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Kyabram Refrigeration

Kyabram Refrigeration takes pride in providing its customers with the highest quality service and expert advise in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

Glycol & Air Cooled Chiller Refrigeration System Manufacturers. We are proud manufacturers of industrial chillers for our clients in Victoria.

Glycol & Air Cooled Chiller Refrigeration System Manufacturers

We understand that clients invest their hard-earned money into every aspect of their business, which is why we make sure we are able to supply the correct glycol refrigeration system capacity for any given requirement. Reduce energy costs.Preserves milk qualityQuick return on investment due to efficiency Glycol Chiller and Heat Exchangers (Plate Coolers) Chiller systems circulate a glycol solution through plate coolers and cools the milk to within 2 degrees of the water temperature. Glycol chillers are an effective refrigeration system that are widely used in dairy farming to keep milk cool and increase its longevity.

While all instant cooling systems lower milk temperatures, not all operate as efficiently as possible. Talk to our experienced team and we will apply the correct formulas as these systems are sensitive and proper installation is extremely important. Cool Room Refrigeration Equipment. Reasons to choose Kyabram Refrigeration cool rooms Kyabram Refrigeration knows exactly which cool room refrigeration equipment is needed for any purpose.

Cool Room Refrigeration Equipment

As experts in the industry, we not only design, build and install cool rooms at affordable prices, we support our clients well after the installation with any maintenance or repair needs. Below are some of the reasons why you should pick us for your refrigeration and cool room needs. Best Quality. Heat Recovery and Efficiency Systems. Dairy hot water costs can be significantly reduced with the installation of a heat recovery and efficiency system.

Heat Recovery and Efficiency Systems

This system captures the waste heat off the refrigeration cycle and heats incoming water to supply hot water storage systems. On an existing chiller system, add-on features like ‘heat recovery’ are fitted on the chiller as an option before delivery. Two valves sit on the chiller wall and are ready to connect for future usage, and all refrigeration heat exchangers and other components are fitted and ready for that time when heat recovery is connected.

The system can run unaffected without heat recovery, allowing the farmer to connect when time and money allows. Heat recovery is where the heat generated in normal compressor usage is captured and used to heat storage water, which raises the temperature to approx +/- 65 degrees. Glycol & Air Cooled Chiller Refrigeration System Manufacturers. Dairy Equipment. We are a team of professionals who understand how vital dairy farming is for families all over Australia.

Dairy Equipment

We believe in providing quality equipment for our customers looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution to their dairy refrigeration needs. The equipment we supply for dairy refrigeration is made using the best quality materials to ensure complete functionality and efficiency without regular breakdowns. If on the off chance your milk vats or cooling system does break down, we provide emergency assistance to get it up and running again. Glycol & Air Cooled Chiller Refrigeration System Manufacturers. Everything To Know About Different Types Of Chillers. Dairy Equipment. Heat Recovery and Efficiency Systems. Glycol & Air Cooled Chiller Refrigeration System Manufacturers. Glycol & Air Cooled Chiller Refrigeration System Manufacturers.

Refrigeration Services: Air Conditioning - Central Victoria. Refrigeration Services - Central Victoria. Our teams mechanics are true professionals always considerate to our clients refrigeration and cooling needs.

Refrigeration Services - Central Victoria

Whether its your fridge/freezer or an air conditioner we perform to a very high standard of workmanship. All new air conditioning installations come with a Plumbers Compliance Certificate to guarantee that our mechanics are professionals and are registered with the Australian Refrigeration Council. With our experience and knowledge we have built up team of efficient technicians to provide you complete domestic refrigeration repairs as well as domestic refrigeration equipments. Address: 267 John Allan Rd, Kyabram, VIC 3620. Milk Vat Spare Parts For Sale - Central Victoria, AU. Dairy Equipment. Vital Information for Refrigeration Equipment Maintenance. Refrigeration units are vital to the food industry and are often the target of inspections by the Food and Drug Authority.

Vital Information for Refrigeration Equipment Maintenance

The inspections are mainly about audits for temperature abuse. Essential Refrigeration Equipment And Vital Tips For Commercial Refrigeration. FacebookTweetLinkedInGoogle +RedditDiggVKontakteFlipboardEmailShareThis When it comes to refrigeration equipment it is essential to ensure you procure good and efficient equipment.

Essential Refrigeration Equipment And Vital Tips For Commercial Refrigeration

This is essential for the products that are being stored in the cooling equipment. The equipment you invest in should have minimal breakdown issues to ensure the losses are as low as possible. In fact, efficient and fully functional commercial refrigerators are the secret to a firm's ability to provide consistent services. The basic success of retailers, restaurants depends on how efficient the refrigeration units are.

Do You Need Cool Room Refrigeration For Your Business? Read this to know more. Home » Tips » Do You Need Cool Room Refrigeration For Your Business?

Do You Need Cool Room Refrigeration For Your Business? Read this to know more

Read this to know more Do You Need Cool Room Refrigeration For Your Business? Read this to know more A cool storage room refrigeration equipment is a great place to store the necessary vegetables, fruits, dairy products or any other products that need to maintain a prolonged life. Needless to say, cold rooms keep items much cooler when compared to regular room temperature. Below listed are some of the main perks of installing cool storage room equipment. 1. Cold storage rooms can be used for various functions. 2. Cooler room refrigerators have developed to such an extent where there are various types available, so you can choose whatever suits your requirement the best. 3. When you have a certain type of business let’s say the food industry, it becomes necessary to have cold storage. 4.

Do You Need Cool Room Refrigeration For Your Business? A cool storage room refrigeration equipment is a great place to store the necessary vegetables, fruits, dairy products or any other products that need to maintain a prolonged life.

Do You Need Cool Room Refrigeration For Your Business?

Needless to say, cold rooms keep items much cooler when compared to a regular room temperature. Glycol Chiller Vs. Water Chiller - What Is The Difference? - All Geek To Me. Rules On Picking The Best Cold Room For Dairy Items - Every Day Blogs - Guest Post, Magazine and News. Buying a cold room is not a direct undertaking.

Rules On Picking The Best Cold Room For Dairy Items - Every Day Blogs - Guest Post, Magazine and News

Henceforth it is in every case great to guarantee you get the best at a pocket-accommodating cost. Hence, it is prudent to require some investment and visit different cold room manufacturers and see what they have on offer before you decide. It is likewise imperative to comprehend what precisely you need and the motivation behind your cold room. In the event that you need a cold room for putting away only one sort of dairy item, that will be simpler to pick, however in the event that you are managing various kinds of dairy products, you should be increasingly explicit. Kyabram Refrigeration — LOOKING FOR VSD DRIVES FOR YOUR AIR CONDITIONING... DO YOU RUN A DAIRY BUSINESS? READ THIS ARTICLE TO KNOW ABOUT THE BENEFITS OF COLD STORAGE ROOM - Refrigeration service Heating. Benefits of using a Cool Room There are many benefits of using a cold room, especially for a wide range of food establishments. Here are a few benefits listed below: This is the optimal storage space for many items like fruits & vegetables and many other products to ensure they remain fresh for a long duration.

This type of a cooling unit allows one to adjust the temperature as per their requirements and hence it serves multiple purposes. One of the biggest reasons that food products need to be thrown away is because they get spoilt due to lack of proper storage. The importance of refrigeration in the ever-growing industrial economy. As technology advances and grows to become much more capable than it has ever been, the requirements for the right forms of storage for various products has also increased. Whether you’re looking to store dairy products, chemicals, food and drinks, semiconductors, etc.if you do process these goods, it’s essential to find chiller manufacturers that are actually reliable and provide services for maintenance and repair. Since it’s the question of the entire industry’s functionality, a genuine supplier is what you are looking for. Refrigeration isn’t only necessary for industries, it is also important for smaller businesses like restaurants and cafes. Entire stocks of items are stored away for the entirety of days and weeks to allow the customer to receive the best possible food whenever they arrive.

The main advantage of a refrigerator is that it slows down the amount of time your item decays in. What Are Heat Recovery Systems And How Do They Work? A heat recovery system is a system made for smooth and efficient energy consumption. It works by moving out all the stale air through the pipes while allowing the cool air to come in through the outside via the other ducts. Heat recovery and efficiency go hand in hand and can always be part of an already functional chiller or cooler in your respective residence. Whether you need it for your own home, or from a commercial standpoint, it’s important to know what you’re investing in before you go about and do it.

When it comes to a general scale, a heat recovery system can be beneficial in households since it allows all the moist and stale air to be removed from the entirety of your home, only to replace it with clean and filtered air, without allowing the heat to escape. This allows all the wasted heat to be recovered by making it stay within the walls of your home while filtering the air as well. Setting Up A Chiller For Your Business? Here’s How You Know Which One Is Best For You.

With the capabilities of moving the heat of a product or piece of equipment to another point with the help of coolant, a chiller is used extensively in industries to manage the heat in the air by pushing it into the environment. There are two types of chillers: Air-cooled and water-cooled. An air-cooled chiller system is mainly dependent on the supply of a cool air stream in order to function.

While some people still question the adequacy of an air chiller, such chillers are new and have a more rapid growth in the refrigeration company than seen before with water chillers. Besides the fact that air chillers require less space to set up since they don’t need any kind of cooling towers, they don’t waste any water and are thus extremely environmentally friendly. Advantages Of Installing Heat Recovery And Efficiency System At Home And Commercial Sectors - Active Pages - Blog and Magazine.

Kyabram Refrigeration: One Stop Destination For Phenomenal Cooling System. Every business is unique, and every business has different operations and requirements. For a business to be successful, the foremost important thing to consider is the basic equipment required for transactions. For example, the basic equipment for the solar industry is solar panels, and for the construction industry, the basic equipment is earth moving equipment. Similarly, there are industries like dairy, restaurants, wineries, etc where the essential equipment is a commercial cooling system.

Why Does Your Commercial Refrigeration Need Professional Service? Go Green Blog - Tips on how to store hazardous chemicals properly. Chemicals are challenging to deal with in a suitable environment, even for an experienced company. However, many small businesses fail to follow appropriate regulations of safety while storing the chemicals in the freezing climate.

Therefore, the business people should ensure to install proper air cooled chiller system at the workplace while taking care of chemicals with all their might. These substances might be both toxic and even explosive that can be dangerous for human beings without any security. Improper storage can lead most of us to land the entire office in a critical situation. To halt the possibility of accidents, what we should do is follow specific safety tips while storing the chemicals in the air cooling system at the workplace. Knowing available regulations of safety Before doing anything else, the individual employees should be aware of all the safety requirements before we handle them the responsibility of chemicals. Importance of commercial refrigerator maintenance: Home: AV Productions. ForTalent - Blog. Have you ever heard about glycol in chilling systems?

Basically, it is a type of common liquid that is used in process cooling. BlogBeats - Geo-Time-tagged blogging platform. Maintain Cold Room Efficiently. The food industry is usually the first among all the sectors that often approach the chiller manufacturers for higher production. In the universal language, we can consider such rooms as a big refrigerator where a mountain full of goods are kept safely. The food is stored explicitly in bulk in the cold place to ensure that it stays edible for a long time. Every business must make sure to have more space and a well-maintained room that can ensure the growth of an organisation in turn. If not, the firm is sure to face a lot of atrocities that can become the reason of grave downfall for the company.

The Mechanism Of Air-Cooled Chiller System - Scoop Article. Top reasons for air conditioning problems. Everything you need to know about air cooled chiller system. The air-cooled chillers are refrigeration system which can be used in both commercial and industrial facilities to cool fluid or dehumidify the air. It can be used in a wide variety of settings such as hotels, corporate events, restaurants, sporting events, large-scale buildings, industrial and manufacturing plants and many more.

The air-cooled chillers are available in portable sizes as well which can be used in events or permanent infrastructure. They are compact in size and can be highly efficient. Tips for water chiller operator regarding glycol usage – Breaking News: Top Stories, Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle. Different Types Of Chiller Manufacturers Produce - Frizz Tech. Get News 360: Importance Of Vsd Drives In Chillers Farming Industries. The vsd chillers are known to be energy saving. The various benefits of air-cooled chiller systems. Dos and Don'ts of a Heat Recovery and Efficiency System. Top Quality Air-Cooled Chiller Manufacturers. Different Types Of Commercial Air Conditioning System. All you need to know about heat recovery and efficiency systems. Refrigeration Solution for Australia Dairy Farm.

                                                                  Refrigeration Systems for Milk... How to clean milking equipment? What can be the most common problems with your refrigerat... What To Consider Before Planting A Cold Room Refrigeration? Benefits of glycol refrigeration system for farmers. Want to know how Heat Recovery Systems Work? - Types Of Refrigeration System The Common Man Is Unaware Of. Tips To Maintain The Cooling System And Dairy Equipment Every Day. Things To Keep In Mind While You Opt For Buying The Latest Refrigerator. Glycol and its Application as a Cooling System for Dairy Farmers. A Heat Recovery System and its Various Applications. A Glycol Chiller - How does it Work? - Glycol Chiller Milk vats Sales services.