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Full Syllabus & Reference Books. Basics of Electrical & Electronics Engineering "L" Scheme Syllabus - Sub Code: 25231 Unit 1: 1.1 DC Circuits: Definition and Units of Voltage, Current, Potential Difference, Power, Energy, Resistance, Conductance, Resistivity - Concepts of open and short circuit - Ohm’s Law – Limitations of Ohms law - Kirchoff’s Current and Voltage law (Definition only) - Series circuits - Parallel circuits – Series Parallel Circuits – Simple problems on Ohm’s law. 1.2 AC Fundamentals: Difference between AC and DC - Advantages of AC over DC – Waveform of sinusoidal A.C. Cycle – Generation of single phase A.C. by elementary alternator - Definition of cycle, frequency, time period, amplitude, peak value, average value and rms value – Define peak factor and form factor - Concept of phase , phase difference and phase angle – Single phase and 3 phase (Definition) - Meaning of lagging and leading sine wave - Advantages of three phase over single phase Unit 2:

Science videos, tutorial, documents, courses, papers. Add to Search Engines Feedback Login Sign Up Result for:" Basics " in Videos Featured Most viewed Most recent Most discussed More results for "Basics" in VIDEOS DOCUMENTS AUDIOS GROUPS STAGES/PROFILES ALL << Previous Next >> Basics of Drupal Content This screencast outlines the basics of creating simple page content and menu items within drupal.

science videos, tutorial, documents, courses, papers

Rating: Views: ( 309 ) Duration: ( 00:02:38 ) Uploaded: 20-02-10 TYPO3 The Basics - Logging In For the beginner site editor with TYPO3 this video tutorial will show you how to access the TYPO3 interface for you site. Rating: Views: ( 592 ) Duration: ( 00:01:48 ) Uploaded: 20-02-10 Design Tutorial - JQuery Basics - In this video, I give you a simple introduction to the jquery javascript library and why it's so awesome. PLC Basics Ladder Logic. Basics of Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Engineering Basics & General Menu - Engineers Edge. Electrical Engineering : Blog Dunia Engineering Indonesia.

Electrical Engineering Information: Online Reference, Theorems, Jobs. In academia and electronic industry, the terms electrical and electronics engineer often are used interchangeably.

Electrical Engineering Information: Online Reference, Theorems, Jobs

In other industries, the term electrical engineer may refer to those who deal with utility and industrial power systems and other electric equipment. In any case, both disciplines are overlapping. The theoretical foundation for EE is electromagnetism. The theory of classical electromagnetism is based on Maxwell's equations. They provide a unified description of the behavior of electric and magnetic fields as well as their interactions with matter. This webpage is for those who have already learned EE and need a quick reference information.

Also see:Electrical formulas and impedance calculations; Distance learning: engineering degree online from accredited schools and salary surveys. MODULE V - Electrical engineering - Basics. H15_Basics_of_EEE.pdf (application/pdf Object) Basic Electrical Engineering Lessons.