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4 Significant Apps for Social Studies Teachers. September 5, 2015 Below are four free educational iPad apps we want to bring to your attention.

4 Significant Apps for Social Studies Teachers

While they can be used across different content areas, these apps are particularly useful for social studies teachers. From reading about the world’s endangered species to exploring the nuances of world history through documents and photos, these apps are definitely a valued addition to the digital toolkit you have prepared for this new school year. 1- Today’s Document ‘Explore American history with 365 of the most fascinating documents and photos from the collections of the US National Archives.

Today's Document is an interactive gallery that displays a significant historical document or photo for each day of the year. 2- WWF Together ‘Experience the world’s most amazing and endangered animals in one app – together. 3- National Archives DocsTeach 4- News-O-Matic ‘News-O-Matic covers relevant news of the day in an engaging way, exploring its many facets through images, maps, videos, and games. DCS-Curricula-Fits.

Saskatchewan Law Courts - Information Resources. Court Structure | Court Watching | Court Guidelines | Videos Try Judging Program The Try Judging program is an initiative of the Canadian Superior Courts Judges Association, designed to be used in Canadian high school law, civics and social studies curricula.

Saskatchewan Law Courts - Information Resources

The multi-media educational program introduces students to the role of judges in Canada’s judicial system and encourages students to explore important concepts such as the rule of law, judicial independence and judicial impartiality. You can find all of the resources online, or contact the Courts Communications Officer for a copy of the booklet and accompanying DVD.

Public Information Committee The committee is an independent organization of judges and court representatives from the three levels of court in Saskatchewan. Enhancing the public’s understanding of the court system;Facilitating the reporting of court events; andPromoting open discussion of legal issues. Courts Communications Officer Contact: Supporting-Social-Studies - Grade 8 Outcomes. Online Resources for Students & Teachers. Teacher Resources | Professional Development for Staff Online Resources for Students & Teachers The following is a list of links to online activities, modules, and various resources to assist teachers in their planning and students in their learning of curriculum objectives.

Online Resources for Students & Teachers

Saskatchewan Council of Social Sciences. Pearson Saskatchewan. The Critical Thinking Consortium - Collaborative resource development. Welcome Teachers. Student Vote 2015Registration now open Bring the 2015 federal election to your classroom!

Welcome Teachers

Visit Student Vote 2015 for more information and to register your class or your school. The National Democracy Challenge is back for a fifth edition. Through #NDC2015, Canadians aged 14 to 17 are invited to submit a video, image/artwork, or text to answer this year's question: Show Canadians how to get ready to vote. The deadline to enter is November 9, 2015. Enter your work now! Connect Get the latest news and great teaching ideas on democratic and civic education. Social Studies Teaching Resources. For further assistance in using any of the resources in the Lab, please ask at the Curriculum Lab Information Services Desk Define your topic, and check basic sources.

Social Studies Teaching Resources

Social studies is a broad term which integrates history, geography, economics, political science, social sciences, behavioral sciences and humanities. Therefore, when searching for Social Studies teaching resources, there is no single area of the Curriculum Laboratory, or in the University Library, which holds all the pertinent resources.

For example, information on Canada is dispersed throughout the Curriculum Laboratory collection: 305.8 Multiculturalism in Canada 306.85 Canadian families 320.471 Canadian politics and government 330.971 Canadian economics 349.71 Canadian law 360s Social problems & services in Canada 917.1 Geography of Canada 971s History of Canada Before going to find the actual materials, spend a little bit of time brainstorming for words or phrases which could describe the topic. Line Resources. Interested in using primary sources in your classroom but don’t know where to start?

line Resources

The Archives of Ontario provides a range of History and Social Studies resource and lesson kits for grades 3 to 12, as well as online exhibits that feature primary source material from our extensive collections. All our resource and lesson kits align with the Social Studies, History, and Canadian and World Studies curricula and emphasize the skills of historical inquiry, interpretation, and analysis. Kits can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word© file or a PDF for easy printing. Have a suggestion about future resource kits? Contact us at to let us know! Social Studies INDEX. SOCIAL STUDIES Georaphy, History, and the Study of Man Also see: Web Sites for RESEARCHING COUNTRIES EDUCATIONAL SITES: Teacher Resources EDUCATIONAL SITES: Lesson Plans.

Social Studies INDEX

Home - Education - Social Studies Resources (Elementary) - Libguides at University of Calgary. Elementary Social Studies. There are literally hundreds of Canadian social studies websites, each of which can be of tremendous value to the elementary social studies teacher who is looking for lesson plans, activity ideas, and resources for units in social studies, history, and geography.

Elementary Social Studies

Presented in no particular order, the list of websites below include some of our favourites: The official home page of the Government of Canada is a one-stop clearing house for information about Canada and Canadian government services. This is a must-visit website for teachers who are introducing a unit about the Government of Canada. Upper elementary level teachers could also use this website as the basis for a WebQuest. K-12 Study Canada - Resource Links. Canadian Social Studies Lesson Plans K-8 - Canadian Government Geography History Citizenship. THE CANADIAN SOCIAL STUDIES SUPER SITE. This is a limited annotated list of websites for Canadian social studies educators, and those interested in Canada, carefully examined for their quality and use.


This is also the companion website for the Webmaster's elementary textbook and junior high textbook which is free and online ( Click here to access it) . Suggestions for additional sites can be sent to the Webmaster Dr. Joe Kirman at joe.kirman @ . Please note the suggested site’s URL and mention why you think it should be on this list. Not all suggestions can be accepted, but your interest is appreciated. Please be aware that there is no guarantee about the accuracy or truth of materials in any website. Evaluating Internet Research Sources. Return to Contents The Canada Site .

Community Learning Network’s Famous Canadians Theme Page . Your Webmaster has discontinued adding new news articles to the list of controversial issues. Social Studies Canada. Historica Canada. - Resources and Links. SOCIAL STUDIES. Social Studies Weblinks.