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Productivity II

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10 Poor Productivity Habits Most People Don't Bother Correcting | A habit is hard thing to break. And yet, when it comes to productivity, many of us think we should just keep focusing on the tasks at hand and work even harder. I've mentioned this before, but the secret to productivity is to work smarter. You have to change your habits, even the ones you have held onto for decades and cherish like a family member. Here are the bad ones. 1. Most of us run late to meetings on occasion. 2. I'm surprised how many people still do this. 3. I'm guilty of this one, but I've recently realized just how unproductive they are. 4. Speaking of hampering productivity by sending too many emails: Most people tend to text like they have been eating jelly beans and drinking coffee at the same time. 5. There was a time when it made sense to check someone's body language by meeting in person, and I know you can pick up on other non-verbal cues. 6.

This is a hard one to squash. 7. One killer for productivity is the loner mindset. 8. I get this one. 9. 10. 6 Things the Most Productive People Do Every Day. Ever feel like you’re just not getting enough done? Know how many days per week you’re actually productive? About 3: People work an average of 45 hours a week; they consider about 17 of those hours to be unproductive (U.S.: 45 hours a week; 16 hours are considered unproductive). We could all be accomplishing a lot more — but then again, none of us wants to be a workaholic either. It’d be great to get tons done and have work/life balance. But how do we do that? And who better to ask than Tim Ferriss, author of the international bestseller, The 4-Hour Workweek? (Tim’s blog is here and his podcast is here.) Below are six tips Tim offered, the science behind why they work, and insight from the most productive people around. 1) Manage Your Mood Most productivity systems act like we’re robots — they forget the enormous power of feelings.

If you start the day calm it’s easy to get the right things done and focus. Here’s Tim: I try to have the first 80 to 90 minutes of my day vary as little as possible. 7 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Start Getting Stuff Done | If you're like many of my clients prior to them seeing me, you might have a hard time getting started with projects and completing tasks. Maybe you do everything but what you need to be doing. Perhaps you watch TV instead of cleaning your house. You socialize instead of finishing a work project, or surf the Internet instead of writing that business plan you've been meaning to do for the longest time. You essentially avoid that which you deem to be uncomfortable.

It’s an adaptive response to stress, fear, and anxiety. The problem with this tactic is, by putting off an important task, it ultimately leads to more stress, greater fear, more anxiety — and of course not completing the task. This procrastination can lead to feelings of guilt, inadequacy, and depression — all of which can kill motivation and creativity and perpetuate the unproductive cycle. Here’s how to stop procrastinating once-and-for-all: 1. Are you the type of person motivated towards things that are positive? 2. 3. 4. 5. Lifehack. We all have those moments when our brain simply refuses to work, but more often than not the lack of productivity can be closely associated to a number of poor lifestyle choices, which can be changed with a bit of effort. These 7 habits are decreasing our productivity level without us even realizing it.

Go through these points to find out if you have adopted some of them, and how to effectively remedy the situation. 1. Desktop madness If your job requires the use of a computer, you need to keep it organized in order to avoid situations where you cannot find a certain document or a folder. We all tend to name our folders different names that aren’t really related to the content inside them, and we sometimes end up naming folders random letters in a hurry – “jdakdndji,” sound familiar? You have definitely done this before while thinking – “I’ll get back to that later,” and you have never changed it.

People forget about all the junk in their computer, which decreases its performance. 2. 3. How To Be Happy At Work: 10 Simple Tips That Work. Do you want to learn how to be happier at work? Here are 10 simple things that you can do that are proven to work. This infographic was crafted with love by Officevibe, the engagement software showing you how to be happy at work. Eat Healthy At Work The link between what you eat and how you feel is strong, but many people aren’t fully aware of it. Foods that are high in sugar will cause us to crash, and have even been shown to be linked to depression. Recommended for YouWebcast: 4 Steps to Creating a Marketing Content Plan What you want to practice instead, is what’s called mindful eating.

In a review of 21 studies on mindful eating, published in the journal Obesity Reviews in 2014, 86% of the studies reported less binge eating and less emotional eating when mindful practices were applied. A 2014 study of more than 4,000 students in New Zealand found that a high-quality diet was associated with better mental health, and a low-quality diet was associated with poor mental health.

Go For A Walk. Lifehack. The super-achievers amaze the normal people in every way possible. They have the same 24 hours per day that an average Joe has, but they manage to use those hours much more effectively. Oftentimes, they not only thrive in one particular area but develop incredibly well in most of the fields. Be it mental and physical health, relationships and social life or business and career, these individuals manage them all in an exceptionally good way.

Now, to avoid creating a picture of a perfect human in your mind, these people tend to fail as well. In reality, they fail a lot. So it is no surprise that these confident people have eight things they regularly do, which all have a tremendous impact on their productivity. 1. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t complete a hardcore training session every single day. Whereas typical people tend take care of their physical health intermittently, high-achievers set it as one of their highest priorities. Let’s take Barack Obama as an example. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. My 5 secrets to Getting Things Done | Svartling Network. I'm a huge fan of GTD and task management. I've been using GTD for a very long time now, and it has helped me a lot by making me much more productive and creative. Without it, it wouldn't be possible for me to have my own website, YouTube channel, podcast, Apple community, and also a day job.

So here is some of my secrets to Getting Things Done. My 5 secrets to getting things done Do a brain dump as often as possible. So there you go. Businessinsider. This is my main tools to getting things done | Svartling Network. I'm post-pc and seriously, stop using normal computers is one of the best things that I have ever done when it comes to productivity and creativity. I have never got so much done as I am now. Seriously. So after haven't used normal computers for 18 months now, I thought I should share with you my main tools (devices, Apps, services) that I use to Getting Things Done.

My iPad Air 2 Writing in the amazing app Editorial. It's incredible, you can automate your writings through Python scripts. You can create your own Workflows and snippets that do the hard work for you. My iPhone 6 Writing in the app EditorialVideo recording in iMovie. My Apple Watch Having the notifications on the watch instead of the phone or iPad is an excellent way to get rid of procrastination when you are doing serious work on the iOS device.Apps like Nuzzel, Hooks and Flipboard is excellent on the Apple Watch because you can do so much with the news you get from them via notifications.

My trusted system. 10 Habits to a More Organized Life. Whether you are someone who isn’t organized or someone who is, there is always room for improvement. Because of new technology, systematizing your organizing can constantly be improved. I love being organized and always have been organized, and yet I still benefit from improving my systems with new apps and gadgets to save time and energy. Because I’m an organized freak, I want to share with you my top 10 tips for getting organized ASAP. 1. Use a digital calendar Using a digital calendar is a really good idea because it allows you to move tasks and events around easily, unlike a paper calendar. I use my digital calendar for everything – and I mean everything. 2.

Get in the habit of thinking – and planning –the next day the evening before. If you can plan ahead for the next day during the evening ahead of time, then you will be more likely to accomplish your goals and stay on track. Every night I look at my calendar and see what the next day looks like. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. A Final Note! 7 Easy Hacks for Productive Mornings. You casually glance away from the Excel sheet you’re working on and down at the time in the bottom corner of your screen, expecting to see 10:00 a.m., maybe 10:30. But nope—it’s noon. NOON! And you’ve barely crossed off to-do No. 1. OK, so maybe you pressed snooze one too many times, couldn’t find anything to wear in your closet and so you got in a little late. And maybe you shouldn’t have sat down in your swivel chair and started the day with an “I’ll just check Facebook real quick” (that newsfeed is an infinity scroll, you know that right?). Your a.m. grind is looking less like a grind and more like procrastination at its finest. 1.

I have basically limited my wardrobe to my everyday clothes and the occasional formal wear. —Ivan Matkovic, Spendgo 2. Before starting the day, I go to 750 Words and vent. —Marcela DeVivo, National Debt Relief 3. On most mornings, I spend at least two hours working before I head into the office. —Brittany Hodak, ZinePak 4. —Michael Mogill, Crisp Video Group 5. Seven Things Productive People Do That You Need to Start Doing. Productive people get things done by harnessing time to work for them.

Envisioning tasks as steps to accomplishment, they focus on each step while keeping an eye on multiple projects. Understanding that feeling overwhelmed is a cry for organization, productive people prioritize their day, and using Todo is a way to do this. 1. Avoiding Disorder Being productive involves overcoming disarray in all areas of life. 2. Getting things done is a lot like gardening. Todo lets you set reminders for the things you need to do. 3. While doing multiple tasks might seem as if the tasks were done simultaneously, experts tell us it is really serial tasking. In order to do this, the brain loses time and productivity slows. 4.

While it is not always possible to do the tasks one likes, getting the ones you like the least done first is something productive people do. 5. Productive people consider this a priority of its own. 6. 7. Business teams need to work together. 5 Tips to Organize Your Day for Maximum Productivity | Daniel Scalco. Whether you're the type of person that jumps out of bed before your alarm clock or the kind that doesn't officially start your day until that second cup of coffee, we can all use a little push in the morning.

Follow these tips to help you make the most out of your day and achieve maximum productivity from start to finish. 1. Set up a morning ritual. Starting your day the same way can signal to your mind it's game on and motivate you to get the ball rolling, even when you don't feel like it. Your morning ritual can be as simple as singing along to a high-energy playlist while you shower (which has been shown to increase productivity) or as intense as an early morning run (which releases dopamine, a chemical shown to motivate you). 2. If you work at a desk all day, the worst thing you can do is hunch over your computer. Here are a few ways to incorporate standing into your work day...

Have walking meetings. 3. Productivity is inevitably linked to your energy levels. 4. 5. This 1 Trick Can Help You Stay Focused. Here’s a question for you: Do you control your day or do you simply react to it? Or to put it another way—how often do you feel like all you did was keep your head above water? Nodding along right now? You’re not alone. When transitioning from being in the army to a 9-to-5 desk job, time management and feeling in control of my work day was one of the hardest challenges I had to overcome. That was, until I applied a trick from my military training to my office job. The Trick Once upon a time, before emails and office life, I was a sniper in the Army.

So how do you brush off distractions and maintain your focus? Well, when the external stimuli take over and you begin to lose focus on your priorities, my sniper instructors taught me an extremely simple and profound trick to regain control. SLLS: Stop, Look, Listen, and Smell They said, “When the heat, weight, and fatigue take your focus off moving in silence and invisibility, take a SLLS break—Stop what you are doing. Yes, it works. Get More Done: 5 Ways to Master Your To-Do List. For many of us, to-do lists are how we get things done. In theory, they should be pretty straightforward, but that's often not the case. Tasks come from all sorts of sources, such as email, chat messages, and notes, and it's easy to end up feeling like everything is top priority.

Before you know it, your to-do list is more like to-do confetti—spread out all over the place, and items are still around, months later. You don't need to spend a lot of time getting your tasks to be in one place. With Zapier, our automatic workflows—which we call Zaps—send information from one app to another, so you don't have to manage tasks in multiple apps. Haven't yet found a to-do list app that's right for you? We've collected five ways you can organize your to-do list, automatically. You'll need a Zapier account to use the workflows in this piece.

Schedule recurring tasks We all have those tasks that we need to get done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Turn emails into to-dos No. 3 is more logical. 14 Things Productive People Do In The First 15 Minutes Of The Workday - UltraLinx. Some great tips here bought to you by The first 15 minutes of your workday sets the tone for the rest of your workday. If you are already too busy at the start of your workday, imagine what the rest of your day might be like when challenges arise and other people start seeking you for help.

Here are 14 things productive people do in the first 15 minutes of their workday to help them stay productive for the rest of their day. 1. They stroll into the office at least 15 minutes before official working hours Productive people know the importance of reporting to work early. 2. Similar to a surgeon performing an operation and a chef working in the kitchen, productive people make sure their tools are in proper position before they begin their work. 3. It’s good to review what you have done previously, especially if you’ve just returned from the weekend or holidays. 4. Productive people have a to-do list. 5. 6. 7. Advertisement — Continue reading below 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 7 Life Hacks to Be Productive Instead of Just Busy. How much time you're really wasting at work - Business Insider. How Successful People Work Less and Get More Done | Dr. Travis Bradberry. Productivity 101: A Primer to the Getting Things Done (GTD) Philosophy.

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