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Cereal Box Puzzles. Years ago I attended a literacy center workshop and the presenter offered tons and tons of great ideas for activities.

Cereal Box Puzzles

I love the kind of workshops where you leave with great ideas for hands on activities that you can create and use the very next day! During the session she shared the “Cereal Box Activity”. I thought this activity was so very clever! It’s easy to make, has a self-checking feature and it can be used with many skills. In this video, I created the activity using math facts. It was a bit difficult seeing the finished product in the video so I attached this pic. Cubing and Think Dots. Think-Tac-Toes and Cubing Activities Cubing and Think Dots.

Cubing and Think Dots

Free, Printable Bingo Cards by Bingo Baker. Smart beads. TF 3 points of proof. Formative Assessment Ideas. Corners: o Students choose a corner based on their level of expertise of a given subject.

Formative Assessment Ideas

Based on your knowledge of __________________ , which corner would youchoose? Corner 1: The Dirt Road. Quiz quiz trade. Many kindergarten teachers are afraid to attempt Cooperative Learning!

quiz quiz trade

It's really easy and the kids have so much fun while they are learning! Here's a game called Quiz, Quiz Trade (Taken from my Kagan Cooperative Learning book!) This game will reinforce any skill you choose! It's great for review too! Students are each given a card. You can use flashcards or any sort: alphabet, rhyming, numbers, addition facts. Play music for about 30 seconds. When the music stops, the kids all find a partner. They show each other their cards and the other partner must read their card.

Teach the kids to partner pyramid (each partner puts a hand up to form a pyramid) to signify they are done. You start the music back up, kids walk around until the music stops. You can do this with every concept and every age or grade level! 125 Learning Sites for Kids (and Teachers) Tech Integration for Busy Teachers 125 Learning Sites for Kids (and Teachers) Reading/Language Arts – A great place to find out about your favorite author, new releases, and book reviews too!

125 Learning Sites for Kids (and Teachers)

CyberGuides – Great supplementary, standards-based, web-delivered units of instruction centered on core works of literature.The Children’s Literature Web Guide – Internet resources related to books for children and young adultsFableVision Place – A “fabulous” multimedia “place” for kids to explore! Kids@Random – Literature features abound on a major publisher’s Web site.Merriam-Webster Online – Site features on-line Dictionaries, a Thesaurus, Word Games, a Word of the Day, and lots more! Hula hoop venns. Lesson Plan SOS This Blog Linked From Here The Web Thursday, May 26, 2011 End of the Year Field Trip… To read the content of this post, please click on the link below:

hula hoop venns

Goal setting. Test taking skills: ninjas. Websites for kids. Technology is pretty amazing!

websites for kids

There are lots of wonderful ways to help our child practice the skills they are learning in school. PowerPoint Games. Reading Language Arts Ideas / This is a genius idea that I'm glad I found! - THIS I can manage! Generators. Flash Card PrinterFast creation of flash cards and game cards from word lists.


WordsearchCreate word searches. 100s of word lists available. Handwriting 1Print tracing sheets to support pre-writing activities. Handwriting 3Super fast handwriting practice text creation Letter MashCreate scanning activities with letters, graphemes and symbols Word BingoGenerate bingo cards from word lists Word ScramblerCreates anagram worksheets from word lists Word Outline CreatorCreate word outline blocks from word lists I Have, Who Has? Create I Have, Who Has? Task-cards. 20 Ways to Keep Your Students' Attention. As the end of the year approaches, it can be more and more challenging to keep your students' attention.

20 Ways to Keep Your Students' Attention

Brain Breaks are important, but there are plenty of things you can do within a lesson to keep kids from day dreaming...or worse yet, nodding off. Here are some ideas:Desk Switch: Students have ten seconds (count down from ten) to find another desk to sit in that is in a different part of the room than his or her normal desk. Students stay in that desk for the rest of the lesson. Why? Two reasons, first switching desks gets them up and moving. Websites for Kids. Come to the front of the class game vs. teacher. 4 Corners Review. One of my favorite ways to review a skill is to use the 4 Corners strategy.

4 Corners Review

I like it because it gets the kids up and moving. I also like it because your kids can hide within the pack if they aren't so certain about an answer. Here's how it works.First, you label the four corners of your room. With review, I use multiple choice options a, b, c, d.Second, you ask the students a question and give corresponding answers.Third, students move to the corner that represents an answer that they think is correct. I always make the students explain the answer to reinforce what they're learning. This is also a great way to pre-assess students.