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13 Beautiful Cinemagraphs of Water's Movements. Having a stressful week?

13 Beautiful Cinemagraphs of Water's Movements

Here’s a series of images that’s perfect for you. It’s a set of cinemagraphs (i.e. partially animated GIFs) created by Julien Douvier of Strasbourg, France. Each one features the simple concept of water’s movement. You can find more of Douvier’s work over on his Tumblr site and through his Behance account. Image credits: Cinemagraphs by Julien Douvier.


Social Kit – Free Photoshop Plugin For Designing Social Profiles And Pages. Watch the Online Video Course Introducing Photoshop: Design. Best Free Website Builders That Create Great Websites. 272 Flares Twitter 142 Facebook 31 Google+ 12 StumbleUpon 87 Pin It Share 0 1 272 Flares × Building a website can’t get easier, cheaper and quicker than using a free website builder.

Best Free Website Builders That Create Great Websites

Website design and development is too challenging and complex task to be taken up by non-technical people, but online website builders have completely revolutionized this space. A free website builder is a dream come true for every small business owner who desires a professional website to promote his/her business.Since owning a business website has become a necessity in the increasingly online world, a free website builder has become a common solution for online promotions.

With the service being free, quick and unbelievably easy, it has surely become the first choice of many entrepreneurs and brick and mortar store owners. Let us help you find the best ones that are available online today. 1. Create a beautiful looking business website easily, quickly and free with Web Start Today. 2. 3. 29 Photoshop Photo Manipulation Tutorials. 29 Photoshop Photo Manipulation Tutorials by Pankaj Chauhan - on Dec 7th 2013 - 3 Comments 286 Views.

29 Photoshop Photo Manipulation Tutorials

95 amazing Adobe Illustrator tutorials. Since its release, Adobe's Illustrator has grown to become the designer's right-hand man when it comes to creating premier vector graphics and elements.

95 amazing Adobe Illustrator tutorials

There's so much you can do with it that it can be difficult to know where to start. Happily, we're here to round up the best Adobe Illustrator tutorials, covering everything from illustration to logo design, adding depth to your typography and much more, to help you get the most from this amazing app. Jump directly to a section using this handy category guide, or just get started browsing the whole list! With so many to choose from, you're sure to find a project to inspire you, whether you're using an older version of Illustrator or are signed up to the Creative Cloud. Here goes! Quick Photoshop Tutorials for Better Workflow. 180 Flares Twitter 66 Facebook 50 Google+ 1 StumbleUpon 63 Pin It Share 0 15 180 Flares × Today, I would like to showcase a few Photoshop tutorials that would speed up your workflow.

Quick Photoshop Tutorials for Better Workflow

All these tricks are related to images only, as designers not really want to spend extra time in playing with images. These quick tutorials would help them in speeding up their task, without compromising on the quality. Create Layers from Layer Styles. Blogs to Bookmark Week #5 - UnderWorld Magazines - Aurora. 6 Websites That Will Instantly Cheer You Up - LifeScoop - Aurora. While there are millions upon millions of websites on the Internet, it’s hard to find ones that will lift your mood and cheer you up.

6 Websites That Will Instantly Cheer You Up - LifeScoop - Aurora

While there will always be the big behemoths of the web, like Facebook and Reddit, where you can find a link to a funny story, it’s nice to know there are websites out there that are almost guaranteed to make you laugh. Today, we take a look at six of them. From miniature people to clever street art, these are the websites you can tell your friends about to share a good laugh. 1. Mako Miyamoto’s Funny Look at Wookiees Neon Werewolf is a funny website that shows the everyday life of a Wookiee. 2. Brock Davis is an award-winning, visual artist that’s worked in the advertising and design industry for the past 17 years.

15 HTML5 Coding Tools and Resources to Help You Cut Through The Clutters of Coding - Designbeep - Aurora. HTML 5 is a new entrant into the field of coding but it is highly feature rich and advanced in form.

15 HTML5 Coding Tools and Resources to Help You Cut Through The Clutters of Coding - Designbeep - Aurora

It is built with the idea of making web lighter, faster and safer and the good news is that it has got its takers. Almost all modern browsers are now offering support to HTML 5 shrugging off their biased to flash whose very existence has now come under threats because of the ever growing popularity of jQuery and HTML 5. But surprisingly enough, very few designers and developers willingly choose HTML 5 and I failed to pinpoint any exact reason behind this apathy toward this amazing thing save one thing – novelty. The best free WordPress plugins for November. Welcome, friends, to WebdesignerDepot’s first monthly WordPress plugin roundup.

The best free WordPress plugins for November

(Try saying that out loud really fast a few times!) If there’s one word that I would use to describe the WordPress community, it’s this: huge. It should come as no surprise, then, that there are plugins being released and updated every single day. Some of them bring features that we all wish WordPress had by default. Some of them might only be useful to any given website creator once in their lifetime. Either way, there’s a lot to explore, and every month, I’ll be writing about the freshest plugins making their way out of beta. Best Collection of Photoshop Plugins You'll Love - - Aurora. When designing in Adobe Photoshop it's sometimes handy to have effective Photoshop Plugins to help boost our workflow and creativity.

Best Collection of Photoshop Plugins You'll Love - - Aurora

Photoshop is a fantastic Graphic Design tool used by many to create websites, graphics and photographs. Best html5 animation tools for 2014 - Aurora. For interactive website designers, using animations is part of the design routine.

Best html5 animation tools for 2014 - Aurora

One of the latest innovation in web design is using Html5 animations to avoid the use of Flash, which is slowly being phased out of the market place. UICloud - Aurora. What’s new for designers, October 2013. The October edition of what’s new for web designers and developers includes new web apps, app creators, coding resources, productivity tools, testing tools, and some really great new fonts. Many of the resources below are free or very low cost, and are sure to be useful to a lot of designers and developers out there. As always, if we’ve missed something you think should have been included, please let us know in the comments. And if you have an app or other resource you’d like to see included next month, tweet it to @cameron_chapman for consideration. Appmaker Appmaker, from Mozilla, is a drag-and-drop mobile app creator that works right in your browser. InstallRails InstallRails is a step-by-step guide for installing Ruby on Rails. 25 Best PSD to HTML Service Providers of All Times.

291 Flares Twitter 106 Facebook 78 Google+ 39 StumbleUpon 68 Pin It Share 0 291 Flares × A PSD file is mere a file that needs to be coded in a mark-up language to make the web browsers understand what your file/design is all about. PSD to HTML conversion is not everybody’s cup of tea, it requires a lot of time and precision to create high quality, cross-browser compatibility with a valid top-notch XHTML/CSS semantic markup conversions.

Here arises the need of professional PSD to HTML service provider. The Comprehensive Guide to Bevel and Emboss – Design & Illustration – Tuts+ - Aurora. Photoshop layer styles are a popular way to add effects, such as drop shadows and strokes, to layers in a non-destructive way. With the right knowledge and experience, any effect can be achieved. To achieve these effects, however, you need to understand what each setting does and how they can be combined to achieve a certain look. In this series by John Shaver from Design Panoply, we will explain every aspect of Photoshop's layer styles feature and show you how to unlock their potential. In this article, Part 6: The Comprehensive Guide to Bevel and Emboss, we will explain the settings behind Bevel and Emboss, including Contour and Texture, and how they can be used.

Let's take a look! Free Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Posters - Aurora. Advertisement This article is about some of the best Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Posters. 33 Most Famous Fonts and Where to Download Them - - Aurora. 40 Awesome Photo Effect Tutorials. No matter how long you’ve been working with Photoshop, its abilities are always bound to impresses us.

8 Solid Free Stock Photos Websites. If you’re a frequent reader of our website, you’ve probably noticed that we use stock photos on a regular basis. I try my best to find relevant images which will benefit your reading experience. I’ve recently received emails from people asking me where they could find 100% free stock photos for their projects.

Today we gathered a solid collection of royalty free image websites. 9 WordPress Plugins You Should Install If You Just Started Blogging - Aurora. Recently I published two articles, about my move from Blogger to WordPress. Today’s post still has something to do with that move, as it will cover some of the more important WordPress plugins you need to add right after setting up WordPress. There are tons plugins for WordPress users available out there. I am certain many of you wouldn’t even be using the service if there wasn’t such a variety. After creating my self-hosted WordPress blog, I tried more than forty different plugins. 30 Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials. When you’re a digital artist, whether a graphics artist or web designer, illustration is your life and your life depends on your skills at seamless, impeccable and dynamic designs.

This is way more important than your style. In fact, your style is completed just when you do your thing with graphical perfection. When we speak of seamless graphics, vector graphics pops in mind and where there is even a thought of vector, Adobe Illustrator is right next to it. Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular vector graphic developer software, considered as a graphic designer’s ever favorite side-kick. 20 best Photoshop painting tutorials on the web.

Create Awesome Photo Effects With These 20 Amazing Photoshop Tutorials. Best PSD to HTML Tutorials Ever. 225 Flares Twitter 100 Facebook 2 Google+ 14 StumbleUpon 109 Pin It Share 0 225 Flares × As web designers, we all have been through this situation: we show a Photoshop design prototype to a client, they approve it, and later when the website is developed, they bash at us like nothing else. Designbeep - a design blog dedicated to web developers,bloggers,designers and freelancers.Our aim is to share everything about web design,graphic design,tutorials and inspirational articles. 33 Most Famous Fonts and Where to Download Them. Top 25 Paper Art Examples. 149 Flares Twitter 115 Facebook 4 Google+ 8 StumbleUpon 22 Pin It Share 0 149 Flares × Paper is the most common thing used in our day-to-day lives, and it can be used for various purposes, writing, packing, recycling and for art purpose. 20 HTML5 jQuery And CSS3 Tutorials.

With the help of CSS3 and HTML5, designers can take their designs to the levels as both of these languages are capable of creating so many beautiful things. Top 30 Interior Design Blogs You Should Follow. Are you jealous of homes that appear so ravishing on your favorite magazine or TV show? 20 Best Digital Fantasy Illustrations. 13 Super Useful Photography Cheat Sheets. Double Exposure Style in Photoshop. 9 Amazing uses of Perspective - Useful Tools and Websites For Designers and Developers – August 2013. Professional Website Design Software for Designers. Build Professional Websites Without Any Coding Using Needly. 10 Online Tools to Create Better Site. Free PSD Resources For Designers - CSS Matter. Photoshop Patterns: 26 High Quality Sets. Photoshop Patterns: 26 High Quality Sets. 50 Best Effects in Photoshop Tutorials. Latest Apps and Tools of the Week [17th August-23rd August] 15 Best Free Online Image Editors.

Weekly Design News (N.197) 30 Photoshop and Photography Tutorials. 20 Best Websites to Find Free Stock Photos to Use on Your Blog Post. Ultimate HTML5 Cheatsheat [Infographic] 10 Fresh Tools For Web Designers And Developers. 15 Jaw-Dropping and Hypnotic Speed Art Videos and Tutorials. Watch the Online Video Course Coding Faster with Emmet.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Layers. Best WordPress Responsive Themes of 2013. The Way Blogs Should Look - A Collection Of Beautiful Designs. Slides Show: A new face of Home Page. 23 New and Free HTML5 Templates. Useful Photoshop Brushes For Your Daily Use. How to Customize WordPress Editor Styles. Seven Amazing Ways To Obtain Passive Income Online.

31 CSS Web Design Galleries You'll Love. Color schemes. HTML5 Readiness. 33 Beautiful Examples of HTML5 Website Designs. Web Design Blog, Tutorials and Inspiration. Top 50 Best Free Fonts. Download a free PSD every day. 22+ Best Font Resources You Should Bookmark. 50+ Beautiful Vintage & Retro Web Designs for Inspiration. 15 sites to find free fonts. Web Design Digest No.5 (30 — 08 July 2013)

Amazing Javascript jQuery Sliders for your website. Ferrofluids Go Next Level Technicolor. ปฏิจจสมุปบาท. 120+ of the Best Illustrator Tutorials EVER. 25 Inspiring Quotes for Creative People. Use Split Frequency Healing to Retouch a Photo in Photoshop. 30 Outstanding Logo design. 2500+ Free Custom Photoshop Shapes. Daily Design and Development Inspirations No.55. Serif vs Sans: The Final Battle In Typography [Infographic] Design Your Business Card with Psychology [Infographic] Interesting And Useful Color Scheme Generators - 25 Tools.

50 Best Photoshop Fresh Tutorials From 2013. Tips for Getting Started Writing about Web Design. 40 Fresh Cheat Sheet for Designers and Developers. Megapixels Comparison and Maximum Print Size Charts. Powerful Landing Page Tips for Your Success. L'ENFANT EXTERIEUR. HTML5 Up! Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 Site Templates. - find your colour scheme. Web Developer Resources: A Mega-Compilation. 50 Creative Elephant themed Logo design examples for your inspiration. Glowing Jar.

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