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Spin a Word Family. FREE CVC Word Family Wall Cards. These CVC Word Family Wall Cards are very fun to use. One of the first sets of words you start learning to read and CVC word family words. There are three letters together that have simple and easy sounds for a child to sound out. I made some of these in the BOB Books Rhyming Words Sets and my girls really loved those. I thought it would be fun to have a set that match up with the rest of the CVC Word Family Printables.

These CVC Word Family wall cards are very easy to use. They come 2 cards per page. There is one picture that matches up with each of the words. These are fun for word walls. . The other thing we do is print the cards 2 pages per page and laminate them and put them on a ring. And this size of ring This we plan on using with these wall cards: <A HREF=" What are you going to find in these printables: Here are some things we may use with these printables: <A HREF=" Cassie – Sorting Baskets Phonics Activity. Set up a fun phonics activity for preschoolers and school aged children with this sorting objects into baskets game!

This takes no preparation at all and can be played in different ways to suit the age or stage of each child involved. Pop has been enjoying learning all her letter sounds (phonemes) and their corresponding names and shapes (graphemes) with all of our playful alphabet activities. I made her a phonics activity that I used to play with my Reception/ Kindergarten classes when I was teaching, using baskets and everyday objects to sort into them, according their phonemes.

This is one of those playful activities that takes very little preparation time and can be adapted for travel or turned into a busy bag for pulling out at a moments notice. I found some baskets and wrote out 4 phonemes that I wanted her to practise onto card, then cut them out. She recognised all of the graphemes and we will now take a next step of choosing more unfamiliar ones to practise. Cakie: 5.6 Pop: 4.0.