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Finally defining 'digital citizenship': Help from top researchers. 8 digital life skills all children need – and a plan for teaching them. A generation ago, IT and digital media were niche skills.

8 digital life skills all children need – and a plan for teaching them

Today, they are a core competency necessary to succeed in most careers. That’s why digital skills are an essential part of a comprehensive education framework. Without a national digital education programme, command of and access to technology will be distributed unevenly, exacerbating inequality and hindering socio-economic mobility. What’s your DQ? The challenge for educators is to move beyond thinking of IT as a tool, or “IT-enabled education platforms”. On Flipboard. Don’t teach digital citizenship — embed it! 8 digital skills we must teach our children. The social and economic impact of technology is widespread and accelerating.

8 digital skills we must teach our children

The speed and volume of information have increased exponentially. Experts are predicting that 90% of the entire population will be connected to the internet within 10 years. With the internet of things, the digital and physical worlds will soon be merged. These changes herald exciting possibilities. But they also create uncertainty. A 3-Step Guide to Developing a Digital Citizenship Curriculum. For many decades, students in K-12 would learn about the theory and practice of civics.

A 3-Step Guide to Developing a Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Today, schools, governments, entrepreneurs and academics are starting to expand the concept of civics to the digital realm. Professors are now teaching courses about digital citizenship and governments are publishing reports that relay important information about digital citizenship. All of this is productive, but it’s not enough. 8 digital skills we must teach our children — World Economic Forum. The social and economic impact of technology is widespread and accelerating.

8 digital skills we must teach our children — World Economic Forum

The speed and volume of information have increased exponentially. Experts are predicting that 90% of the entire population will be connected to the internet within 10 years. With the internet of things, the digital and physical worlds will soon be merged. These changes herald exciting possibilities. But they also create uncertainty. K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum. Home. 5-Minute Film Festival: Teaching Digital Citizenship. "Digital citizenship" is an umbrella term that covers a whole host of important issues.

5-Minute Film Festival: Teaching Digital Citizenship

Broadly, it's the guidelines for responsible, appropriate behavior when one is using technology.


The death of the digital native: four provocations from Digifest speaker, Donna Lanclos. In these four provocations, anthropologist Donna Lanclos argues that the notion of the "digital native" is bogus and disempowering, that pandering to student expectations can backfire, universities should be open by default, and our attitude to educational technology needs a rethink.

The death of the digital native: four provocations from Digifest speaker, Donna Lanclos

Provocation one: The death of the digital native The 'digital native' is a generational metaphor. It's a linguistic metaphor. It's a ridiculous metaphor. It's the notion that there is a particular generation of people who are fundamentally unknowable and incomprehensible. Perspecs News App - Three sides to every story. 5 Great Educational Resources for Modern Classrooms. In the digital age, many innovative organizations have branched off into educational initiatives, and their timing couldn’t be better.

5 Great Educational Resources for Modern Classrooms

Recognizing the need for visual literacy, digital citizenship practices, and guided ed-tech implementation, many of these organizations strive to offer our students and teachers versatile tools and the most rewarding experiences possible with them. Such educational resources are designed to appeal to both the teachers and students of modern digital classrooms. They make terrific use of design tools, social media applications, and a healthy dose of the tech our students love to work and connect with. The following 5 educational resources in this article represent exactly the types of learning environments that are meant for today’s students.

Canva Educational On March 24 2015, the web-based design startup Canva announced the launch of its new visual communication support program for teachers called Canva Educational. iPad in Education Skype in the Classroom. There's More to Life Than Blogging & Social Media. Your blog is wonderful.

There's More to Life Than Blogging & Social Media

Social media is wonderful. Sending Digital Citizenship Home. As educators, we know that having our students' families' involvement is essential.

Sending Digital Citizenship Home

And when it comes to something as important as digital citizenship, knowing that our students' families are clued in can have a huge impact on learning-outcome retention and awareness. Developing a strong home-school relationship can promote student learning and engagement as well as ensure that everyone is on the same page. In looking to help educators promote that home-school connection, we are excited to announce our newest resource, which you can add to your home-school toolbox around digital citizenship. Our new Family Activity Worksheets take inspiration from the beloved Highlights Kids worksheets that always made their way home in our backpacks throughout elementary school.

Free online security advice. Fraud committed via links in unexpected emails, posts or texts, or email attachments, is becoming all too commonplace, with millions affected every year.

Free online security advice

So are phone calls from strangers claiming to be from your bank, your credit card company or the police … but who are actually fraudsters. We call this ‘social engineering’ – which cunningly manipulates you into a position where you can be scammed. The scams range from simple emails to complex multiple phone calls. Whichever the method, they are designed to steal your money or your identity … or both. Never give out personal or financial data including usernames, passwords, PINs, ID numbers or memorable phrases. Report any fraud to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 20 40 or at A Very Short History of Digitization. In this June 5, 2009 photo, digital television converter boxes are on display at Radio Shack in Gloucester, Mass.

Remaining television stations that have not already made the switch to digital signals are scheduled to cut their analog signals on June 12. (AP Photo/Lisa Poole) Ones and zeros are eating the world. The creating, keeping, communicating, and consuming of information are all being digitized, turned into the universal language of computers. All types of enterprises, from small businesses to large corporations to non-profits to government agencies, are going through a “digital transformation,” turning digitization into new processes, activities, and transactions.

From the 1950s on, with a distinct bounce in the 1990s due to the advent of the Web, digitization has changed the way we work, shop, bank, travel, educate, govern, manage our health, and enjoy life. Here are a few milestones in the story of the adoption and proliferation of today’s most widely spoken language. Don’t fear the cyberbullying kids, fear the so-called grown-ups: Teitel.

When I attended sleepover camp as a kid — where there was no access to the Internet and (a popular site involved in many high-profile cyberbullying cases) had not yet been invented — children and teens tortured each other in more traditional, but equally inventive ways. Every so often the campers and staff at my camp partook in a unit-wide game of Family Feud, a turn on the famous game show with exclusively camp-themed categories such as “hottest camper,” “weirdest camper,” and “most likely to end up in prison.” Counsellors, most of them teens on a power trip, travelled cabin to cabin asking campers to vote on pads of paper. The results were then presented in full view at Family Feud Night a few days later. All this is to say kids have been ranking each other on awful lists for ages. Digital Natives, Yet Strangers to the Web. When Reuben Loewy took up his first teaching gig in 2012, he had a major revelation: The digital revolution has dramatically transformed the way that kids perceive reality.

Perhaps that makes the 55-year-old teacher sound like a dinosaur. What he discovered is, after all, one of the most obvious realities shaping education policy and parenting guides today. But, as Loewy will clarify, his revelation wasn’t simply that technology is overhauling America’s classrooms and redefining childhood and adolescence. Rather, he was hit with the epiphany that efforts in schools to embrace these shifts are, by and large, focusing on the wrong objectives: equipping kids with fancy gadgets and then making sure the students use those gadgets appropriately and effectively.

Educational institutions across the board are certainly embracing (or at least acknowledging) the digital revolution, adopting cutting-edge classroom technology and raising awareness about the perils and possibilities of the Internet. Digital Compass....A Brand New Way To Teach Digital Literacy and Citizenship To Our Kids! Our friends at Common Sense Media have done it again! They have brought us something wonderful to use with our young people in grades 6th through 9th. Teaching digital citizenship across the whole curriculum.

By Dennis Pierce September 15th, 2015. Digital Citizenship Education in Saskatchewan. 10 Interactive Lessons By Google On Digital Citizenship. YouTube has a firm place in the current classroom. Infographic: Citizenship in the digital age. By now it’s become clear: For all its wonders, the digital age has also introduced its fair share of challenges. Don’t Miss These Google Resources and Lesson Plans for Teaching Digital Citizenship ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Connecting a Classroom: Reflections on Using Social Media With My Students - Education Week Teacher. Embracing the 9 Themes of Digital Citizenship. As our society races toward a realization of the Internet of Things, there is an increasing emphasis in the world of K-12 education to get technology into the hands of staff and students.

Something that’s missing from this race is a collective effort to educate not only our students but also our staff on the importance of understanding what it means to be a responsible digital citizen. We have access to more information through various mediums and more exposure to the world around us than ever before. How You Can Become a Champion of Digital Citizenship in Your Classroom. Pleased To Tweet You: National #DigCitSummit on October 3rd! In 2011, Digital Citizenship Summit co-founder, Dr. Marialice B.F.X. Poster: "Digital Citizenship: 9 P’s for Proactive Knowledge" Why online harassment is still ruining lives. In 2010, Anthony Elonis threatened his estranged wife by writing rants on his Facebook page such as, "There's one way to love you but a thousand ways to kill you. I'm not going to rest until your body is a mess, soaked in blood and dying from all the little cuts. " For making these threats, a federal district court sentenced him to more than three years in prison.

On June 1, the Supreme Court voided that conviction, explaining that the standard the court had used to judge whether Elonis's threats were "true threats" was not sufficient. Digital Literacy: Unlocking Technology's Potential. With 1:1 technology initiatives and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs increasingly being implemented in schools across the globe, the need for digital literacy education has become more important than ever. Digital Citizenship Resources.

Teacher's Guide to Digital Citizenship. The horror stories of young people not grasping the reach and influence of the content they put online are familiar to all of us. From the loss of job opportunities due to unprofessional pictures or comments on social media, to the more serious threats of abduction, and even the self-harm inspired by cyber bullying, the stakes are high. Digital Natives, Yet Strangers to the Web. Online Safety: A Teacher’s Guide to Dealing with Cyberbullying, Sexting, and Student Privacy.

Social media and text messages have blurred the lines between students’ school lives and private lives. Teaching The Concept Of Digital Footprint To Middle School Students. Social Media at School: Teaching Safety on the Virtual Playground. I am a Digital Citizen. Why Teens Are Impulsive, Addiction-Prone And Should Protect Their Brains. Byte Size Potential 2015 Workshop. 10 Essential Social Media Graphics (That You Can Create in Under 15 M… What Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Instagram, and Internet Porn Are Doing to America’s Teenage Girls. 20 Basic Rules For Digital Citizenship. Yik Yak app concerns P.E.I. high school - Why Schools Need to Teach Technology, Not Ban It.

Online Safety Redefined: The 3 Key Elements  Man Regrets Posting Video on Facebook of Paris Cop's Killing. Teach Them Kindness. Welcome to

Digital Literacy

Excellent Chart Comparing The Best Digital Storytelling Tools of 2014. Vermont Students Rally Against Cyberbullying. Think Before You Link. 10 Things Your Students Should Know About Their Digital Footprints. Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum – Know your web – Good to Know – Google. Digital reflections. Back to School: What Can We Learn from Student Privacy Developments? Fantastic Resources for Teaching Digital Citizenship Education in Your Classroom.

Color Blind or Color Conscious? Procedure_5.pdf.

Elementary Students

Teaching Computer Skills on Pinterest. The Digital Tattoo Project. What is a digital tattoo? Juan Enriquez: Your online life, permanent as a tattoo. A simple and elegant journal for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The History of Advertising in 60 Seconds. Classrooms Without Walls: Using Digital Media to Connect Inside and Outside of the Classroom. Fishtreeblog.tumblr. Connecting Families. At Waldorf School in Silicon Valley, Technology Can Wait. Facts About Cyber Bullying. 6-8-unit3-trilliondollarfootprint.pdf. Teaching Digital Citizenship In Elementary School. ED_digital-footprint. Grade6historians - CyberCitizenship. Compfight / A Flickr Search Tool. Troll- Shane Koyczan. MediaSmarts.

Digital Citizenship

Why Sharing Your Good Work Is Necessary, Not Boastful. Digital Literacy for Middle School & High School Educators - Home. Twitter for Digital Citizenship. The ABCs of Digital Citizenship. Hollyedtechdiva.sharedby. A Good Interactive Poster on Digital Citizenship. Digital Citizenship. 5 Reasons You Should Be Teaching Digital Citizenship. Essential elements of digital citizenship. Cybersmart Tagged. Buildingdigitalcitizens - home. 7 Characteristics Of A Digitally Competent Teacher. Digital citizenship: creating a deliberative pedagogical context. Copyright Flowchart: Can I Use It? Yes? No? If This… Then… Redirect Notice. Anti Bullying Information Left to Our Own Devices.