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The Force Will Awaken in 2016 — Life Learning. The Force Will Awaken in 2016 This has been the worst year of my life.

The Force Will Awaken in 2016 — Life Learning

So bad I thought I would die, over and over. But then wonderful things happened. Things that will change me forever. And nobody really knew because I practiced my own daily practice throughout. I say this not because I want sympathy. I trusted The Force. Let’s not forget what happens to the people in Star Wars who believe in The Force. – Luke watches Obi-Wan get killed by Luke’s father– Luke’s uncle and aunt are killed by The Empire and burned to ashes.– Luke loses his hand in a fight with his father– Obi-Wan lives for 20 years by himself.

In all seven movies nobody has regrets after any of these bad things. There is simply no other way to live for them. 20 Easy, Everyday Things You Can Do to Improve Your Life in 2016  1.

20 Easy, Everyday Things You Can Do to Improve Your Life in 2016 

Write down three things you're grateful for every day. Taking the time to thoughtfully consider what you're thankful for reminds you that you already have many of the things you want -- and that's worth celebrating. 2. Gossip less. 30 Little Things To Do To Become A Different You In 2016. Are you ready to improve yourself and your life in 2016?

30 Little Things To Do To Become A Different You In 2016

Making changes in your life doesn’t have to be totally overwhelming. There are many little things you can do to change your life in big ways. Here are 30 little things you can do to change your life this year. The 7 Step Morning Ritual That Will Make You Happy All Day. We read a lot about this or that morning ritual that will make you productive.

The 7 Step Morning Ritual That Will Make You Happy All Day

But what about one that makes you happy? Research shows that being happy actually makes you more productive. So let’s kill two birds with one stone and focus on smiles. What’s the first step? Here’s a little secret: happy mornings don’t start in the morning… Bad Workplace Habits Work Resolutions. Lifehacker. How to Handle the Digital Stress and Distractions: 10 Small Habits. “If you ask what is the single most important key to longevity, I would have to say it is avoiding worry, stress and tension.

How to Handle the Digital Stress and Distractions: 10 Small Habits

And if you didn’t ask me, I’d still have to say it.”George F. Burns. 50 Ways Happier, Healthier, And More Successful People Live On Their Own Terms — Life Learning. 50 Ways Happier, Healthier, And More Successful People Live On Their Own Terms 1.

50 Ways Happier, Healthier, And More Successful People Live On Their Own Terms — Life Learning

Stop consuming caffeine Although people think they perform better on caffeine, the truth is, they really don’t. The Dark Side of Not Unplugging - Redesigning Wellness. This is a really timely topic discussed in a recent HBR article.

The Dark Side of Not Unplugging - Redesigning Wellness

The article identifies reasons we overwork and at what cost to our own well-being as well that of the organization. Studies indicate that stress is the key factor causing impaired sleep, depression, heavy drinking chronic disease and cognitive impairment – all of which impacts productivity and well-being, including our physical health. Lifehack. We all think about success, and we should, because the road to self-improvement comes from within, not from some exterior source.


It is a good idea to be introspective and to strive to pinpoint bad habits as well as good ones, not just in a business sense, but also in private life situations. Still, introspecting only gets us so far. Trapping yourself inside your head and trying to figure everything out by yourself is usually not the best approach.

Life Lessons

The Disease of Being Busy. I saw a dear friend a few days ago.

The Disease of Being Busy

I stopped by to ask her how she was doing, how her family was. She looked up, voice lowered, and just whimpered: “I’m so busy… I am so busy… have so much going on.” Almost immediately after, I ran into another friend and asked him how he was. Again, same tone, same response: “I’m just so busy… got so much to do.” The tone was exacerbated, tired, even overwhelmed. The Disease of Being Busy. 10 Things Emotionally-Intelligent People Do Not Do  Emotional intelligence is probably the most powerful yet undervalued trait in our society.

10 Things Emotionally-Intelligent People Do Not Do 

We believe in rooting our everyday functions in logic and reason, yet we come to the same conclusions after long periods of contemplation as we do in the blink of an eye. Our leaders sorely overlook the human element of our socio-political issues and I need not cite the divorce rate for you to believe that we’re not choosing the right partners (nor do we have the capacity to sustain intimate relationships for long periods of time). It seems people believe the most intelligent thing to do is not have emotions at all. To be effective is to be a machine, a product of the age. A well-oiled, consumerist-serving, digitally attuned, highly unaware but overtly operational robot. Here are the habits of the people who have the capacity to be aware of what they feel. 1. They recognize their emotions as responses, not accurate gauges, of what’s going on. 2. 3. 4.

7 Simple Truths to Hijack Your Bad Habits and Shake You Awake  This is your invitation to wake up. This is the tap on your shoulder, the unexpected epiphany, the whisper in your ear, the serendipitous encounter, and the sign on the side of the road that you have been looking for. Below are seven ideas to hijack any habits which may be keeping you stuck. Join me as we celebrate the sweet victory of your chains falling to the ground, disempowering all that has been keeping you bound. It’s time to get out of your own silly way. 8 Mental Habits the Most Successful People Learn to Break. Sometimes success comes not from what you learn to do but what you learn to stop doing.

That bit of wisdom comes from Sandja Brugmann, serial entrepreneur and founder ofThe Passion Institute, a recently launched online educational and program and consultancy for executives and entrepreneurs. “Once we have developed understanding of how we interfere with our visions and goals, then comes the challenging process of unlearning and changing specific behaviors,” she explains. Unlearning is hard work. The Ugly But Honest Truth About Motivation  Motivation alone will not help you accomplish your goals. There, the elephant in the room has been called out.

We are fascinated by motivation, its origin, how to obtain it, keep it, fuel it and more. We have motivational speakers, self-help books and gurus all available and ready to help us be and stay motivated. But motivation, like so many other human emotions or thoughts, rises and falls, or more aptly ebbs and flows. What does it mean to be an early bird versus a night owl? Night owls and early birds seem like they operate on two entirely different planes, and the reason for that is more scientific than you might think.

It has to do with our natural circadian rhythms — early birds have shorter ones and night owls have longer ones. All humans operate on a 24-hour clock, because that's how long it takes the earth to spin around fully on its axis. However, your natural cycle, or circadian rhythm, has to do with how long your body can stay awake during that 24-hour cycle. The Research We’ve Ignored About Happiness at Work. Recently, we found ourselves in motivational seminars at our respective places of employment. Both events preached the gospel of happiness. In one, a speaker explained that happiness could make you healthier, kinder, more productive, and even more likely to get promoted.

The other seminar involved mandatory dancing of the wilder kind. It was supposed to fill our bodies with joy. It also prompted one of us to sneak out and take refuge in the nearest bathroom. How To Be Happy At Work: 10 Simple Tips That Work. Uk.businessinsider. Why Creating a Meaningful Morning Routine Will Make You More Successful — Life Learning. For the majority of my child and adult life I never considered myself a “morning person.” I was a night owl. During my architecture school career I worked late through the night and slept in the mornings.

When I started working at an Architecture firm, I conformed to getting up at 7am… but I didn’t enjoy it. I would get up as late as possible, skip breakfast, rush to work, and then feel like I was trying to catch up the rest of the day. Uk.businessinsider. Leave it out: are food intolerances fact or fad? You know the scenario: you invite some friends over for dinner and they graciously accept. But then the caveats begin: “Elspeth is gluten- and dairy-intolerant, and I don’t eat meat, fish or eggs.” Bread, milk, butter, cheese – the nation seems to have become intolerant of the foods that used to be household staples. What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast. If You Work From Home (Or Aspire To), You Must Read This. Are You Fully Charged? The 3 Keys To Energizing Your Work & Life. When I pick up a self-help book, I usually expect to see one of two things: a self-promoting figure selling his or her newfound path to ripped abdominals, or a handful of obscure research studies being extrapolated to the masses.

9 Thought-Provoking Quotes About Work-Life Balance. 11 Morning Habits That Will Change Your Life (And Make You More Creative) Your alarm clock goes off and it’s time to mindlessly shower, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, then head to work. Productivity: 17 Ways to Boost Your Morning Routine. Your morning sets the tone for everything you’ll accomplish all day, so stop screwing it up. If you’re rolling out of bed after hitting snooze a dozen times, you’re doing it wrong. These 10 Things Would Happen When You Start Stepping Out Of You Comfort Zone.

Most people want to be become successful, pursue their passions, and live a life full of happiness and love. The truth is, making your dreams become a reality requires leaving the comfortable environment and challenging yourself on a regular basis. However, it’s a minority of people who understand the importance of embracing discomfort in order to lead a regretless and fulfilled lifestyle. Many people fear stepping into the unknown and questioning their abilities. They fear failure, disapproval, and discomfort. Unusual ​habits of ​exceptionally ​creative ​people. 6 Easy Tips for Clean Eating on a Small Budget  7 Amazing Ways to Motivate Yourself. Minimalist Living: 14 Tips To Organize Your Life (Part 1) - Redesign My Existence.

5 Habit Makeovers That Will Help You Turn Your Life Around. 50 Of The Best Things In Life That Aren't Available To Buy. 3 Remarkably Effective Habits for a Happier, More Successful You. Work-life-balance-is-not-one-size-fits-all. 24 Tips to Guide You to Happiness and Productivity. Do these exercises for two minutes a day and you’ll immediately feel happier, researchers say.

How to design a 365 day project — Chasing Magic. 50 Simple but Powerful Habits to Leave Your Mark. Scientists Asked 650+ People, 'What is Happiness?' This Is How They Replied.  20 Ways to Sustain Motivation When You’re Struggling. The deluxe camping kitchen that fits in a box. This Award-Winning Hotel Design Features Floating and Mobile Luxury Suites. 8 Ways to Still Have a Life While Working Long Hours  8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 A.M. 10 Traits That Reveal Your Character. How a Paleo Diet Helped Our Family Get Healthy. 10 Traits That Reveal Your Character. Sorry, Orange is the New Black. Money doesn't stop buying happiness at $75,000 a year. Ten 5-Minute Habits That Can Change Your Life  16 Ways Super Successful People Spend Their Weekends. Want to be happy? SLOW DOWN. 20-secrets-genuinely-happy-people-never-told-you. Don’t Wait Until the End to Wake Up to Your Life.

How Focusing on Happiness First Can Get You All the Success You Ever Wanted. Meditation Improves Brain Function. 13 Habits to Break For an Amazing Life. 20-things-you-should-stop-doing-now-make-your-life-50-amazing. Why not even exercise will undo the harm of sitting all day—and what you can do about it. 30 Signs You Are On A Successful Path. 5 Easy Daily Habits that Manifest Profound Long-Term Changes.

7 Ways to Find Balance When You’re Feeling Lost and Overwhelmed. 4 Life Lessons That Lead to Happiness, Success and Longevity. How to Change Your Life in Just One Day - Forever Conscious. Top 10 Best Books on Self-Improvement You Need to Read Before You Die. What You Eat Affects Your Productivity. 10 Reasons Why Life Has No Rules. Why Self-Awareness Is the Secret Weapon for Habit Change. Yoga Was My Catalyst  7 Rituals You Should Steal from Extremely Creative People. The Most Harmful Thing You’re Doing Before You Even Get Out of Bed - Page19. Bear Grylls' Manifesto for Children: Climb mountains, take risks, ban computer games. Two Questions to Ask Yourself Every Morning. Motivation: These 7 Realities of Life Will Help You Overcome Fears and Lead You To Success. 5 Tips to Stay Present in Business and in Life. The Surprising Amount of Time Kids Spend Looking at Screens.

Leatherman Tread bracelet is the first truly useful 'wearable' Welcome to Even for the active, a long sit shortens life and erodes health. 27 Simple Ways To Improve Your Life. 24 Free Apps To Help You Change Your Habits. The Health Effects of Sitting for Long Periods of Time. 6 Bad Entrepreneur Habits to Kick in 2015. How Positivity Improves Health & Happiness: 4 Simple Steps to a Happier Everyday Life. Tales From The Grumpy Programmer: Before Computing Was Cool. On loss, grief, moving forward, and balance... 3 Things Women Leaders Say About Work-Life Balance. Will 2015 Be the Year of Worrying About Employee Burnout? 19 Resolutions That Are SO Much Better Than Going On A Diet. Habits of mind. This Diet Has Been Linked to a Longer Life—Again. Top 10 Articles of the Week on Living A Happy Life That You Might Have Missed. 27 Simple Things to Start Doing for Your Happiness. 15 Things Exceptional People Think Each Day.