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Science Notebooking. #c9192554993653414477. It started with the weather forecast. 100+ degrees every day this week, for the first time this year.


We go outside every day, so it was time to start adjusting to the Summertime heat. Enter, ice play. Simple, fun, and although the prep time lasts longer than the ice does around here, the Clubhouse Kids always love it. Speaking of prep time, I turned to my very own kid for help with this one. He was more than happy to help fill muffin tins, balloons, heart shaped molds and small cups with water, food coloring, glitter, water beads, small letters, etc.

While we were working he says,"Momma, this is a lot of water we're going to turn into a lot of ice! " My reply, without even really thinking, was "You're right. April Showers.....Learning about Clouds and Evaporation! Earth day. Synonym cinnamon rolls. Growing beans in cd cases. We planted bean plants back in September, but as we approach Spring, many teachers are teaching the plant life cycle and parts of a plants now, so I thought I’d share the method I used, so maybe you can use it too!

growing beans in cd cases

Many of you have probably planted beans in zip-lock bags at one time or another. It’s a great way to do it- doesn’t take up much space and they grow really quickly. I did this when I was in school! But, our class didn’t use zip-lock bags… We used CD cases! Day One: Watering the bean: Watching it grow! Measuring its growth: Recording observations: Labeling the parts of the plant: Tada! Tips: Any old bean should do, but lima beans are most commonly used. To record our observations we used this sheet from Green Education Foundation. Happy planting! Water cycle. It has been quite a while since I last posted, and a lot has changed since then.

water cycle

When school starts again, I am moving to a new grade and a new school. I have loved teaching 4th grade and didn't think I'd be leaving it so soon, but through a dear friend, a middle school principal heard I love teaching language arts. I've dreamed of teaching it all day for as long as I can remember. My friend's intervention led to an email, a phone call, an interview, and an offer to teach language arts, primarily to 8th graders.

Magnetic and non-magnetic sorting record charts (SB7407) © SparkleBox This resource is licensed under SparkleBox copyright.

Magnetic and non-magnetic sorting record charts (SB7407)

Click for more info. Magnetic and non-magnetic sorting record charts No other versions available at present. 3D Flower Diagrams. Thank you to April Larremore and Stephanie Pollard for this cute idea!

3D Flower Diagrams

The kids loved making these 3 dimensional flower diagrams. Green straws make the stems and cupcake papers make the flower. Sunflower seeds are glued in the middle of the cupcake paper. I also had the kids break apart one seed and put part of the shell down in the soil to represent where the plant sprouted from. Any kind of seed could be used. Starry, Starry Day Constellation Keychain Activity Kit. Over the years, Nature-Watch has found many creative ways to help instructors teach children about nature... and this one is no exception!

Starry, Starry Day Constellation Keychain Activity Kit

How do you educate children about constellations during daylight hours? Here's how! We have created and professionally die-cut cardboard medallions with holes to represent each individual star in a constellation. Kites unit. Physics Lapbook. Plants and Spreading the Love. They brighten up the room.

Plants and Spreading the Love

:D I love it when we study plants. 1) The kids really enjoy it. 2)Spring is upon us! YAY! I'm excited to *Spring forward* and have the sun set much later. LOVE IT. Last week we did our Sunny Sunflower Plant Science mini-unit. Booklet: Physics - Force & Motion. Coffee filter/black marker. Spin Art Chromotography Use strong glue to attach a plastic lid that's about the size of the filter paper to the center of the fan blades with the edges of the lid pointing in an outward direction.

coffee filter/black marker

Lay the filter paper on the plastic lid, allowing the edges of the lid to hold it in place. This method requires a lot of trial and error to get the filter paper spinning just right. Draw black dots on the filter paper or simply touch the tip of the water-soluble black pen to the spinning filter paper to draw a perfect circle in the very center of the filter paper. Tooth model, butterfly life cycle. Since I am starting to blog so late in the school year, I didn't even think about taking pictures of activities and bulletin boards that I did throughout the year.

tooth model, butterfly life cycle

So, I went through my files to take pictures of some things I have done in the past. These are all very random, and do not all fit into one unit, but I wanted to share anyways! I can't take credit for most of these activities. A lot of the activities I do come from collaborating with my colleagues or searching through countless teacher websites. This is a contraction caterpillar.