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Tang Yau Hoong. Sketchbook By Scott Brundage. Somewhat bizzare, but completely brilliant is just a couple of ways to describe the sketchbook of New York based artist Scott Brundage.

Sketchbook By Scott Brundage

Where can you find more by Scott? Behance of course! Find this post useful? Check out these: Massive Black : Illustration. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Previous Page Next Page.

Massive Black : Illustration

Stuntkid. ANNIE WU: Sketches. Looks like good Illustrations by Anton Semenov. Chelsea Greene Lewyta. Conradroset. Steve Smith. I don’t know what’s the deal with these hyperrealist artists, once again, great work, but absolutely no information…so I’ll just tell you to look at Steve Smith’s pretty paintings, who apparently dreams of sunny days, holidays and sunglasses.

Steve Smith

Can’t say I blame him! Jose Carrasco Illustrations. Flaptraps art. Gilles Vranckx. Main : Ghostco. Fung Chin Pang. More illustration by Fung Chin Pang AKA cellar-fcp on deviantART.

Fung Chin Pang

Ifrancis - home. The Art of Lauren K. Cannon. The Art and Animation of Anthony Francisco Schepperd. Comics. Ricardo Actus : Não Acenda as Luzes. Sergio Diaz - Illustration.