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Marc Ridey - Blog: How to create and display a custom Street View panorama using Maps Javascript API v3. Creating Custom Street Views. Providing Custom StreetView Panoramas One of the most exciting developments for me in v3 of the Google Maps API is the support for custom Street Views.

Creating Custom Street Views

With the new Google Maps API it is possible to seamlessly add your own panoramic images to Street View with links from Google's Street View imagery. For an example click on the Google Sydney link in this Street View map, Google Office Sydney. This feature has been largely undocumented by Google, until now. Street View in the API (or, How I Spent My Summer "Vacation") Posted by James McGill, Maps API Team For the past three months I have had the great pleasure of working as an intern with the Google Maps API team in Sydney.

Street View in the API (or, How I Spent My Summer "Vacation")

Unfortunately my time is now up and I must head back to the mundane life of a undergraduate scholar, but before I do I'm ecstatic to announce that my intern project is FINALLY complete: Street View is now in the Google Maps API! Many of you will already have seen Street View as part of If you haven't, click this link to give it a go.