold it in: “I’m fine.” The good news is suppression works. It’s almost always a bad idea. Via The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking: …when experimental subjects are told of an unhappy event, but then instructed to try not to feel sad about it, they end up feeling worse than people who are informed of the event, but given no instructions about how to feel. Les miserable full performance original 1985 cast video. Any Flavor Turkish Delight Recipe. Cancel TOP Filters What's in Your Fridge? Browse By: Next Recipe Stumped for dinner?

Get our life-saving Dinner Daily newsletter. Recipe Box Grocery List Print Share How to Buy and Store Herbs (1:29) More Use our tips on buying and storing fresh herbs to brighten up any meal. More Videos Total Time 2hrs 10mins Prep 10 mins Cook 2 hrs This appealing candy is easy to make at home. Skip to Next Recipe Ingredients Nutrition 4 cups sugar 4 1⁄2 cups water 2 teaspoons lemon juice 1 1⁄4 cups cornstarch 1 teaspoon cream of tartar 1 1⁄2 tablespoons rose water 1 -10 drop red food coloring (optional) 1 cup confectioners' sugar Check Out Our Top Free Of... Directions Oil a 9-inch square pan. Up Next How to Buy and Store Herbs Reviews See All Reviews Write A Review Most Helpful Although the concoction had to be stirred for an hour it was a very easy candy recipe to make. Was great, until I went to coat it, went 'glubby' and yuck. I loe rosewater in candys. very light and yummy Submit a Correction Related:

Raw Honey and Coconut Oil: 5 Outstanding Ways To Use These "Super" Foods Together. Is This Smart Drug The Most Powerful Brain Enhancer in the World? - It first came into the spotlight about 3 years ago when the creators of the “Limitless” movie cited Cogniflex as their inspiration for the fictional drug NZT-48. Soon after, it garnered widespread use amongst students, athletes, and business executives. Cogniflex, which has no recorded side effects in any clinical trials, was soon the target of several major pharmaceutical companies who claimed it was too powerful to be sold without a prescription.

Other critics in academic circles insisted that Cogniflex provided an artificial edge for its users and was unfair to those who weren’t taking it. This led to it being banned from quiz shows like Jeopardy! And at many top universities such as Cambridge. Facing legal pressure from Big Pharma, the creators of Cogniflex were eventually forced to halt production of the so called "Limitless Pills". Its reappearance has thrilled users around the world. We tested it ourselves — is it all hype? My Results — 4 Weeks on Cogniflex Week One Week Two Week Three. The 24-Minute Morning Routine That Will Rock Your Day. Time is one of your most coveted and scarce resources as an entrepreneur, so maximizing pockets of time in your day through a productive routine is crucial.

Probably the most important period of your day is when you first wake up. Your morning routine can set you up for massive success the whole day. You can chose to linger in bed, hitting snooze and dreading the alarm, or you can set yourself up for massive daily productivity and success with the introduction of a simple 24-minute routine. Most of this routine you’re probably already doing in some form or another, but if you’ll follow this format and stick with it for a few weeks, you’ll find yourself hopping out of bed in the morning renewed and looking forward to what lies ahead. Related: A 9-Step Framework for Creating a Morning Ritual Here are the six steps to your ultra-productive 24-minute morning routine. 1.

One of the first things you should do when you get out of bed is brush your teeth. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. That’s it. The Morning Routine Experts Recommend For Peak Productivity. What’s the best way to start your day so that you really get things done? Laura Vanderkam studied the schedules of high-achievers. What did she find? Almost all have a morning routine. I’ve interviewed a ton of top experts about their productivity secrets: Tim Ferriss, Cal Newport, Dan Ariely, Charles Duhigg, and others. But you’re busy. You don’t have time to read all that stuff. So many readers have written to me saying what my friend Jason always does: “I don’t have time. Okay, time to round up what the experts have said and build a roadmap. 1) Stop Reacting Get up before the insanity starts. When I spoke to productivity guru Tim Ferriss, bestselling author of The 4-Hour Workweek, what did he say?

Here’s Tim: I try to have the first 80 to 90 minutes of my day vary as little as possible. Most of us get up and it seems like things are already in motion. So of course you aren’t achieving your goals. You need to wake up before the insanity starts. Okay, you’re ahead of the maelstrom. Dr. Dr. Aragorn's Epic Journey in Middle-earth - Retrospective. The Alchemancer series by Scott Marlowe. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Plot[edit] In late 1890s Wyoming, Butch Cassidy is the affable, clever, talkative leader of the outlaw Hole in the Wall Gang. His closest companion is the laconic dead-shot "Sundance Kid". The two return to their hideout at Hole-in-the-Wall (Wyoming) to discover that the rest of the gang, irked at Butch's long absences, have selected Harvey Logan as their new leader. Harvey challenges Butch to a knife fight over the gang's leadership.

Butch defeats him using trickery, but embraces Harvey's idea to rob the Union Pacific Overland Flyer train on both its eastward and westward runs, agreeing that the second robbery would be unexpected and likely reap even more money than the first. On the second train robbery, Butch uses too much dynamite to blow open the safe, blowing up the baggage car. Butch convinces Sundance and Etta that the three should escape to Bolivia, which Butch envisions as a robber's paradise. Cast[edit] Production[edit] Screenplay[edit] Development[edit] Reception[edit] Legacy[edit] Untitled. Manual coffee-making methods are becoming an increasingly popular option for home enthusiasts and coffee shop baristas alike. The abilities to control every variable in the brewing process, create a cup that's exactly suited to one's preferences, and highlight the unique character of the coffee has convinced many to make the switch.

This new popularity has prompted the birth of several new methods and devices, as well as the resurrection of older methods. In this article we'll feature our favorite immersion brewing methods and explain the differences between them. This post is confined to full immersion devices, but if you're interested in other methods then check out our Beginner's Guide to Pour Over Coffee Brewing. Brewing Tips These suggestions are meant to provide a starting place for beginners.

Grind Use a quality burr grinder. Dose Begin with 60 grams of coffee for every liter of water. Water Accessories Clever Design The Clever Dripper is a hybrid brewer of sorts. Grind Technique Siphon. Sowden Jakob SoftBrew™ - White, 8-cup | Starbucks® Store. Earn Stars at participating Starbucks stores and at Starbucks Store online with purchases of At-Home coffee and tea products such as packaged coffee, Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew, Starbucks® K-Cup® Packs and Verismo® Pods, and Teavana tea tins.

Also earn Stars with purchases of Tazo teas on Starbucks Store online. Starbucks Store online customers can receive a maximum of 10 Stars per order. A unique Star Code will be included in your shipment confirmation email. Your Star code value will be equal to the number of qualifying products in this order. Star Codes expire six months after your order is shipped. Enter the code at, sign in or sign up, and you're on your way to My Starbucks Rewards™ benefits like free food or free drinks at participating Starbucks® stores.

Some restrictions apply. Also, My Starbucks Rewards™ members get a Star for each purchase made with a registered Starbucks® Card. Owenism. Fourierism. Start Your Morning Right With an Alarm Clock That Makes You Coffee. Chiropractor vs Doctor. The most popular talks of all time | Playlist. Edge Pro Apex knife sharpener | Cool Tools. Chiropractic Residency Program - Eligibility - VA Western New York Healthcare System. Shop the Mattress Online, Free Delivery & Returns | Casper® Amazon. Hamlet (1969) Hamlet (1996) The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) The Mask of Zorro (1998) Hamlet (1969) Le lion en hiver (1968) Les trois mousquetaires (1993) Best films about Ancient and Medieval times - a list by justinas309. Rome (TV Series 2005–2007) Period Dramas-Medieval Times 476-1453 - a list by eliza_gaskell. Homemade Pomade: All natural for beautiful hair. Pocket watch. 15 Cheesy One-Pot Pastas That'll Nourish Your Soul. QI (Official Channel)

What Your Girlfriend Wants, But Will Never Ask For. Honey, I love you…but we need separate beds. Cookware, Cutlery, Dinnerware, Bakeware. Researchers Find New Genetic Clues to Longevity. 9 Incredibly Useful Mental Life Hacks. Pinterest. 4 Ways to Make Clear Ice. Because there are 24 hours in a day! Robert Waldinger: What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness. 15 Amazing Products That Will Change The Way You Sleep In 2016. Chrono Gold/Black Leather | MVMT Watches. Did You Know You Can Lower Your Student Loan Payments? I Didn't : NPR Ed. 5 little-known ways to get your student loans forgiven. New student loan forgiveness program unveiled in New York State; how you can apply.

The Nightmare Is Over: Researchers Discover the Switch for REM Sleep - HowStuffWorks. Career Test. Coffee and Tea: Pros, Cons and Best Drinking Tips. First Democratic Presidential Debate 2016 by CNN 10-13-2015 - FULL. Southern Living Mobile | The Best of the South. Le bon, la brute et le truand (1966) A comparison between chiropractic management and pain clinic management for chronic low-back pain in a national health service outpatient clinic. Because there are 24 hours in a day! Macys. Macys. GreatGadgets 1858 24-Hour Clock: Kitchen & Home. Superpedestrian - The Copenhagen Wheel. Electric Bike, Bicycle Assist, Pedal Assist, All in one design, Urban Cycling | Smart Wheel. AGS Wireless Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard & Mouse for Iphone, Ipad, Smartphone and Tablets (Black): Cell Phones & Accessories.

Wireless Bluetooth Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard Silver: Computers & Accessories. Men's Chrono S - Gold Watch – Vincero Collective. Gucci Men's Salmon Cashmere And Silk Blend Striped Scarf: Clothing. Brioni Men's Gray Teal Houndsooth Cashmere Blend Scarf at Amazon Men’s Clothing store: Men's Lambswool Scarf | Arthur & Henry. Woolrich Men's Arctic Parka at Amazon Men’s Clothing store: Men's Arctic Down Parka by WOOLRICH® The Original Outdoor Clothing Company.

Vince Camuto Men's Down Snorkel Coat with Fur-Trimmed Hood at Amazon Men’s Clothing store: London Fog Men's Dodson Snorkel with Inner Bib and Attached Hood: Clothing. Dodson-insulated-winter-parka. Navy faux-fur trim parka coat - parkas - coats / jackets - men. FEATHER PARKA - Parka - Outerwear - MAN | ZARA United States. Navy Jack & Jones Premium parka coat - parkas - coats / jackets - men. MEN Ultra Warm Down Coat - UNIQLO UK Online fashion store. LTD Black Premium Duck Down Parka Jacket - Topman. Altitude Parka | Alpha Industries.

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